"Every successful insurgency, from the American Revolution to Vietnam to Afghanistan, involved refusing to fight
the war the tyrant was prepared to fight, knowing that the rigid military structure of the enemy inherently
prevented them from adapting rapidly to an unconventional threat. The constant presentation of new forms of warfare negated the material and organizational advantage of the mercenary armies, wore them down, and ultimately defeated them." -- Michael Rivero

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 The story of a mysterious legless man known as "Jerome", who came to Sandy Cove one day in 1863, is famous in Nova Scotia. He was found one morning, probably in September, sitting in front of a large rock by two fishermen on the beach of the Bay of Fundy. He suffered from cold and exposure. Within his reach were a box of biscuits, a loaf of bread and a jug of water. The most important thing is that both the legs of that person were missing and were cut off above the knees.

The 20th century witnessed an important period of development in the field of robotics, ushering in a transformative era of technological progress.


It begins with the word itself, which Czech playwright Karel Čapek used in his play "R.U.R." Was coined in. (Rossam's Universal Robots) in 1920, this century saw the conception and subsequent development of a wide range of robotic technologies.



In 1927, the film "Metropolis" featured the iconic robot Maria, a symbolic representation of the era's imaginative exploration of human-like machines.

 One of the most fascinating and important events in human history is the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. While exploring the events that unfolded during this historic mission, one must pay attention to the conspiracy theories that have surrounded it. We invite you on a journey that examines the basic timeline of the Apollo 11 mission, while also acknowledging the existence of conspiracy theories that challenge the official narrative.

 Step back in time and experience the power of history through these remarkable historical photographs. Each image tells a story, transporting us to another era and allowing us to see the moments that have shaped the world we live in today. From candid snapshots of everyday life to momentous moments in history, these photographs offer a glimpse into the past and a new perspective on the present. Whether you're a history buff or just curious about the world around you, these images are sure to fascinate and inspire.

 In the heart of Harlem, New York City, at the northwest corner of 128th Street and 5th Avenue, is a small rectangular space. A NYC Parks Department sign attached to the perimeter fence identifies the nearly empty lot as "Collier Brothers Park." It is one of the smallest parks in New York City, consisting of a few benches, a few potted plants, and several trees to provide shade. New York City has dozens of such 'pocket parks' scattered throughout the city, so this is not unusual. The strangest thing is the story of the brothers after whom the park is named.

Pamir, a majestic four-masted barque, built by the prestigious German shipping company, F. Stands as a testament to Laiz's craftsmanship.


This remarkable ship, whose construction was a marvel of its time, bears witness to an important moment in maritime history. In 1949, she was the last commercial sailing ship to round Cape Horn.


Pamir was built at the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg and launched on 29 July 1905. She had a steel hull and a tonnage of 3,020 GRT (2,777 net).

In today's advertising landscape, it cannot be denied that some contemporary advertisements have been criticized for objectifying women.


However, when we look back at mid-20th century advertising, we are faced with a shocking reality: Companies could, and did, engage in marketing practices that would be heavily condemned today. Will go.



During the era before the Civil Rights Movement, some of the most prominent brands of the time, including household names like Kellogg's, used shockingly sexist slogans as part of their marketing campaigns.

Now you have done this. You dropped the moral ball, and according to tradition, Krampus will come for you on December 5th. (Don't even pretend you don't know what you did.) While Santa gives gifts to everyone on his "good" list, his demonic friend, Krampus, cruelly punishes children who commit even the smallest of sins. Let's dare. Who is this Germanic yuletide bad boy with an endless supply of tree branches? Why have Americans started celebrating Santa's turning yang into yin?

Myth: The US was forced to declare war on Japan after a totally unexpected Japanese attack on the American naval base in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. On account of Japan’s alliance with Nazi Germany, this aggression automatically brought the US into the war against Germany.

Welcome to a fascinating journey through the annals of American history, where we learn about the lives of United States presidents who faced significant health challenges while in office. From the nation's founding with George Washington to the modern era of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, this slideshow gallery offers a captivating exploration of how health and medical practices have evolved over the centuries to the nation's highest office.