"Finally, history has shown that all opposition to entrenched oligarchy arises from the middle classes, who have the surplus of funds needed to challenge the ruling classes. Communism survived for as long as it did because their system designed the middle class out of existence at the very start. The New World Order will have to, indeed already is, following the same model. If the general population only has enough to pay for the next day's rent and food, they will do as they are told." -- Michael Rivero

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Providing thousands of eligible illegal aliens with driver’s licenses is set to cost Massachusetts taxpayers some $28 million, Gov. Maura Healey (D) reveals.

Last year, Massachusetts joined a swath of other states after voters approved a new law that will make driver’s licenses available to potentially 85,000 illegal aliens living across the state.

More than three dozen migrants have died in a fire in a dormitory at an immigration detention center in northern Mexico near the U.S. border, immigration officials said Tuesday.

The British government plans to move asylum seekers from hotels to military bases or disused ferries under plans that could be announced as early as next week, a report has revealed.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is expected to announce the “beginning of the end” of asylum hotels, which are currently being used to house asylum seekers as part of the government's legal obligation to provide people seeking help with a basic level of accommodation, the Telegraph newspaper reported on Sunday.

Douglas Murray CRUSHES Woke Leftist on Mass Immigration!!! MikeRivero Tue, 03/28/2023 - 09:18

A sealed shipping container on a train in Texas uncovered a horrifying situation.

Two migrants were found dead within the container. Many others were gasping for air.

The Blaze News reports that 10 additional migrants went to the hospital and that 2 perished in this instance. There were a total of 15 migrants in the sealed shipping container, according to the Blaze News reporting.

Italy said the operations of its navy and coast guard in the Mediterranean are obstructed by NGOs as the flow of migrants to the country grows, local media reported on Monday.

Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said these concerns should be taken seriously.

Rescue ship Louise Michel was detained over the weekend in the Mediterranean port city of Lampedusa by Greek authorities.

"It is Italy that is under attack, not the NGOs,” said Salvini, adding that “immigration to Italy cannot be regulated by private bodies funded by foreign countries.”

A federal judge went scorched earth on President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice for trying to force his hand in a major immigration case.

District Judge Drew Tipton, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, issued an injunction last year saying that Biden’s administration couldn’t use any of the new immigration rules it implemented when Biden took office. Tipton gave the DOJ a deadline to make an appeal of his ruling to a higher court before forcing the Biden administration to play by Trump’s rules.

While the repatriation of more than two dozen women and children to Canada is expected to take place in the coming days, the mothers of 10 of those children have been given the choice of giving them up or keeping them in "inhumane" conditions in Syria, according to a Canadian media report.

In January, Canada agreed to repatriate 19 Canadian women and children from northeastern Syria, where they are held in Kurdish-controlled detention camps for relatives of Islamic State (IS) group fighters.

The illegal alien father of two-year-old Frankie Gonzales, who was allegedly murdered by his mother and tossed in a trash dumpster in 2020, has received 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to child abandonment.

Rockstar Ted Nugent told Trump rallygoers in Waco, Texas on Saturday night that he wants his tax dollars back from the "homosexual weirdo" ruling Ukraine.

"I am a guitar player, I have a couple of demands. Secure my border," Nugent said to cheers. "I have a couple of really good ideas: give me my tax dollars back. I didn't authorize killing babies at Planned Parenthood....I want my money back. I didn't authorize any money to Ukraine to some homosexual weirdo!"