"I will never fear a pride of lions led by a sheep but I will always fear a pack of sheep led by a lion." -- Alexander The Great

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College isn’t just expensive for students, it’s also expensive for colleges—and the squeeze is worsening for private schools While Americans are already burdened with massive student loan debts that will take decades to pay off as the cost of education continues to grow, schools have been hiking tuition. But a report Tuesday from Fitch Ratings said recent increases at private colleges and universities still weren’t enough to keep pace with rising expenses.

Harvard University’s summer reading list includes various books covering topics like transgenderism, feminism, and racism, including one book that states that educators should teach their students ideas related to Critical Race Theory.

A female middle school teacher in New Jersey has been charged with sexual assault after the school’s vice principal alerted authorities about an inappropriate relationship.

Allison Havemann-Niedrach, 43, has been charged with one count of first-degree aggravated sexual assault and one count of second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, according to a press release from the Monmouth County prosecutor’s office.

Silicon Valley investors and business owners are eliminating DEI in their companies. It makes no money, it's a waste of resources and it's a distraction for the qualified people who are actually trying to do their jobs and earn millions from their stock options (a common situation in silicon valley). Who’s afraid of the Big Bad DEI? The acronym is near-poisonous now — a word that creates almost instant tension between those who embrace it and those who want it dead.

You know things are bad in higher education when schools have to get this creative to find new students.

The College Fix reports:

Colleges aim to increase enrollment by admitting students who didn’t apply


To combat a downward trend in college enrollment, some universities are offering admission to students who have not applied.


The president of the National Education Association has been widely mocked for an 'totally unhinged' speech that resembled a hilarious scene from The Office.

Becky Pringle gave an impassioned monologue on Thursday in Philadelphia about the future of education, calling for widespread changes to make the system more equal.

But viewers were distracted by her outlandish gestures and emphasis. 

Pringle banged her fists on the podium and waved them in the air as she repeatedly shouted that the NEA has to win 'all the things' to help 'every student'. 

“When the students at our school made posters to raise funds for Gaza, we mentioned [in] a small paragraph stating that there is a very apparent genocide happening in Palestine. However, the day after, we were censored. Our principal… requested that we take down all posters.”

NYC High School Student

A group of Republican lawmakers has introduced legislation that seeks to force US universities to fully disclose how they will manage Gaza solidarity encampments that have swept the nation's schools over the past several months.