Wind-Power Makers Suffer Huge Losses, Want To Abandon Major Project malterwitty Mon, 02/06/2023 - 14:46

The greenies’ dream of “clean” (except for millions of dead birds) energy from wind farms is dying in the face of the poor economics (even with tax subsidies) and unreliable technology. The big players in constructing wind turbines are facing massive losses and write-downs and cancelling big offshore wind projects.  Brace yourself for demands for even more subsides to the failing industry.

Dozens of giant turbines on Scotland’s windfarms have been powered by diesel generators, the Sunday Mail can reveal. Scottish Power admitted 71 of its windmills were hooked up to the fossil fuel supply after a fault developed on the grid.

Great Reset Fail? Germany Mulls Diverting Green Agenda Cash Aimed at Killing Coal to Arms Industry MikeRivero Mon, 02/06/2023 - 07:25

The German government is reportedly considering diverting green agenda subsidies aimed at cutting coal power to the defence industry in order to ramp up production of arms amid the war in Ukraine.

The polar vortex that moved in yesterday has been nothing short of impressive. Records were broken at the Mount Washington Observatory (MWObs) in New Hampshire's White Mountains. 

At 6,288 feet, MWObs is located at the highest peak in the Northeast and has some of the most wicked weather in the world.

The lowest-ever wind chill was recorded early Saturday morning near -109 degrees Fahrenheit, surpassing the previous record of -103 degrees. At the same time, temperatures were around -47 degrees. 

The Big Apple felt more like the North Pole early Saturday morning, with major airports reporting record low temperatures, Central Park hovering in single digits and Bryant Park’s iconic water fountain looking more like a massive icicle.

Microsoft, Stripe, Shopify, H&M — hell, even Coldplay — are some of the big-name clients paying Swiss company Climeworks to take carbon dioxide out of the air. Climeworks became the first company to sell the service, using its new-fangled “direct air capture” technology, in 2017. 

After an unseasonably warm January across the eastern half of the lower 48, some of the coldest air of the season will pour into the Northeast on Friday through Saturday. 

This week the polar vortex has weakened and will allow frigid air to escape the Arctic and move southward across North America.

"A ferocious Arctic blast will bring dangerous cold and blowing snow Friday into Saturday," tweeted the National Weather Service in Maine, as it forecasted bone-chilling weather, with "wind chills in the 50s below across the north." 

Northern states are bracing for an arctic blast as a cold front from Canada blows through the Upper Midwest and an ice storm heads north after devastating the South.

The National Weather Service warned of below zero temperatures in the Northeast and New England on Friday morning through Saturday, where wind chills could dip as low as negative 50 degrees due to a cold front moving from Canada.