"Here is the difference between religion and science.

Science is going outside your house at night and seeing here is one large moon orbiting the Earth. No matter where on Earth you are, you know there is one and only one large moon orbiting the Earth.

Religion is this tribe over here worshiping one god and this other tribe worshiping 3 gods and this other tribe way over there worshiping 17 gods." -- Michael Rivero

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While the Israeli army is taking a pause from slaughtering Palestinian children in Gaza, its routine killing of children in the occupied West Bank persists unabated.

The Israeli army extrajudicially executed an 8-year-old Palestinian child in the city of Jenin on Wednesday.

CCTV footage shows Adam Samer al-Ghoul walking backwards when he suddenly starts running away. As he retreats, he is shot and falls to the ground.

Israel angry over footage depicting Hamas's treatment of released Israeli hostages MikeRivero Thu, 11/30/2023 - 12:23

Israeli analysts have not hidden their anger, Wednesday, about footage of Hamas fighters and Israeli prisoners gesturing at each other while being handed to Red Cross teams in the Gaza Strip, Anadolu Agency reports.

Footage circulated as Israeli television stations reported that families of Israeli hostages said their relatives were treated well during their captivity.

However, analysts in Israel consider the footage depicts the “humanity” of “Hamas” fighters and they strongly object to the images.

The Israeli army’s expanded authorization for bombing non-military targets, the loosening of constraints regarding expected civilian casualties, and the use of an artificial intelligence system to generate more potential targets than ever before, appear to have contributed to the destructive nature of the initial stages of Israel’s current war on the Gaza Strip, an investigation by +972 Magazine and Local Call reveals.

Part II 

Focusses on  “Option C” of Israel’s “Secret” Intelligence Memorandum, which was endorsed by the Netanyahu government. Option C. defines Netanyahu’s criminal agenda directed against the People of Palestine: 

“It recommends a full population transfer as its preferred course of action. …” 

Russia worried over reports about Israel threatening to use chemical weapons envoy MikeRivero Thu, 11/30/2023 - 06:42

Russia is concerned over media reports saying that Israel may use chemical weapons in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), Permanent Envoy to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Alexander Shulgin said.

Addressing the 28th Session of the Conference of the States Parties, Shulgin said Russia was "worried over media reports" and, in this light, he called on Israel to ratify the CWC as soon as possible.

Israel is one of four countries which are not parties to the CWC, alongside Egypt, North Korea and South Sudan.

Sometimes Israel’s crimes are so horrific that at first you don’t even understand what you’re looking at. You just stare at it trying to make sense of what you’re seeing for a bit, like you would if you suddenly saw a space alien or a leprechaun or something.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has gone down in history as the "butcher of Gaza," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

"Since October 7, our brothers and sisters in Gaza have been subjected to the most treacherous attacks in human history. Their mosques have been bombed. Their schools have been reduced to rubble. The refugee camps where they have sought shelter have been deliberately targeted. Netanyahu has went down in history as the butcher of Gaza," the Turkish president said in a speech to parliament.

A human rights organisation has called on the global community to independently investigate why five Palestinian children were allegedly left to die in the Al-Nasr Hospital in Gaza after staff were forcibly evacuated by the IDF. 

The Switzerland-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Med) said it was able to 'confirm that it documented the discovery of five infants dead and in a state of decomposition' in a neonatal ward of the Al-Nasr Hospital. 

Palestinian children freed from Israeli jails as part of a prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel said they were subjected to torture in captivity and that several fellow detainees were beaten to death.

The teens are among 39 Palestinians freed from Israeli detention on Sunday, in the third prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas, while the latter released 13 Israelis held in Gaza.