Britain’s Treasury has reportedly made clear that there will be “no new money” for the military despite grumbling from the defense establishment that the Army is being “hollowed out” by gifting equipment to Kiev. The UK’s elite Armed Forces have consistently ranked among the best in the world, but what state are they in today? Sputnik explores.

Fresh Calls For UK To Ditch European Human Rights Laws To Take Back Control Of Its Borders MikeRivero Mon, 02/06/2023 - 07:02

Conservative MPs who supported Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union have called for the country to either ignore or ditch the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), which they claim is preventing the country from protecting its borders.

Wireless fobs allow drivers to unlock cars and start them with the press of a button, but crooks can hack them with two devices which copy the signal and trick the vehicle.

This type of ‘signal tampering’ accounts for 36 per cent of vehicle break-ins, Home Office figures show – up 13 per cent from last year.

Business insolvencies in the UK surged by 57% in 2022, to 22,109, according to the latest data from the Insolvency Service, a UK government agency that deals with bankruptcies and companies in liquidation. It is the highest number of insolvencies registered annually since 2009, at the height of the Global Financial Crisis.

Royal Navy sailors were rushed to hospital today after drinking contaminated water on a ship, it has been alleged.

Frigate HMS Portland was diverted to Portsmouth Naval Base today after a sailor noticed the warship's drinking water had been 'contaminated' with chemicals.  

A defence source told MailOnline a number of sailors have been taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.  

This collection of rare photographs of London, spanning from the dark days of the Blitz to the triumphant celebrations of VE Day, was taken in a little-known photography process, Dufekler.

They give another perspective on the period between 1943 and 1945 when Nazi Germany conducted a sustained aerial bombing campaign against Britain.

Introduced as cinematic film in 1932 and as roll film in 1935, dufacolor is an early French and British additive color photographic film process for motion pictures and still photography.

During the Victorian era, men's wear typically consisted of a suit, consisting of a coat, trousers, and waistcoat—all garments were usually not of the same color or material.


As outerwear, men of the Victorian period used coats or cloaks. Sometimes, they may have had two to three different costumes for different occasions.


While one garment was usually the staple for the general occasion, the others were usually kept for special events. Among clothing, the trouser form hardly survived this period, while the waistcoat survived in large quantities.