Jan 16 10:13

Prof Links Rise of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies to ‘White Nationalism’

Professor links Bitcoin to ‘far right’ nationalists. Expert Peter McCormack discusses why that might be wrong.

Elon University professor Megan Squire recently teamed up with Southern Poverty Law Center spokesman Michael Edison Hayden to publish an article linking the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, to the rise of “[W]hite nationalism.”

According to their analysis piece, “White supremacists embraced cryptocurrency early in its development, and in some cases produced million-dollar profits through the technology, reshaping the racist right in radical ways, a Hatewatch analysis found,” the writers’ Dec. 9 article states.

The online analysis piece also contains a graphic, “Bitcoin Bet Pays Off for the Racist Right,” which details the amount of Bitcoin sent and received by prominent figures that identify as “Alt-Right.”

Jan 16 09:47

Bonds Remind Investors How Unsafe They Are

Jan 16 09:36

Germany has lost its economic freedom – Russia

The ongoing saga with the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and its long wait for approval and certification shows that Germany has no freedom to pursue its own economic interests, Russia’s foreign minister has claimed.

Speaking to the Russian First Channel on Thursday, Sergey Lavrov suggested that right now Berlin doesn't have economic sovereignty and is at the mercy of third parties.

“About Nord Stream 2, it’s no longer about freedom to choose alliances. It’s just freedom to carry out ordinary commercial activities on world markets,” he said. “It turns out there is no freedom for Germany to pursue its economic interests.”

The controversial Nord Stream 2 natural pas pipeline was completed in September but is yet to be certified. Approval of the project, which could have come this month, was suspended in mid-November by the German Federal Network Agency over a regulatory issue.

Jan 16 08:20

20 foods that will last forever in your Prepper Pantry/food shortages GET READY NOW

Hello, today we have 20 plus foods that will last forever in your prepper pantry, IF THEY ARE SEALED PROPERLY! With shortages on the rise, we have been searching for all the items that will last forever if we package then correctly and this is our list so far. I am sure there are more items that will last and as we find them, we will share them with you! We hope you are all continuing to stock up! Winter will be here before we know it and we need to be ready.

Jan 16 07:00

How to prepare for possible food shortages

If you have been paying attention, you likely know already that if lockdown measures and border restrictions continue, shortages of products will be inevitable.

Given the facts that employees are constantly sent home to “quarantine” when they aren’t sick and border crossings are often bunged up due to red tape ostensibly needed to “slow the spread,” it was only a matter of time before commerce would reach a bottleneck scenario.

It seems as if that bottleneck is fast approaching, and it is likely that we will all start to see the effects in our lives in some way. The recent news about vaccine mandates for truckers is the most alarming.

Jan 16 06:48

Lee Camp: The silver bullet to ending poverty that we choose to ignore

Here’s how the world should operate in simple terms: A certain country or region or city or township or Hobbit hole tries something in order to help their society or group or hovel – if it works, other places then do it. If it doesn’t work, other places don’t do it. It’s like when you were a kid and you saw your brother slide down the banister and rack himself on the newel post – You then thought, “Maybe that activity is not for me.” But if he didn’t nail himself in the jewels, you probably thought, “I think I’ll try that.”

That’s how the United States government should work, but it doesn’t. For-profit healthcare, corporate personhood, the drug war, funding terrorists overseas that we call “moderate rebels,” etc. – all of these things have been tried, they fu***n’ suck every time, and we keep doing them. The U.S. continually racks itself on the newel post all day long and then responds, “I think I’ll try that again.”

Jan 16 06:35

The Great Omicron Sickout: Millions Of Unwell Americans Causing "Hellacious" Worker Shortages

Record spikes in Covid-19 Omicron cases across the country are causing a nationwide worker "sickout," as businesses from airlines to grocery stores are suffering from disruptions, even though the new variant is markedly far less severe - yet far more transmissible - than prior strains.

According to Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian, the past few weeks have been "hellacious," adding that around 10% of his workforce, or 8,000 of his employees, have contracted the virus in the past month. The shortages contributed to over 2,200 canceled Delta flights since December 24.

Jan 16 06:33


It’s well known that waste, fraud, and abuse were widespread among contractors working for the US government in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the negative consequences of the heavy reliance on contractors to help wage wars go well beyond that to the question of whether and how the United States wages war.

Jan 16 06:20

Hundreds of thousands of NYC tenants face eviction as state's pandemic-era moratorium ended last night: Housing Court has 291,000 pending cases that can begin Tuesday

New York let its eviction and foreclosure moratorium expire on Saturday, and the Housing Court reportedly has at least 291,000 pending cases that it will start hearing on Tuesday.

New York instituted the eviction moratorium in March 2020 by then-governor Andrew Cuomo and has been regularly extended since, but current Gov. Kathy Hochul has declined to do.

The critical economic support program was put in place at the start of the pandemic. Its ending sets the stage for a possible rush by landlords to try to oust low-income renters.

Jan 16 06:17

GOP Rep. Gallagher: Russia Engaging in ‘Preparation’ for Invasion of Ukraine and Dems Gave Them a ‘Gift’ by Blocking Sanctions

On Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) said that he thinks the cyberattack in Ukraine “portends an invasion. I would call this preparation of the battlespace right now.” And argued that Democrats gave Russia “a gift” by blocking sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and the Biden administration’s belief that threatening sanctions after an invasion will provide deterrence is wrong.

Gallagher said, “I think it portends an invasion. I would call this preparation of the battlespace right now. And I also — we’ve heard reports out there that Jake Sullivan has said the intel. community has information which suggests Russia is laying the groundwork to fabricate a pretext for invading Ukraine.”

Jan 16 01:04

Train Derails in Garbage-Strewn Area Trashed by Looters in Los Angeles

Video out of Lincoln Heights on Saturday captured a Union Pacific train getting derailed in the section trashed by looters who stole thousands of packages and left the garbage all over the tracks.

Jan 15 09:21

“Don’t Fight The Fed”

Jan 15 09:01


In the two months since signing the $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law, President Biden has by almost every measure bombed big time on the things that matter most. -- The big picture: Biden, who marks one year in office next Thursday, has never been less popular nationally, after personally lobbying his party and the public on Build Back Better and voting rights — and failing.

Jan 15 08:26

This one-two punch from China and Russia marks the end of American adventurism

Damascus officially joined China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on Wednesday, which will provide a massive lifeline to the country that has been torn to shreds after more than a decade of war and Western sanctions. But more than this, this development has set a precedent that will fundamentally change the geopolitical landscape.

This is because the decade-spanning Syrian conflict has hosted several proxy conflicts, which has invariably left the United States and its Western allies the losers.

Blinken’s blinkered vision of RussiaREAD MORE: Blinken’s blinkered vision of Russia
For starters, while the conflict itself was, at least initially, part of the Arab Spring in the early 2010s, numerous sources (including U.S. government sources published by WikiLeaks) suggest that the United States had been seeking regime change in Syria long before then. There are also countless reports by very good journalists, including on RT, that have dug up these connections.

Jan 15 08:24

US, China step up race for rare-earth dominance

A bipartisan piece of legislation to be introduced in the US Senate on Friday would force defense contractors to stop buying rare earth minerals from China by 2026, Reuters reports.

The bill will also require the use of the Pentagon to create a permanent stockpile of the strategic minerals. It essentially uses the Pentagon’s purchase of billions of dollars-worth of fighter jets, missiles and other weapons as leverage to require contractors to stop using Chinese rare earths and thus support revival of domestic output. Waivers are allowed only in rare situations.

Rare-earth metals – a group of 17 elements that are critical for a wide range of industries from consumer electronics to military hardware – have long been at the center of the US-China trade war. The US used to be the world’s number-one producer of those minerals, but is now heavily dependent on Chinese exports.

Jan 15 08:16

The Double Helix Of Entwined Pandemic And Economic Strategy

Three years ago, I said to an American Professor from the US Army War College in Washington, in respect to the campaign to return American lost Blue Collar jobs to Asia, that these jobs would never return. They were gone for good.

He retorted that that was precisely so, but I was missing the point, he said. America did not expect, or want, the majority of those humdrum manufacturing jobs back.

They should stay in Asia.

The Élites, he said, wanted only the commanding heights of Tech. They wanted the intellectual property, the protocols, the metrics, the regulatory framework that would allow America to define and expand across the next two decades of global technological evolution.

The real dilemma however, he said was:

“What is to be done with the 20% of the American workforce that would be no longer needed: that was no longer necessary to the functioning of a tech-led US economy?”

Jan 15 08:15

How Central Planners Corrupted The World

The impossible happened in the late-1970s. Inflation and unemployment simultaneously went vertical. Leading economists were baffled. This contradicted their academic training.

The Phillips curve said there’s an inverse relationship between inflation and unemployment. When unemployment goes down, inflation goes up. Conversely, when unemployment goes up, inflation goes down.

Economist William Phillips first sketched his curve using wage rates and unemployment data in the UK in the years 1861 to 1957. The depiction of explicable order was impressive. And it provided an economic model central planners could use to somehow optimize inflation and unemployment rates through economic intervention.

How could it be, in the late-1970s, that both inflation and unemployment went up in tandem? According to the Phillips curve they were mutually exclusive.

Jan 15 07:45

The $ARKK continues to take on water....

Jan 15 07:40

Looters Target Cargo Trains, Steal Packages And Leave Garbage Strewn All Over The Tracks in Los Angeles

The DOJ under Attorney General Merrick Garland by their own count has 94 U.S. Attorneys' Offices chasing the non-existent threat of "white extremists" as their highest priority while crime is exploding, flash looting is going wild and homicides are at record levels in most major cities!

Jan 15 07:28

Democrats Use Dreaded Filibuster to Block Ted Cruz Bill Sanctioning Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Democrats used the Senate filibuster, which they are busy trying to eliminate, to block a bill by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Thursday that would have sanctioned companies associated with Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The bill had 55 votes.

The filibuster requires 60 votes to end debate and move to a final vote, which meant that despite the 55-44 margin, and the votes of five Democrats in favor, the bill could not advance — a win for President Joe Biden’s approach to talks with Russia.

The Biden administration allowed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to proceed last year — after shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline project in the U.S. to appease environmentalists — saying that the project was too close to completion to reverse.

President Donald Trump had sought to block Nord Stream 2 because it would have made Europe more dependent on Russia’s natural gas, increasing President Vladimir Putin’s leverage in the west and his ability to circumvent pipelines in Ukraine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ah, the hypocrisy!

Jan 15 07:27

Gavin Newsom Proposes Billions for Doomed California High-Speed Rail

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed spending billions to continue building the California High-speed Rail Project to connect rural areas in the Central Valley.

In a statement Thursday on his “California Blueprint” for a”clean infrastructure” in the state, Newsom declared:

Jan 15 07:25

China blasts US sanctions on Iran with launch of strategic partnership

China has reaffirmed its opposition to unilateral sanctions by the United States against Iran as the Chinese and Iranian foreign ministers announced the launch of a 25-year cooperation agreement aimed at strengthening economic and political ties.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in the city of Wuxi, in Jiangsu province on Friday, with a summary of the meeting posted on China's foreign ministry website on Saturday.

Wang, who is also State Councilor, said the US bears primary responsibility for the ongoing difficulties with Iran, having unilaterally withdrawn from a 2015 nuclear deal.

The United States reimposed the sanctions that the agreement had removed and slapped new bans under different labels.

Wang said China firmly opposes unilateral sanctions against Iran, political manipulation through topics including human rights, and interference in the internal affairs of Iran and other regional countries.

Jan 15 07:01

Situation with Nord Stream 2 reveals Germany's lack of economic freedom — Lavrov

The situation with Nord Stream 2 shows that Germany does not have the freedom to pursue its own economic interests, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Channel One Russia on Thursday.

"As for Nord Stream 2, it’s no longer about the freedom to choose alliances, it’s simply about the freedom to carry out ordinary commercial activities on world markets. It turns out that Germany does not have any freedom to pursue its own economic interests. That’s where they, double standards, are most striking," he said.

Jan 15 06:52

Union Warns That Vaccine Mandates Taking Their Toll On Trucking Industry

The President of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada cautions that the vaccine requirement for truckers crossing the U.S./Canada border could result in a devastating economic failure.

An estimated 30,000 truckers that deliver goods and services between the U.S./Canada border have not yet presented their vaccination paperwork. Starting January 15, truckers will be demanded to present proof of vaccination upon entering Canada. The same mandate for truckers entering the United States from Canada goes into effect on January 22.

Jan 14 20:24

Grocery shortages deepen as pandemic dries supplies… (article deflects the incompetence of the Biden regime though)

High demand for groceries combined with soaring freight costs and Omicron-related labor shortages are creating a new round of backlogs at processed food and fresh produce companies, leading to empty supermarket shelves at major retailers across the United States.

Jan 14 19:04

Should You Move While You Can, Or When You Must?

Knowing this, I don’t ask this question lightly: Should You Move While You Can, Or When You Must? The question is consequential because the window in which we still have options can slam shut with little warning. -- The origin of the question will be visible to those who have read my blog posts in 2021 on systemic fragility, our dependence on long, brittle supply chains, the vulnerabilities created by these dependencies and my polite (I hope) suggestions to fashion not just a Plan B for temporary disruptions but a Plan C for permanent disruptions.

Jan 14 14:52

Goodbye 'godsend': Expiration of child tax credits hits home

For the first time in half a year, families on Friday are going without a monthly deposit from the child tax credit — a program that was intended to be part of President Joe Biden’s legacy but has emerged instead as a flash point over who is worthy of government support.

Retiree Andy Roberts, from St. Albans, West Virginia, relied on the checks to help raise his two young grandchildren, whom he and his wife adopted because the birth parents are recovering from drug addiction.

The Robertses are now out $550 a month. That money helped pay for Girl Scouts, ballet and acting lessons and kids’ shoes, which Roberts noted are more expensive than adult shoes. The tax credit, he said, was a “godsend.”

Jan 14 13:51

Bets against Beyond Meat have made the plant-based food company the most shorted stock on the Russell 1000 Index

Bearish bets against Beyond Meat stock are piling up, with famed short-seller Jim Chanos also reportedly joining in.

According to the latest data from financial analytics firm S3 Partners, short interest in the plant-based food company is now about 37% of available shares, or $1.38 billion. That up from 26% in early October, and it means Beyond Meat is the most shorted company on the Russell 1000 Index, according to Bloomberg.

Betting against the company was a profitable position last year, considering short sellers made $735 million in profits, Ihor Dusaniwsky of S3 Partners told Insider in an email. In the new year though, short sellers so far have lost $126 million as Beyond Meat stock has rallied 10%.

Jan 14 11:07

The Fed Has Triggered A Stagflationary Disaster That Will Hit Hard This Year

I don’t think I can overstate the danger that the U.S. economy is in right now as we enter 2022. While most people are caught up in the ongoing drama of Covid-19, a REAL threat looms over the nation in the form of a stagflationary tidal wave. The mainstream media is attempting to place the blame on “supply chain disruptions,” but this is a misrepresentation of the issue.

Jan 14 11:04

Universities Received Millions in COVID Relief; Some are Still Imposing Delays, Remote Instruction

By Peter Cordi

Campus Reform revisited the money universities received in 2020 through the CARES Act.

This legislation gave universities billions to help students directly and make campuses better equipped for the pandemic.

In 2020, the federal government gave American colleges and universities approximately $14 billion in relief through the CARES Act. As part of the $2.2 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package, the CARES Act allocation mandated that approximately half its funds be used for emergency student aid.

Now, nearly two years after President Donald Trump signed the CARES Act in March 2020, numerous institutions that received aid are delaying in-person learning due to the Omicron variant...

Jan 14 08:34

New York, California, and Illinois Saw Historic Population Drops in 2021

By Peter Jacobsen

Last week, the US Census Bureau released its “New Vintage 2021 Population Estimates” for the United States and surrounding territories. I’m always especially interested in net domestic immigration numbers, which reveal whether people are coming to a state or leaving it. These numbers are interesting because, taken as a whole, net migration patterns likely reveal changing preferences for different states.

Jan 14 08:17

It'll go up higher. Don't worry.

Jan 14 08:14

It’s time to take out your money from the bank! Vaccine mandates ban the unvaxxed from visiting banks in multiple countries – Next is ITALY

And it begins. Restricting access to the non compliers. Have a jab & you can have your money. But remember, this is all about health, nothing else but just health.

Italy’s latest covid restrictions came into force on Monday January 10, 2022, with the government once again expanding the scope of the Super Green Pass, the digital certificate which can only be obtained by those who are vaccinated or have recovered from covid-19.

From January 20th, the basic Green Pass will be needed to access hairdressers and beauticians, while from February 1st (not January 20th as shown in the Tweet below), it will be required to enter banks, post offices, non-essential shops and shopping malls.

Jan 14 08:13

Student loan giant Navient inks $1.85B settlement over fraud claims

The loan-servicing company has long been dogged by claims it has engaged in fraudulent practices, dating back to before it split from Sallie Mae in 2014.

More recently, in March 2021 a Washington state judge ruled Navient violated a consumer protection law by illegally misleading borrowers and their families and friends who co-signed student loans. The company did not properly disclose the terms of release from those obligations, the judge ruled.

Navient's new settlement with attorneys general from 38 states and Washington, D.C., will provide $1.7 billion in private student loan relief to 66,000 borrowers, primarily those who borrowed to attend for-profit institutions. These loans were in default and largely originated between 2002 and 2010.

The settlement also delivers an additional payout of $95 million, or about $260 each for roughly 350,000 federal loan borrowers who were placed in certain types of long-term forbearances.

Jan 14 08:05

Bidenflation Is Something The White House Has Been Prepping For

When the new data on inflation comes out Wednesday, the Administration of President Joe Biden is preparing to go into damage control.

The Administration is describing the predicted higher inflation numbers in the Consumer Price Index December report as "transitory," according to Axios, as they did earlier in the year to abate anxieties that the numbers are marking a much longer trend upward.

Jan 14 07:49

I fear the havoc inflation will inflict on America in the next year

Even as the US reels under the assault of the Omicron variant that has pushed Covid cases to record levels, Americans aren’t worried so much about their health as they are about their pocketbooks, as inflation surges.

A December survey of voters revealed that 68% of Americans mentioned the economy as one of their top concerns, while only 37% named Covid.

That’s because inflation-wise you have to look way back to 1982 to find prices rising as high and as persistently as in December of 2021, according to government data released this week.

“Inflation jumped at its fastest pace in nearly 40 years last month,” said the Associated Press, “a 7% spike from a year earlier that is increasing household expenses, eating into wage gains and heaping pressure on President Joe Biden.”

Jan 14 07:47

Global Economy Heading For "Mother Of All" Supply Chain Shocks As China Locks Down Ports

Over the past month, as Wall Street turned increasingly optimistic on US growth alongside the Fed, with consensus (shaped by the Fed's leaks and jawboning) now virtually certain of a March rate hike, we have been repeatedly warning that after a huge policy error in 2021 when the Fed erroneously said that inflation is "transitory" (it wasn't), the central bank is on pace to make another just as big policy mistake in 2022 by hiking as many as 4 times and also running off its massive balance sheet... right into a global growth slowdown.

Jan 14 07:43

Don't Drag Nord Stream 2 Into Conflict Over Ukraine, German Defmin Says

German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht on Thursday warned against drawing a link between the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, meant to transport natural gas from Russia to Germany, and the differences with Moscow over Ukraine.

"We should not drag (Nord Stream 2) into this conflict," Lambrecht told the broadcaster rbb in an interview.

"We need to solve this conflict, and we need to solve it in talks - that's the opportunity that we have at the moment, and we should use it rather than draw a link to projects that have no connection to this conflict."

Jan 14 07:36

NATIONAL DATA: December Jobs Stall—And Immigrant Workforce Population Growth Tops 1 Million For Fourth Straight Month

America’s hiring slowdown continued in December. Businesses added 199,000 workers, the smallest gain of the year, according to the widely-cited Survey of Employer Payrolls. This was overwhelmed by the Immigrant Workforce Population growth (1.2 million year-over-year). Biden seized on wage growth , again ignoring that wage growth is negative when adjusted for inflation [Biden touts strong December wage increases, brushes off weak job growth, By Christina Wilkie, CNBC, January 7, 2022].

But despite the miss on headlines, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate improved more than expected to 3.9%—the best level since February 2020’s 50-year low of 3.5%.

Jan 14 07:16

EU Extends Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine Peace Deal Failures

The European Union on Thursday prolonged economic sanctions against Russia for six months for failing to live up to its commitments to the peace agreement in Ukraine, amid concern that Moscow may be preparing to invade its former Soviet neighbor.

The measures target Russia’s financial, energy and defense sectors, as well as goods that can be used for both civilian and military purposes. The move is part of a rolling review, and is not linked to current tensions over Russia's military buildup near Ukraine.

The measures are part of a raft of sanctions slapped on Russia in 2014 after it annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, and are tied to respect of the 2015 Minsk peace deal. The EU renewed the sanctions, which will remain in place until at least July 31, because Russia “did not fully implement” the peace agreement.

Jan 14 07:05

China is buying billions in US farmland and lawmakers are scrambling to try to stop them

U.S. lawmakers are acting with increased concern as Chinese purchasers are buying tens of thousands of acres of U.S. farmland.

As of the start of 2020, Chinese investors owned about 192,000 acres of U.S. agricultural land valued at about $1.9 billion, according to Politico. While Chinese land ownership in the U.S. is less than that of other foreign nations, the growth in Chinese land ownership is part of an overall trend in China rapidly buying up other country’s farmland over more than a decade.

Jan 14 06:47

Biden's woke Federal Reserve nominees: Economist married to a Democrat who wants to choke off oil and gas lending, Obama-era official who has written about the economics of lynching and professor who is expert on economics of poverty 

Joe Biden has nominated three people to the board of the Federal Reserve in what would usher in the most diverse group in the Fed's history - and the most woke.

The president is intent on nominating a white woman, Sarah Bloom Raskin; a black woman, Lisa Cook; and a black man, Philip Jefferson.

If they are confirmed to their posts, the seven-person Fed board would have four women, one black man and two white men - the most diverse team in the Fed's 108 years of existence.

Jan 14 00:58

The Real Revolution Is Underway But Nobody Recognizes It

Revolutions have a funny characteristic: they’re unpredictable. -- The general assumption is that revolutions are political. The revolution some foresee in the U.S. is the classic armed insurrection, or a coup or the fragmentation of the nation as states or regions declare their independence from the federal government. -- By focusing on the compelling drama of political upheaval we’re missing the real revolution, which is social and economic: the Great Resignation, a global movement which in the U.S. has largely unrecognized American characteristics.

Jan 14 00:37

U.S. Life Ratings Retreat to Close Out 2021

The percentage of Americans who evaluate their lives well enough to be considered "thriving" on Gallup's Life Evaluation Index was 55.1% in November-December, down 4.1 percentage points from the 14-year high of 59.2% measured in June. During the initial COVID-19 outbreak and economic shutdown, the thriving percentage plunged nearly 10 points to 46.4% in late April 2020, tying the record low measured during the Great Recession.

Jan 13 16:23

US Senate votes against Nord Stream 2 sanctions

Democrats in the US Senate blocked the Republican proposal for sanctions against Russia over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, saying it didn’t help Ukraine and denied President Joe Biden “leverage” to deal with the Kremlin.

Proposed by Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Senate bill 3436 would have given the White House two weeks to impose travel restrictions, asset freezes, and bans on doing business with US companies for those involved with the natural gas pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany.

Jan 13 15:14

No Bubble Here, Folks!

Jan 13 14:30

U.S. shoppers facing increasingly barren shelves, with comparisons to Soviet stores in the 1980s amid Biden’s worsening supply chain crisis

At the same time, American consumers are getting walloped with historically high inflation, again, thanks to this administration’s pathetic economic policies of flooding the economy with newly printed cash at a time of short supply, which acts as a guarantee to increase prices. -- “Inflation has risen 7 percent since last December, the highest inflation rate the United States has seen in four decades, and the president is attempting to sell this to his constituents as ‘progress,'” Conservative Brief reported on Wednesday. -- Biden’s regime is proving, once again, why Democrats cannot be in charge, ever.

Jan 13 13:35

Current List of Anti-Gun Businesses You Should Avoid Giving Your Money

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms maintains a list of anti-gun businesses, which is also known as the “Don’t feed them” list.

Jan 13 09:11

Lumber Prices Soaring Again

Jan 13 08:56

What will happen to interest-rates in 2022?

Jan 13 08:33

Nolte: Elizabeth Warren Launches Another Fact-Free Attack on Grocery Stores

Proving she’s equal parts dishonest and stupid, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) once again attempted to blame evil grocery store chains for inflation.

During an appearance this week on far-left MSNBC, Warren argued in favor of using anti-trust laws against grocery store chains.

Jan 13 08:10

Amazon Reduces COVID Paid Leave For U.S. Employees

Amazon announced Monday it will now offer one week of COVID paid leave instead of two for all U.S. employees.

Jan 13 07:57

Dems BLOCK Legislation Meant To Curb Russian Influence

Senate Democrats are scrambling to attempt to squash legislation from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to slap sanctions on businesses linked to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will dispatch gas from Russia to Germany.

State Department officials, at the invitation of Senate Democrats opposed to Cruz's bill, briefed a group of Democrats, including senators viewed as swing votes on the GOP sanctions bills that will get a vote this week. To pass the bill through the Senate, Cruz will need the support of 10 Democratic senators.

Jan 13 07:51

Democratic US Senators Introduce 'Defending Ukraine' Bill That Would 'Collapse' Russian Economy

Several Democratic lawmakers have introduced a new bill in the US Senate that would impose "crippling sanctions" on Russia's financial sector if it were to invade Ukraine. The US has postured as standing up to Moscow on Ukraine's eastern border, but Russian President Vladimir Putin's administration has made clear it has no hostile intent.

The bill, titled the "Defending Ukraine Sovereignty Act of 2022," has been brought by Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Jan 13 07:50

US sanctions Russian firm over North Korea missiles

The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions against six North Koreans as well as one Russian national and a Russian company, accusing them of the “proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”

Washington announced the blacklist on Wednesday, calling it part of “ongoing efforts to counter the DPRK’s weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs.”

The sanctions target North Korea's “continued use of overseas representatives to illegally procure goods for weapons,” said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The weaponization of the global economy is going to blow up in their faces.

Jan 13 07:41

The trade battleground where China can deliver a serious blow to the US

Earlier this week, the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain, and the secretary general of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) arrived in Beijing for a four-day visit aimed at strengthening economic ties with China.

Top of the agenda is a proposed free trade agreement (FTA) between the Gulf states and Beijing. Talks on this actually got under way back in 2004, but have stagnated. It’s now hoped they will find new momentum in a visit described by the Global Times as “unprecedented.”

It comes just weeks after the United Arab Emirates dumped a deal to buy F-35 fighter jets from the United States following Washington’s attempt to make dropping use of Chinese telecommunications provider Huawei a condition of purchase.

Jan 13 07:27

U.S. looking to help Ukraine if Russia cuts energy supply -official

The United States is looking at a range of contingency options to help Ukraine should Russia cut off energy supplies, a senior Biden administration official said on Wednesday.

The official, who spoke to a small group of reporters on condition of anonymity, said the United States is confident that European allies will agree to impose severe economic penalties on Russia if Moscow invades Ukraine.

As European officials have become increasingly aware of the severity of the threat that would result from a Russian invasion of Ukraine, they have become “more forthright” about the need for a strong response, the official said.

With Ukraine’s energy supply potentially severed and Europe’s also impacted from a Ukraine invasion, the official said U.S. officials are aware of the potential impact of a reduction in the Russian energy supply.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We have fuel shortages here at home and Biden wants to send oil and gas to Ukraine?!?

Jan 13 06:25

‘Simply irrational’: Bundestag MP slams Ukrainian envoy’s demands to abandon Nord Stream 2

Germany needs the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline since it can stabilize gas prices, and the requirements, particularly by the Ukrainian side, to abandon the project are irrational, German Bundestag Deputy from the party ‘Alternative for Germany’ Steffen Kotre said in response to TASS request.

"The requirements of the Ukrainian ambassador to deconstruct a ready pipeline, which is so much needed, are simply irrational. This is specifically meddling into the affairs of a third party," he said, adding that such statements made by the Ukrainian ambassador "cast a shadow on the international reputation" of Germany.

Jan 13 06:17

Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund To Buy $10 Billion In Stocks This Year

The Saudis are taking another step toward "diversifying" as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman tries to make the Saudi economy less dependent on the energy sector.

Flush with cash thanks to the ongoing ramp in oil and natural gas prices, Saudi Arabia's massive $500 billion+ sovereign wealth fund has apparently decided to put it to work by buying some $10 billion in publicly traded equities during the coming year.

The decision comes as the Saudi wealth fund has promised to double its assets by 2025. As Bloomberg points out, heavy buying of equities by the kingdom's wealth fund could help buttress global equity valuations at a time when investors fear that the Federal Reserve is about to pull the rug out from underneath US stocks, causing them to sink dramatically after one of the best decades, performance-wise, that anybody can remember.

Jan 13 05:45

U.S. Inflation Rate Hits Highest Level In Nearly 40 Years

America is experiencing record inflation, record supply shortages, record crime, record illegal immigration and record covid cases.

Jan 13 05:39

Americans Find Empty Shelves At Grocery Stores Across The Country Amid Omicron Surge

"More than 5 million Americans, or 2% of the workforce, 'could now be isolating,' Capital Economics economist Andrew Hunter estimated..."