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Oct 21 07:01

Republicans Filibuster Democrats’ Election Bill

Republicans successfully filibustered the Democrats’ Freedom to Vote election bill Wednesday, denying the legislation the 60 votes needed to move on to floor debate.

Oct 19 10:13

Houston voters question Texas 2020 election

As Texas voters push for a 2020 elections audit, one voter named Merissa Hanson is asking why her county was using outdated elections equipment. One America's Christina Bobb spoke with her and has this report.

Oct 19 08:23

Democrats Reveal BIG CLUE in the BIG STEAL: Operatives Manufactured Votes from Low Income Voters to Steal the Battleground States — Start the Canvassing!

In 2020 President Trump won more votes than any sitting president in US history.
Trump increased his vote totals by 12 million votes in 2020 over 2016.

Biden got a record low number of counties in the United States by a supposed “winner” – only 16%.

Oct 19 08:19


President Trump knows I am fighting hard for election integrity, which is why he quoted me twice in the same week.

If you agree with me and President Trump that we must recall our electors and decertify the 2020 election, add your name and let’s get this done!

Oct 19 07:36

WATCH: Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers: “WE WANT ARRESTS MADE” – UPDATE: 146 Legislators Sign “Audit 50 States Letter”

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is leading the calls for arrests, decertification in Arizona, and nationwide election audits in America.

Last week on Victory Channel’s “Flash Point” with Gene Bailey, State Senator Wendy Rogers demanded arrests by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Senator Rogers reminded everybody that the evidence is in the hands of Attorney General Brnovich and they even captured photographic evidence of individuals deleting data from the Elections Management Server.

These individuals have been identified by name and this information has been delivered to Mark Brnovich.

Oct 19 05:50

The Dionysian Theater of Democracy

One of the features of liberal democracy is it turns the natural virtues of a people into vices that help the beneficiaries gnaw away at the social fabric. The manufactured consent that results from every election inevitably rewards the tiny minority that controls the system at the expense of the majority. Worse yet, it gives this the imprimatur of popular support through the election results.

The obvious example here is the 2016 election that landed Donald Trump in the White House instead of the universally hated Hilary Clinton. Advocates for voting harder said this was proof the system works. The people were unhappy with the direction of the establishment, so they voted for an antiestablishment guy. The election of Donald Trump was proof that voting is the answer.

Oct 17 09:40

Judicial Watch Sues for Information Concerning Justice Department’s Decision to Challenge Georgia’s Voter Integrity Bill

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for records of communications between the DOJ and various left-wing groups and individuals concerning the DOJ’s decision to challenge Georgia’s election integrity law (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:21-cv-02427)).

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit on September 15, 2021, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, after the DOJ failed to respond to a July 26, 2021, FOIA request to the Justice Department’s Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division for the following records:

Oct 15 05:58

Arizona Audit: How Partisan Divisions Upend US' Ability to Sell Its Image as 'City on Hill' to World

Ongoing partisan strife over the outcome of the 2020 election is mirroring what happened after Donald Trump's victory in 2016, says American journalist Max Parry. Growing partisan suspicions and blame games are disheartening independents and non-voters and dealing a heavy blow to the US democracy, he believes.

The release of the Arizona draft audit report late last month has prompted further controversy: while Democrats claim that the recount confirmed that Joe Biden won the 2020 elections in Maricopa County, the GOP insists that the examination of ballots exposed glaring anomalies and election irregularities.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee chaired by Democrat Carolyn Maloney held a hearing with Arizona election officials and experts on 7 October in an apparent effort to dot the i's and cross the t's with regard to the audit. It appears that the hearing went as the Democrats planned, raising new questions about Maricopa County's election integrity.

Oct 14 09:33

FLASHBACK - Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and data mining: What you need to know

Consultants working for Donald Trump's presidential campaign exploited the personal Facebook data of millions.

Last month, The New York Times and the UK's Guardian and Observer newspapers broke news the social networking giant was duped by researchers, who reportedly gained access to the data of millions of Facebook users and then may have misused it for political ads during the 2016 US presidential election. Facebook said it was investigating the reports, which involved data consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

Over the past three-plus weeks, the situation has snowballed. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in Washington this week to testify before Congress. Meanwhile, the number of accounts affected has risen to 87 million from initial reports of 50 million. Separately, Facebook said it was purging pages linked to a Russian troll farm that's known for creating fake online identities and posting on both sides of politically divisive issues.

Oct 14 07:07

EXCLUSIVE: Maricopa County Officials Claim They DID NOT Delete Elections Data – They Just Archived It and Withheld It from the Senate Auditors

Maricopa County Elections Officials recently admitted that data was deleted in the 2020 election and they’ve already called their media allies to redact the statement.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the County finally admitted to deleting data when being questioned by US Rep. Andy Biggs.

On Monday, Senate President Karen Fann shared an article by RTM analyzing the statement by Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates where he admits to deleting files in what looked like a Freudian slip.

He attempted to recover the fumble by saying that the deleted files were archived and that the deleted files did not fall under the request for “all the records related to the election”.

Neither he nor Board Chairman Jack Sellers would confirm that deleting the files was the standard operating procedure.

Oct 14 05:50

Legal Loopholes and 'Zuckerbucks': Study Explains How Facebook’s CEO ‘Bought’ the 2020 Election

The 2020 presidential race was a tight one, and Democrat Joe Biden’s narrow election victory means that a relatively small number of votes shifting a different way could have produced a different outcome. Donald Trump has maintained that the election was “rigged” to favour his rival and “stolen” from him.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg funneled hundreds of millions of dollars during the 2020 election into nominally nonpartisan nonprofit organisations that manipulated election-office funding to tip the scales in favour of the Democratic vote, according to a study published by The Federalist.

Analysis carried out by William Doyle, Ph.D, principal researcher at Caesar Rodney Election Research Institute in Irving, Texas, shows the private resource funding targeted key battleground states to increase then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s vote margin against his rival, Republican Donald Trump.

Oct 13 12:43

As Biden becomes increasingly unpopular, Dems turn to more authoritarian enforcement and suppression

Joe Biden’s polling numbers are tanking, and frankly, we never thought he was somehow going to go on to become the ‘popular president’ he was hailed as being after getting ’81 million votes’ — the ‘most ever’ for a president. -- The bulk of Biden’s votes were manufactured, we are convinced of it; we’ve seen too much evidence to suggest otherwise. And let’s not forget that, during his campaign on those rare occasions he ventured out to actually hold events, he couldn’t draw flies. In fact, he and his ‘vice president,’ Kamala Harris, together have trouble filling venues while Donald Trump, the real president, sells out events and packs venues days in advance, like he did in Iowa over the weekend.

Oct 13 08:29

German election chaos in Berlin — what happens now?

It's likely that the election chaos in Berlin will have legal consequences

Chaotic scenes and embarrassing irregularities at Berlin's ballot stations during last month's general election have shaken confidence in Germany's election system, while providing ammunition for those who question the German capital's efficiency. On Thursday, October 14, final election results will be published, giving the green light for what are expected to be several legal challenges.

Berlin held elections at federal, state and local council levels on September 26, as well as a referendum on socializing major housing companies. In confusing circumstances, many voters in the German capital waited for hours at voting stations as election volunteers ran out of ballot papers, or ballot papers were delivered to the wrong districts.

Oct 12 09:05

Fulton elections employees fired during investigation into voter applications being destroyed

The Fulton County elections office is in the spotlight again and the district attorney's office is investigating.

On Friday, two employees were fired after they allegedly shredded "a number of" paper voter registration applications Elections Director Richard Barron said in a press release.

Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts "immediately" reported it to the office of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for investigation, the county said in a statement.

“Elections are the most important function of our government,” Chairman Pitts said. “We have committed to transparency and integrity.”

In a statement, the Fulton County elections office said:

Oct 12 07:24

White House Confesses To MAJOR 2020 Election Subject

Former President Donald Trump may not be the person who was "pulling the strings" of the plan hinged on replacing the top Justice Department official with a loyalist willing to carry out a more aggressive strategy to challenge the results of the 2020 election, a Democratic Senate investigator admitted.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, appeared on NBC News's Meet the Press on Monday to discuss the interim report released last week by his panel on the DOJ pressure campaign.

Oct 05 06:50

Donald J. Trump On Election 2020 And 2024

“I feel very strongly that the election was rigged,” he said. “I don’t feel like I could’ve lost Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and I just needed a couple of them.”

The issue of the fairness of the election has become the third rail of American politics. Among Trump and a good chunk of his supporters, there is a sincere belief that Democrats took advantage of pandemic-induced rule changes like universal mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, drop boxes, etc., to corrupt the system enough to allow Biden to eke out victories in key battleground states.

Oct 04 07:41

Trump Demands Stop To Election Fraud In Red State

Hailing the legislative efforts for a forensic audit in Texas, former President Donald Trump remarked the work will assist to secure future elections in the 2022 midterms and the 2024 election, because "we must stop the cheating."

Trump wrote in a statement from his Save America PAC on Friday night: "Just heard patriots are moving the Texas audit bill forward. Texas state Sen. Paul Bettencourt filed Senate Bill 47, legislation that authorizes Texans to initiate a strong and real forensic audit of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam — not a weak risk-limiting audit that is being slow-walked through the Secretary of State's office. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a great guy, sent the bill to the State Affairs Committee the very same day, and it should quickly pass through the Senate. There is still time for the House to take up the issue in the third special session with House Bill 16."

Sep 30 10:46

Stacking The Vote: Election Integrity Will Forever Be Questioned After This

California Gov. Gavin Newsom passed a law on Monday establishing an international vote-by-mail system in the state.

California sent vote-by-mail ballots to every registered voter in the state last year as part of its pandemic mitigation works, and that practice was left in place through this year as Newsom defeated an effort to recall him.

Newsom’s signature on Assembly Bill 37 will make that practice permanent by requiring the state to send ballots with prepaid return envelopes to all voters in statewide and regional elections.

Sep 30 07:16

Captain Seth Keshel: AZ Audit Update Part 2 | Flyover Conservatives

Sep 29 08:01

AZ AUDIT! British Media Calls November Election a FRAUD!!!

Sep 29 05:50

HUGE DEVELOPMENT! They Got Caught! 24 Criminal Operatives Caught on Video Stuffing Dropbox with 1,900 Ballots in 3 Days (VIDEO)

This is a huge development!

In Georgia, 1,900 ballots were counted from a single Zuckerberg dropbox over one weekend, but surveillance shows only 24 people dropping off all of these ballots. That’s nearly 75 ballots per operative!

Stuffing ballot boxes is a crime in Georgia as it should be everywhere.

Former Rep. Jack Kingston went on Newsmax on Tuesday and broke this news.

Former Rep. Jack Kingston: I know of one dropbox in Georgia that is being looked at. The dropbox averaged 6,000(?) ballots a day. Yet over Columbus Weekend, a three-day weekend, 19,000 (1,900) votes were counted. But surveillance shows that only 24 people went to the dropbox. You can’t have that kind of ballot harvesting in the state of Georgia. So we have to look into this.

Sep 28 11:47

‘Everyone’s sick & tired of Big Tech’ & ‘blatant’ American interference in Russian elections, ex-President Medvedev tells RT

There was widespread and blatant interference in the recent Russian election, ranging from targeted recommendations and censorship by Silicon Valley to overt cyberattacks on servers coming from the US, Dmitry Medvedev has told RT.

The former president and prime minister of Russia is now the deputy chairman of the Security Council, serving directly under President Vladimir Putin.

In an exclusive interview airing Tuesday, Medvedev has told RT that during the September 17-19 vote, Central Election Commission servers “were under constant attack,” and about half of the attacks came from the US, according to the ministry of digital development.

“That's reason enough for a fight, right?” he said.

Sep 28 07:05

Why Has the US Election Process Been Ceded to the USPS Despite It Being Unionized and 92% of Its Donations Going to Democrats?

US politicians cede the entire election distribution process to the United States Postal Service (USPS) despite the entity being unionized and 92% of its donations going to Democrats.

The early stages of the “Ballot Supply Chain” for mail-in voting require the list of valid voters, ballot printing, and blank ballot distribution. USPS is the sole distributor for every blank ballot in America. However, almost every public disclosure by USPS is about ballot collection. They deploy “extraordinary measures” like Priority Express Mail services, but only to collect ballots, not to deliver them. They hold RSVP hand-off events for the public, like the one in Maricopa County, to promote ballot transfer to election officials. But they have few measures in place to ensure only one blank ballot goes to one legitimate voter.

Sep 28 07:04

Google-YouTube Outlaws Any Content that Doubts US or Germany Elections …(But NOT the 2016 Election!)

Google-YouTube announced back in December they were banning ANY content that doubts the US or Germany election results.

Sep 28 06:17

Gov. Gavin Newsom Makes Universal Vote-by-Mail Permanent in California

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Monday signed legislation making universal vote-by-mail a permanent staple in California, celebrating it as a victory of “increasing voter access.”

On Monday, Newsom signed Assembly Bill 37, which requires a mail-in ballot to be mailed to every registered voter in the state. This makes the Golden State the eighth state in the union to implement this type of law.

“As states across our country continue to enact undemocratic voter suppression laws, California is increasing voter access, expanding voting options and bolstering elections integrity and transparency,” Newsom claimed, bragging of the “unprecedented steps” taken last year, making universal mail-in voting a widespread reality during the pandemic.

“Today we are making those measures permanent after record-breaking participation in the 2020 presidential election,” the Democrat, who recently survived a recall attempt, added.

Sep 27 10:54

The Big Tell

The Arizona election audit climaxed Friday in the new mode of history-in-the-making: direct deposit in the memory hole‚ proving only (and conclusively) that this is the age of Anything Goes and Nothing Matters. The corporate media played the story as a fart in a windstorm for its audience of the avidly credulous. Nothing to see, folks, move along….

A closer review of the audit results reveals at least 57,000 ballots out-of-order in one way or another and evidence of county officials tampering with digital election records prior to the audit. These matters are now referred by the AZ Senate to the AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich, known in the past for slow-walking difficult issues. However, Brnovich is running for the US Senate in 2022, and has sent signals that he will take criminal complaints seriously.

Sep 27 09:30

Trump: We're going to take back our country from these lunatics

Sep 27 07:56

President Trump Lists Thousands of Ballots Included in 2020 Election In Arizona That Were Fraudulent Showing He Won the State

President Trump listed a number of issues in Georgia in the 2020 Presidential Election and then he discussed the results from the Arizona audit yesterday.

President Trump began by listing the results from Cyber Ninjas yesterday and the 57,000 ballots with issues identified.

In Arizona there were also 17,000 duplicate votes identified.

In addition, the President listed the hundreds of thousands of issues identified in the canvassing by a group of individuals in Arizona.

Sep 27 07:33

41 State Legislators Demand 50 State Audit Of Election

The audit from the state of Arizona was supposed to end all the questions about the 2020 election in the state, but neither side is giving in and questions continue to be raised.

The media and Democrats insist that the audit confirms that Joe Biden won the state fair and square but there are still some Republicans who do not believe that, and who believe there were shenanigans in the election.

Now, Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers has announced that 41 state legislators from multiple states are calling for a forensic audit of all 50 states and decertification where warranted, she announced on Twitter.

“41 Legislators from Multiple States Write a Letter to the American People Calling for a 50-State Audit, Decertification Where Appropriate, and Possible Convening of the US House of Representatives,” she said in a tweet on Saturday.

Sep 27 05:46

Voter Integrity Expert Garland Favorito at Trump Rally: “VoterGA Sued State of Georgia to Permanently Ban Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 Voting System” (VIDEO)

On Saturday President Donald Trump spoke to THOUSANDS of supporters in Perry, Georgia. Prior to the president’s speech VoterGA founder Garland Favorito spoke to the Georgia crowd.

As we reported last week, the elections group VoterGA was in Henry County Court requesting access to the 2020 Fulton County election absentee ballots. The judge delayed the case for 20 days to give the defense time to provide information on their alleged voter integrity case on the Fulton County ballots.

Garland fired up the Trump crowd on Saturday night telling them his group has sued to permanently ban Dominion voting machines from the state!

Garland Favorito: “On August 24th VoterGA sued the State of Georgia to permanently ban the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 voting system. I knew you were going to like that.”

Sep 27 05:46

“IT’S HIGH NOON” – Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich: “If We Don’t Stand Up Now And Protect The Constitution And Rule Of Law, We’ll Never Get It Back.”

AG Brnovich says “It’s high noon” in the State of Arizona due to the increasing threats on our Nation’s most precious document.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Brnovich released a statement before the audit report presentation saying, he will take the necessary actions supported by the evidence.

On Saturday, he tweeted,

There’s this window of opportunity, this key moment in history, that if we don’t stand up now and protect the Constitution and rule of law, we’ll never get it back.

Sep 27 05:23

The final audit reports from Cyber Ninjas work in Maricopa County Arizona were released over the weekend.  They appear watered down.  What was removed?

These final reports can be located here

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even watered down, it's still damning!

Sep 27 05:21

AUDIT ALL COUNTIES: AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem – Pima County, AZ – NATIONWIDE Petition: “We Need 500k Signatures”

Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem wants a full forensic audit investigation into the Pima County 2020 election in Arizona.

This is more important than ever after the damning Maricopa County audit report showed massive election integrity issues.

Sep 26 07:45

Ami Horowitz: How white liberals really view black voters

Sep 26 06:27

#TheyGotCaught - The AZ Audit Arrives

Sep 26 06:19


Sep 25 05:45

AZ Audit Member Ben Cotton Reveals Significant Internet Activity by Dominion Software Including Several Entries to FOX News in January 2020 (VIDEO)

CyFIR Founder and IT analyst Ben Cotton delivered explosive testimony Friday during the Senate audit team’s report on 2020 Maricopa County elections.

Sep 25 05:44

Dr. Shiva at AZ Senate Hearing: Over 17,000 Total Duplicate Ballots — Votes By Those Who Voted More Than Once in Arizona — 1.5 Times Biden’s Winning Margin (VIDEO)

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, M.I.T. PhD, the Inventor of Email, was the first presenter Friday afternoon at the Arizona Senate Audit.

Sep 25 05:41

German public TV channel apologizes for showing projected election results 2 days BEFORE voting begins

As Germany’s elections inch closer, one TV channel has jumped the gun by displaying vote projections on a news ticker days before the poll. Drawing concern and mockery, the broadcaster apologized for the false start.

German broadcaster ARD's Das Erste (‘The First’) television network gave its viewers an unlikely glimpse into the future on Friday, having shown projected results of the historic election that has not yet taken place.

Sep 25 05:34

DECERTIFY NOW – Americans Across the Country Call to Decertify the Fraudulent Election Results in Arizona

Americans across the country are calling to decertify election results in Arizona.

Sep 25 05:30

Doug Logan from Cyber Ninjas Speaks After Dr. Shiva – Uncovers Additional 57,000 Issues (Not Counting Shiva’s 17,000 Issues)

Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas shared at the Senate presentation in Arizona after Dr. Shiva in the audit of the 2020 results in Maricopa County.

Sep 25 05:25



Sep 25 05:16

Arizona Senate Audit: Dominion Machines Contained Non-Maricopa County Data — From South Carolina and Washington State

Dominion is in Deep, Deep Trouble!

On Friday the Senate auditors revealed they have proof of Maricopa County officials DELETING data from the Dminion voting machines.
This was a HUGE announcement.

Audit investigator Ben Cotton also told the Senators present that the Dominion machines that were analyzed included data not from Maricopa County. They were able to identify data from South Carolina and Washington State.
What the hell is this??

Sep 25 05:11


Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Democrats and corporate media are flat-out lying about the report by screaming "BIDEN WON! BIDEN WON! BIDEN WON! BIDEN WON! BIDEN WON! BIDEN WON! BIDEN WON! BIDEN WON!" They are pointedly ignoring the 57K votes that appear to be fraudulent, the mail-in ballots received that outnumber the mail-in balots sent out, the precincts with more votes that voters, the mail-in ballots received from people who had moved away those addresses, etc. Maybe FOX News should rename itself RAT News?

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WRH breaking
Sep 25 05:08

HERE IT IS – Full Report from Canvassing Work Completed in Arizona’s Maricopa County

Lost votes are those votes where people voted but their votes were discarded.
Ghost votes are those votes cast by someone other than the voter assigned to the vote.
Dead voters accounted for a significant number of these anomalies.

Sep 24 13:52

MARICOPA COUNTY JUDGEMENT DAY: Arizona Audit Report Revealed Today at 1 PM – CRIMINAL EVIDENCE Will Be Referred To Attorney General Mark Brnovich — LIVE STREAM VIDEO

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OAN is reporting that the hand recount closely matches the official Arizona results, and the liberal media is spinning this as proof the election was honest. What they are NOT reporting is that some 57,000 of those counted votes appear to be fraudulent, roughly 5 times Biden's margin of victory!

Sep 24 09:27

BREAKING: House Committee Investigating Jan. 6 Issue Subpoenas for Steve Bannon, Dan Scavino, Kash Patel and Mark Meadows on Night Before AZ Audit Results

The House Committee investigating the protests on Jan. 6 issued subpoenas for Steve Bannon, Dan Scavino, Kash Patel and Mark Meadows.

The FBI already admitted their was no conspiracy and no insurrection. But Democrats need a headline. On Friday the Arizona Senate will release their results from the Maricopa County Forensic Audit.

Sep 24 08:55

Democrat Judges in North Carolina Strike Down Voter ID Law, Because Defendants in Lawsuit Failed to Prove It Wasn't Racist

Two North Carolina judges on Sept. 17 struck down a law that required photo identification to vote, saying the measure “was enacted with the unconstitutional intent to discriminate against African American voters.”

The law was enacted in violation of the equal protection clause in North Carolina’s Constitution, the majority of the panel said. The clause says that “no person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws; nor shall any person be subjected to discrimination by the State because of race, color, religion, or national origin.”

Defendants in a lawsuit, including North Carolina House Speaker Timothy Moore, failed to show that racial discrimination wasn’t a substantial or motivating factor behind the enactment of the law, Superior Court Judges Michael O’Foghludha and Vince Rozier Jr., both Democrats, wrote in a 102-page ruling permanently blocking the measure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The burden of proof is on the judges to prove the voter ID law is racist.

Sep 24 03:49

Ken Bennett Discusses What To Expect during the AZ Audit Report

Sep 22 07:48

Michelle Obama Mobilizing Celebrities Ahead of Midterms to Push Federal Takeover of Elections

Former first lady Michelle Obama is already mobilizing celebrities in preparation for next year’s midterms, recruiting famous faces to push key legislation including the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would federalize elections and cancel voter identification requirements.

Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote organization has announced a new slate of events featuring Scary Movie actress Regina Hall, TikTok celebrity La’Ron Hines, NBA star Chris Paul, and “The Breakfast Club” host Angela Yee. The events will focus on voter registration drives in local communities while also advancing Democrat-backed legislation.

Sep 21 07:40

County Clerk Submits Report That Colorado Secretary of State And Dominion ‘Destroyed’ Election Data

Mesa County, Colorado Clerk and Recorder Tina M. Peters has submitted a forensic examination report to the Mesa County commissioners. The report shows that a massive amount of election data was deleted and “destroyed” by the office of the Democrat Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold and Dominion Voting Systems, which performed a supposed system upgrade on the voting equipment in May. Luckily, Peters had the data backed up before it was destroyed, hopefully keeping alive the prospect of performing a full forensic audit of the 2020 election.

Sep 20 07:47

Can Anyone Explain How Asking For Identification At A Voting Booth Is Racist?

A board of North Carolina judges in a controversial ruling Friday tackled the state’s voter ID law, saying it is stacked against Black people.

Two judges on the committee said in their majority opinion that proof shows the law, which requires voters to display photo identification to cast a ballot, “was enacted in part for a discriminatory purpose.”

The decision in Wake County Superior Court also said that the law “would not have been enacted in its current form but for its tendency to discriminate against African American voters.”

The decision referred to a 2015 study by a political scientist which revealed that hundreds of thousands of registered voters in North Carolina potentially lacked ID that would qualify them to cast ballots under the law.

Sep 20 07:46

Trampling The Constitution: Why Are Non-Citizens Even Allowed To Vote?

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has repeated his attempt to press the state Legislature to amend the Georgia Constitution to clarify only U.S. citizens can vote in the state.

Raffensperger signed a request Thursday calling for the constitutional amendment. The petition was authored by Americans for Citizen Voting, a national nonprofit supporting citizen-only voting, to bring awareness to the issue.

Outside of a constitutional convention, the only way to amend the Georgia Constitution is by lawmakers introducing an amendment and approving it by a two-thirds vote in both chambers. The amendment then would need to be approved by Georgia voters.

Sep 20 06:20

What’s Going On? Arizona Recently Processed 673,000 Voter Identities with the Social Security Administration – 58% Had NO MATCH FOUND

In the last 10 weeks, Arizona has checked the voter registration credentials with the Social Security Administration (SSA) on 673,560 applicants.

This is a massive volume considering most States including Arizona typically process around 2,500 a month. They’ve processed more identities in the last 2 months than they’ve done in the last 9 years combined. Is someone scrubbing a database, or auditing “Federal Only” voters?

During “new voter registration” States are to verify the driver’s license number against their own MVD database. Only in situations where no driver’s license can be provided should the State check their identity through the Help America Vote Verification (HAVV) interface provided by the SSA. The 43 States that participate provide the last 4 of the SS#, the applicant’s name, and DOB. The interface responds if a match was, or was not found, if they are deceased, and so on. This entire HAVV Excel dataset can be downloaded here from the SSA.

Sep 17 13:22

Russian Online Voting System Suffers DDoS-Attack Coming From US, German, Ukrainian IPs

The Russian authorities previously summoned the US ambassador to demand that Washington stop interfering in the general election in the country taking place between 17 and 19 September.

The online voting system in Russia suffered denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on 17 September coming from IP addresses registered in the US, Germany, and Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media has stated. The attacks came as both in-person and online general election voting kicked off in Russia.

The ministry said there have been two waves of attacks: the first targeted the election monitoring system and was launched at 8:00 a.m. local time (5:00 GMT), while the second targeted the voting authentication system and was spotted at 10:36 a.m. local time (7:36 GMT).

Sep 17 12:46

Calif. Ruling Democrats Seek To Make It Harder To Trigger A Future Recall Election

State lawmakers in California are already taking steps to make it more difficult to hold a recall election moving forward. Reports on Wednesday cited California Secretary of State Shirley Weber saying the recall process needed to be changed, noting it hasn’t been revised in a century.

Weber stated in an interview, “what can we do to really make it a system that we believe in? We’re going to do some work on that.”

Sep 17 12:45

Senate Democrats unveil new bill to counter voting restrictions passed by GOP-led states

US Senate Democrats have proposed a new voting rights legislation in an attempt to counter the growing number of voting restriction bills that have been passed by the GOP-led states over the past months.

The new bill, called the Freedom to Vote Act, crafted by senator Amy Klobuchar, also enjoys the support of senator Joe Manchin, a key swing vote who had previously opposed an earlier version of the legislation, For The People Act, in the Senate last June.

The new bill, just like the previous one, seeks to implement major reforms to the United States’ voting system to make it easier for the people to register to vote.

Moreover, it will set a 15-day minimum early voting window for all the states, and makes the Election Day a federal holiday.

“Following the 2020 elections in which more Americans voted than ever before, we have seen unprecedented attacks on our democracy in states across the country,” Klobuchar said on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 16 08:22

Dems Introduce Latest 'Anti-Voting Integrity' Bill

A collection of Senate Democrats revealed new voting rights legislation on Tuesday in another effort by the party to pass sweeping changes to federal elections in the face of a GOP filibuster.

The new bill, named the Freedom to Vote Act, was issued by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), along with some co-sponsors, including Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Tim Kaine (Va.), Jon Tester (Mont.) and Raphael Warnock (Ga.), according to an announcement from Klobuchar’s office shared with The Hill.

Sep 15 07:56

Republican Voters Reporting Voting Issues In Recall

Some early GOP voters who reportedly tried to cast their vote in the California gubernatorial recall election were informed computers showed that they’d already put the ballot, even though they hadn’t.

ABC affiliate KTLA reported the disturbing episode transpired Saturday at a polling place, where Estelle Bender, 88, of West Hills, California, recounted the computer block — and said she wasn’t the only one.

Sep 15 07:26

California Recall Ballots: See-Through Ballot Envelopes – Weak Cellphone Flashlight Through The Back Of The Envelope SHOWS VOTE

The Gateway Pundit reported that the California recall election is today and the Democrats are cheating six ways to Sunday.

It was reported that California Republicans were having issues at the polling booths. Many were even told they had already voted even though they had not.

Similar issues were discovered in the Maricopa County canvass, which found that ballots were cast for voters that did not vote (ghost votes), and many ballots were just not counted (lost votes).

Sep 15 06:56

Russia demands answers from US ambassador over ‘election interference,’ as Moscow says it has proof of ‘serious’ sabotage efforts

Russian officials are waiting for an answer after presenting the American ambassador with a dossier on purported examples of US attempts to interfere in the country's upcoming elections, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, the top diplomat claimed that the evidence was compelling, and had been presented to Ambassador John Sullivan, who was summoned for a meeting on Friday. "The evidence was given to him," Lavrov said. "It is quite serious, really. We are still waiting for an answer from our American colleagues why this is happening."

The charges, he said, relate to the refusal of US tech companies to block access to prohibited content. Last week, Russia's digital watchdog, Roskomnadzor, issued a sternly worded warning to companies like Apple and Google, as well as VPN service providers Cloudflare and Cisco, in which it said the firms were violating the country's election laws.

Sep 15 06:51

The failed axing of California’s governor is a victory for the most successful experiment in socio-political brainwashing ever

The votes are counted, the result complete: The citizens of the once-Golden State are so indoctrinated with wokeness they can’t vote for any politician who isn’t wholesale progressive. Nothing else explains Gavin Newsom’s victory.

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... except massive election fraud!

Sep 15 04:46

Newsom soundly defeats California recall attempt

California Gov. Gavin Newsom survived a historic recall election Tuesday, winning a major vote of confidence during a COVID-19 pandemic that has shattered families and livelihoods and tested his ability to lead the state through the largest worldwide health crisis in modern times.

The recall offered Republicans their best chance in more than a decade to take the helm of the largest state in the union. But the effort was undercut when Newsom and the nation’s leading Democrats, aided by visits to California by President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, portrayed the campaign to oust the governor as a “life and death” battle against “Trumpism” and far-right anti-vaccine activists.

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And reports of fraud keep pouring in!

Sep 15 04:30

Newsom: Republicans Are Trying to ‘Dismantle Democracy’

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that the Republicans were trying to “dismantle democracy” with claims of election fraud.

In a live shot after a campaign stop, reporter Jacob Soboroff asked, “I spoke to Larry Elder yesterday, and he refused to commit to accepting the results of the election. I’m curious if you heard what he had to say. What do you make of that?”

Newsom said, “I’ll take my mask off on that one. Just think about what you just said to me. Donald Trump putting out something for the second time. What that message sends to the United States people all across this country is that the vote doesn’t matter, that the whole thing is rigged. They are quite literally trying to dismantle democracy and trust in this country in our very nation. This is fundamental. This is serious stuff. I hope people are paying attention to this.”

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Sep 14 10:43

The California Recall And Its Very Real Political Consequences, Explained

A rare event happens Tuesday in California. Californians will decide whether Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom should remain in office.

It's just the second recall election in the state to qualify for the ballot, but the second in the past 20 years. That previous recall, in 2003, resulted in actor Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming governor.

A lot has changed since then on many fronts, but that it's even happening in the first place — and who the leading Republican contender is — is an example of how politics has shifted in the state and reflects a national shift toward sharper partisanship.

The election will also have national consequences. A California governor could appoint a new U.S. senator to the evenly divided chamber in the next year or so. And this is the first big test of whether Democrats can fire up their base — even in a very blue state — ahead of next year's midterm elections when Republicans are favored to take back the House.

Sep 14 09:56

Just Dropped by the San Diego county registrar’s office to cast my vote for @larryelder in California.

I never received my ballot in the mail…

Sep 14 07:07

San Fernando Valley residents cast provisional ballots due to equipment issue

At El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills, some voters say they were told the computers showed them as already having voted, even though they had not.

West Hills resident Estelle Bender, 88, said she was far from the only person who was being told incorrectly that they had already voted.

In addition to friends of hers who experienced the issue and two other women outside the polling place, Bender said that inside, “the man next to me was arguing the same thing.”

Bender said she filled out a provisional ballot and “left really angry.”

Bender added that, to her knowledge, many of those affected by this issue are self-identified Republicans, and she’s suspicious.

Sep 14 06:16

Republican Governor Candidate Larry Elder Claims ‘Voter Fraud’ in Recall Election

With polls showing that California’s incumbent governor, Gavin Newson, is likely to survive a recall election, his primary opponent, Republican Larry Elder, has raised the alarm of voter fraud

California’s gubernatorial recall election has taken another dramatic turn. Incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom weathered a series of uninspiring polls that painted the election as a 50-50 proposition for his removal and enters election day with a double-digit lead in the polls. While the polling data points to a clear Newsom win, Republican candidate Larry Elder, Newsom’s biggest competitor, has already made claims of voter fraud.

"What I believe is that no matter what they do -- and I believe that there might very well be shenanigans, as it were in the 2020 election -- no matter what they do, so many Californians are angry about what's going on," Elder claimed.

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Well, let's see. So far we have had massive stealing of ballots using the master keys to apartment mailboxes, then we had that story of how Republicans in the San Fernando valley were blocked from voting with the claim they had already voted!

Sep 14 05:57

President reminisces about his own 'black Lab and German Shephard' as he talks to California emergency worker and strokes his service dog

President Biden was once again branded as 'creepy' after touching a staff member's leg while greeting his service dog at the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services

The video was taken during Biden's first tour in the West Coast, where he surveyed damaged left by the wildfire season and campaigned in support of California Gov facing recall election Gavin Newson.

Sep 14 05:36

Everything You Need To Know About The California Recall Election

On Tuesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s future will be decided by California voters in only the fourth recall election of a governor in U.S. history. The vote comes after a wave of criticism over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, months of signature gathering by Newsom’s opponents, July’s official pronunciation of a recall election and then a two-and-a-half-month campaign sprint to determine whether Newsom should be recalled and, if so, who should replace him as California’s next governor.

The polls suggest the recall vote is more likely to fail than succeed, but it’s still possible Newsom won’t survive. Whether he continues to hold the state’s top job in Sacramento will affect the state’s governance, its response to COVID-19 and perhaps even the Democrats’ razor-thin majority in the U.S. Senate. Here, then, is a look at the state of the recall polls, who could replace Newsom as governor if he’s recalled and what the fallout might be.

Sep 13 12:49

Why Larry Elder Will Win the California Recall Election ... But He Will Lose a Rigged Election

So, here's my prediction for the California governor's recall election ...

Gov. Gavin Newsom will be recalled, and Larry Elder will be the next governor of California. Except it won't matter. Because after all the massive Democrat vote fraud is factored in, Gavin Newsom will survive the recall and Larry Elder will lose.

Sep 13 08:35

BREAKING: AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers – Audit Report Coming NEXT WEEK – Criminal Wrongdoing Will Be Referred To AG Brnovich

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers concluded her nationwide Audit The Vote Tour with a stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Thursday.

State Senator Rogers endorsed U.S. Senate Candidate Jackson Lahmeyer at the Tulsa rally. Lahmeyer is a tenacious fighter who will not back down to the radical left or the despotic Biden regime. His top priority is election integrity because that is what got us into this current mess.

After this last stop, Rogers is on her way back to Arizona to continue her legislative duties and finish what the Arizona Senate has started.

Sep 13 07:14

"Americans Are Tired Of All The Lies" - General Mike Flynn Warns Nation Being Overtaken By Small, Powerful Group Of Marxists

Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), thinks evil communists are out to destroy America and your freedom.

General Flynn explains, “Transitioning to all the noise that is bombarding the American psyche, it’s all intentional. Don’t think this is all a bunch of haphazard things that are happening within our country..."

"The bigger 60,000 foot strategic view is that the country is being taken over by a very small minority of people that we call the Left, which are really a group of Marxists and communists who have decided over decades, and this is not just about Trump, have decided now is the time to do it . . . and they did. They outmaneuvered the Republican establishment during this last November election...

Let’s talk about what’s coming out of Arizona. Everybody knows this election was stolen. No way in the world 80 million people voted for the administration occupying the White House—no way...

Sep 13 07:04

THE STEAL BEGINS AGAIN: Republican Voters Say Voting Machines Are Showing Them As Already Voted For Newsom Recall Election

At El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills, some voters say they were told the computers showed them as already having voted, even though they had not.

West Hills resident Estelle Bender, 88, said she was far from the only person who was being told incorrectly that they had already voted.

Sep 13 06:56

Republicans in SoCal Have Trouble Casting Recall Ballots – Many Told ‘They Already Voted’ – Even Though They Had Not

The fix is in.

The Democrats are pulling out all the stops to keep California Governor Newsom in the chair after more than 1.5 million people signed a petition to boot him out of office.

The recall election is this Tuesday, September 14, and the Democrats are cheating six ways to Sunday.

Countless Republicans in the San Fernando Valley had trouble casting their recall ballots and were told they had already voted – even though they had not

Voters were forced to fill out provisional ballots after they were told the computers showed they already cast their ballots.

Estelle Bender, 88, a Republican, told KTLA 5 that she spoke with many others in the same polling place and they were all told incorrectly that they had already voted.

The one thing all voters had in common? They are all Republicans.

Sep 11 07:46

Russia Summons US Ambassador Over Election "Meddling" - Embassy Downplays Meeting

On Friday Russia’s Foreign Ministry summoned the US ambassador to Moscow, John Sullivan, over what's being widely reported as allegations of American "meddling" in upcoming Russian elections.

According to Reuters, "Russia summoned U.S. Ambassador John Sullivan on Friday over alleged interference by the United States in an election, Russian agencies TASS and RIA reported, quoting a diplomatic source."

While few details have been initially revealed of the accusations, Russia is holding parliamentary elections on the weekend of Sept.17 through 19th.

Reuters added based on local reports that "Russian news agencies reported earlier that Sullivan had been summoned over an issue with accreditations for Russian journalists working in the United States."

Sullivan was during the day seen arriving at the Russian foreign ministry building, and reportedly left after 20 minutes.

Sep 11 06:50

HUGE: Trump Anticipates Election to be Decertified During Gateway Pundit Interview

During his interview with The Gateway Pundit President Trump anticipated that the election will be decertified.

“If you get caught in a robbery you return the jewels.”

The damage is done, what would you expect to happens if the election is decertified?

Sep 09 10:14

Undeliverable Mail-in Ballots in Georgia Were Double the Official Margin of Victory, Report Says

An estimated 27,000 mail-in ballots in Georgia were returned as undeliverable by the post office during the 2020 election, according to a research brief by a good-government group. The number is more than double the margin of victory—12,000 votes—by which President Joe Biden won the state.

The new report from the Indianapolis-based Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) raises questions about the efficacy of voting-by-mail policies that were hurriedly adopted across the nation in the early days of the pandemic last year, purportedly to arrest the spread of the CCP virus that causes the disease COVID-19.

PILF describes itself as “the nation’s only public interest law firm dedicated wholly to election integrity,” existing “to assist states and others to aid the cause of election integrity and fight against lawlessness in American elections.”

Sep 09 06:21

HERE IT IS – Full Report from Canvassing Work Completed in Arizona’s Maricopa County

Everyone who knew this election was stolen can feel validated today. These are the results of just one county in Arizona.

Sep 09 05:48

Voter fraud claims create 'circus-like atmosphere,' stir California recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom

The recall election aiming to oust Gov. Gavin Newsom could make California the next target of right-wing campaigns aiming to discredit the results of an election.

Maybe it already has.

Former President Donald Trump, Fox News' Tomi Lahren and the leading Republican candidate to replace Newsom, Larry Elder, have raised the prospect this week of voter fraud playing a role if Newsom comes out victorious in the Sept. 14 election.

And the California Republican Party has created an election integrity website for voters to report suspicious election activity aiming to "ensure every vote is counted and verified."

Sep 08 13:17

BREAKING – HUGE: Results of Canvassing in Arizona Released – ELECTION STEAL IS NOW CONFIRMED

The results from canvassing efforts in Arizona are now out…

This was a separate exercise from the Maricopa County audit the Arizona Senate is sponsoring.
Liz Harris broke the news this morning.

For all of those who knew this election was stolen, those who were ridiculed or labeled conspiracy theorists – You have been vindicated.

Lost votes are those votes where people voted but their votes were discarded.

Ghost votes are those votes cast by someone other than the voter assigned to the vote.
Dead voters accounted for a significant number of these anomalies.

174,104 Lost Votes

96,389 Ghost Votes

Sep 08 08:00

AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem: Arizona Ballot Integrity Project – CURRENCY GRADE Fraud Measures – UV Reactive, QR Codes, Microprint, Holographic Watermark

Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem announced his Arizona Ballot Integrity Project on Saturday.
State Rep. Mark Finchem is running for Arizona Secretary of State in the 2022 election and he is focused on solving Arizona’s election integrity crisis today.

Finchem announced his new ballot prototype that he is going to use to secure our elections and restore integrity.

Finchem: Making ballots as secure as currency is a structural change solution that I’ve introduced in AZ, and which is now considered by a majority of states. Focus on solutions = leadership. Watch “Ballot Integrity Project”

Sep 08 07:45

Media Setting the Table to Question Outcome of California Recall if Larry Elder Wins

After the 2016 election, the left spent four years casting doubt on the outcome in order to make Trump’s win look illegitimate. After the 2020 election, the left’s allies in social media made it a thought crime to question Biden’s win.

In the California recall election, the media is already setting up a narrative to question the outcome in case Larry Elder wins.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This will be interesting. The same media insisting there could not possibly be election fraud in Biden's victory will be screaming election fraud if Larry Elder wins!

Sep 05 04:59

Biden in SHOCK as over 74 million Americans demands vote recount

Trump loyalists push to revisit election results in communities around the country.

Reiterating his allegations of massive voters fraud and electoral malpractice in the presidential polls, US President Donald Trump has told his supporters his fight was to ensure that Americans have faith in this and future elections.

Within days after the election, we witnessed an orchestrated effort to anoint a winner, even while many key states were still being counted. The Constitutional process must be allowed to continue. We are going to defend the honesty of the vote by ensuring that every legal ballot is counted and that no illegal ballot is counted, Trump told his supporters at a White House Christmas Party on Tuesday.

Sep 03 12:16

BREAKING: THEY GOT CAUGHT! Investigators Have Video of 240 Leftist Operatives in Georgia Dumping Thousands of Ballots from Backpacks into Drop Boxes in Middle of the Night!

According to John Fredericks state officials now have video of 240 leftist operatives he called “ballot traffickers” dumping tens of thousands of ballots into drop boxes in the middle of the night in locations across Georgia.

The leftist operatives were identified making numerous drops in the middle of the night. They were filmed emptying their backpacks of ballots into the drop boxes in the middle of the night. Ballot harvesting is not legal in Georgia.

Sep 03 07:47

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Senator Corman Calls for Hearings Next Week on Election Fraud in Keystone State

Things are starting to roll in Pennsylvania related to the 2020 Election fraud.
Pennsylvania Senate leader Jake Corman joined Steve Bannon on the War Room on Thursday night.

Senator Jake Corman is calling for hearings to begin next week regarding the 2020 Election in the state. This first step by Corman is an attempt to bring to light the many issues and testimonies from individuals around the state on their observations and accounts of election fraud in the state.

Sep 03 05:16

Tucker: Democrats are doing everything they can to stay in power

Sep 02 11:25

The election gambit that’s sending Georgia Democrats into a frenzy

Georgia Republicans say it’s merely an attempt to improve a chronically mismanaged elections administration.

But a newly-formed election review panel in Atlanta’s Fulton County is nevertheless sparking outrage — and paranoia — from Democrats who believe it’s the GOP’s first step toward commandeering the levers of election administration in the counties that powered Democratic gains last year.

Sep 02 07:03

Tucker: Democrats are doing everything they can to stay in power

Sep 02 06:33

The Cynical, Despicable ‘Stuttering’ Con Unravels

Last week, like the boy in the Hans Christian Andersen fable, Fox News Host Rachel Campos-Duffy had the gumption to say out loud that Emperor Joe was wearing no metaphorical clothes. In addressing the collapse of leadership in Washington, Campos-Duffy asked, “Who are the people responsible for putting someone this incompetent and frankly this, you know, mentally frail in this position?”

Having dared to ask the obvious question, Campos-Duffy gave the obvious answer. “No one knew better his state of mind than Dr. Jill Biden,” Campos continued. “And if you ask me, the most patriotic thing Jill Biden could have done was tell her husband — to love her husband — and not let him run in this mental state that he’s in.”

Sep 02 05:28

Texas Considering Audit Of 2020 Election

The Texas legislature is trying to get Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to approve election integrity for a special session, but they only have until Sept. 6 to get him to sign it. One America’s Christina Bobb has more on that effort.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 01 06:33

Arizona Audit Update: Report Coming Shortly Due To COVID Delay – Doug Logan Has a Fever – Team Member Released From Hospital

The Arizona audit report is currently under completion but recent COVID-19 complications have caused a delay.

As The Gateway Pundit reported last Monday, a portion of the audit draft report was delivered to the Arizona Senate, but members of the audit team have been infected with COVID. We have now been told that one was even hospitalized!

Once everybody has fully recovered, they will thoroughly review the report for accuracy, proof of documentation, and clarity, before releasing it to the public.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media is already attacking the report ... without having actually seen it, of course!

Sep 01 05:49

Texas passes voting bill that Democrats sought to block by fleeing the state to Washington

The second-largest US state has passed a voter integrity bill that Democrats denounced as racist and sought to block by escaping to Washington, DC. Republicans say the law will make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.

On Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott hailed the passage of Senate Bill 1 in the emergency session of the state legislature and said it was now on its way to his desk for signature. The law will “solidify trust and confidence in the outcome of our elections,” said Abbott, thanking its sponsors and everyone involved in making sure it was adopted.