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The case against former President Donald Trump got off to a rocky start Monday morning as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was denied the opportunity to present one of his key pieces of character evidence.

On Monday, the jury selection process for Trump’s hush-money trial commenced in a Manhattan courtroom.

Judge Juan Merchan of the New York Supreme Court announced that as the court prepared for the first day of voir dire, he had received requests from Trump’s legal team asking the former president to miss the trial on May 17th in order to travel to Florida to attend Barron Trump’s high school graduation.

Merchan stated that he would not make a decision right away regarding Trump’s request to postpone the trial and move it to a different day.

She must go. That’s the unanimous recommendation from a hearing panel investigating Douglas County Probate Judge Christina Peterson.

The first-time judge has also been the subject of several FOX 5 I-Team investigations since she took office in late 2020.

Following Iran's retaliatory attack on Israel over the weekend, Republican lawmakers in the US quickly moved to consider for a vote more than a dozen bills targeting Iran and its allies with sanctions, travel bans, or condemning pro-Palestinian activists.

Supreme Court Takes On Bombshell Case And it Could Directly Impact J6 Prisoners MikeRivero

The Supreme Court has been taking up numerous important cases over its recent session. Not every decision it made has pleased Americans. But the consequences of the court’s rulings will affect the country for years to come.

The court has decided to take up a case that could upend a plot being pushed by Democrats for years.

The case will require the court to interpret a law being used to prosecute hundreds of Americans. If the court rules the way the defendant wants, it could spoil plans the left is using to take down many conservatives, including Donald Trump.