"We are all born ignorant, but one must work very hard to remain stupid!" -- Benjamin Franklin

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Pennsylvania voters are doubting the integrity of local elections in the swing county of Northampton after issues with touchscreen voting devices arose on the most recent Election Day. The glitches were similar to those seen in the county’s 2019 judges race.

Troubles with electronic voting machines in a key county of an important swing state have many voters and officials worried about the reliability of the coming 2024 elections.

According to reports, voters in Northampton County in Pennsylvania have now experienced at least two elections when voting machines glitched on them, and many are calling for answers ahead of the contentious 2024 elections.

The Biden administration has vehemently denied that any voter fraud took place in the 2020 election.

However, the Biden Justice department’s recent successful prosecution of an alleged case of voter fraud flies in the face of that sweeping assertion.

According to KCAU, Biden’s DOJ had charged Kim Phuong Taylor, wife of former House Representative and current Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor, with 52 counts of voter fraud in January.

Tucker Carlson, co-founder of the Daily Caller, recently made a bold prediction at a conference, stating that the year 2024 will be "like nothing we've ever seen."

His statement was in reference to the forthcoming presidential election and the prevailing political and cultural climate in the United States.

Following the highly contentious 2020 election Rasmussen polling found that:
** 90% of American voters are concerned with election cheating.
** 74% of voters support Voter ID.
** 69% of blacks support voter ID laws.

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday evening brought the house down as he headlined the RiskOn360! Global Success Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tucker walked out on stage to a roaring crowd.

He immediately began his speech by telling the audience he spent his flight across the country Tuesday morning text with people.

“I gotta tell you, every single person I texted with, with the exception of my wife who’s not on the internet at all was angry and paranoid. Seriously. And these are not crazy people. These are normal, good people with kids and stuff,” Tucker said.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has vowed to 'expose everything' following last week's massive ruling by an Obama-appointed judge in Georgia, Amy Totenberg, who agreed with Lindell's legal team that electronic voting machines used by the state of Georgia have substantial flaws.

According to Totenberg, there is sufficient cause to believe that there may be "cybersecurity deficiencies that unconstitutionally burden Plaintiffs’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights and capacity to case effective votes that are accurately counted."