"Any political system founded on lies and deceptions cannot survive in the 21st Century." -- Michael Rivero

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The Islamic Resistance in Iraq says it has fired advanced cruise missiles at vital targets in the Israeli-occupied territories in retaliation for the massacres committed by the Zionist regime against civilians in Gaza. 

The resistance, which is an umbrella group of anti-US and anti-Israel factions, said in a statement it hit vital targets in the areas of Ariha Valley, also known Jericho, and the Nevatim Airbase using Arqab cruise missiles.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI), an umbrella group of Iranian-backed armed factions, launched eight drone and missile attacks against Israel within 24 hours.

On May 9, the IRI announced in separate statements that it had attacked Ashkelon oil port with an Arqab cruise missile and launched drones at Nevatim air base, a “vital target” in Eilat city, Yafalet base, Leviathan naval gas rig and Ovda air base. Video footage showing the attacks on Ashkelon and Nevatim were released.

by Dave DeCamp 

On Tuesday, the Iraqi Shia militia Kataib Hezbollah renewed calls for the US to leave Iraq as it appears there has been no progress on a withdrawal in negotiations between Baghdad and Washington.

Abu Ali al-Askari, a spokesman for Kataib Hezbollah, said the group “did not perceive the American enemy’s seriousness in withdrawing the troops and dismantling its spy bases in Iraq.”

The Guardian is just interviewing random Jews in publicly places in Israel and finding that they are all obsessed with these campus protests.

This isn’t the most reliable news source, but neither is it the least reliable, and this rings true.

The Guardian:

Iraq’s Islamic Resistance has carried out a series of daring strikes against the Israeli regime in solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, whom the regime has brought under a genocidal war.

The umbrella group of anti-terror fighters announced the strikes in separate statements on Friday.

The coalition said it had hit Mossad’s “Glilot” intelligence center in Tel Aviv with advanced al-Aqrab cruise missiles.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI), an umbrella group of Iranian-backed armed factions, has launched two drone attacks against what it described as vital Israel targets.

Late on May 1, the IRI said in a statement that it had attacked a “vital target” in the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights. And early on May 2, it announced in a separate statement another attack on a “vital target” in the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat.

The federal judge presiding over a case filed by three Iraqis who were tortured by U.S. military contractors in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison two decades ago declared a mistrial Thursday after jurors were unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

Inside the prisons at Abu Ghraib run by Saddam Hussien during his 35-year regime taken in May 2003 in Baghdad, Iraq. Prisoners kept at Abu Ghraib prison - the biggest in the Middle East - were held in overcrowded and inhumane cells and were often subject to beatings, torture, and executions. Credit - Benjamin Lowy—Getty Images

“In the winter of 2004, Antonio M. Taguba, a major general in the U.S. Army, wrote an incendiary report. In the course of fifty-three pages, Taguba described “sadistic, blatant, and wanton criminal abuses” that had been carried out by Americans at Abu Ghraib. The site, an infamous Iraqi prison during Saddam Hussein’s rule, had stood empty after the previous year’s invasion, but it was then refurbished and returned to use by the U.S.-led coalition. Taguba’s findings weren’t intended for the public.”