"The world is his who can see through its pretension. See it to be a lie, and you have already dealt it its mortal blow." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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National security adviser Jake Sullivan said to "expect to see additional sanctions, measures" against Chinese groups, including banks, that support Russia, according to Bloomberg.

The comments from the Biden aide were delivered at the Aspen Security Forum on Friday.

Incumbent candidates, which Donald Trump basically is, always get a big bump in the polls after their respective party conventions. Add to that the Biden Debate debacle and the attempted assassination of Trump, and Investors are betting that the former president may be poised for a landslide in November, the likes of which have not been seen in decades.

"The U.S. dollar will lose substantial purchasing power in the next 10 years," warns Rick Rule, founder and CEO of Rule Investment Media. During this year's Rule Symposium in Florida, he explained to Daniela Cambone that exploding liabilities, including $100 billion in entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, are likely to greatly devalue the U.S. dollar. Rule also emphasized the importance of owning gold to hedge against future uncertainties. “I own gold because I'm afraid it's going to go to $8,000 or $9,000 or $10,000. I really want to be wrong.

Those who hate America — and who hate Trump as a result — have no filters for their rhetoric, no boundaries for their contempt, and no restrictions on their destructive actions.

“If they’re willing to assassinate a future president, what would they be willing to do to the future economy?”


US banks have announced the closure 30 more branches across the US - all in just one week. 

Wells Fargo said it would be shuttering nine - more than any other bank - in the latest weekly closures report, which runs from July 7 to 13. 

Bank of America and US Bank both said that they are closing eight locations each, while Chase one. 

The others are from FSNB, Greenville Fed, Huntington and Schaumburg Bank & Trust Co.

As of now, there hasn’t been a record number of bankruptcies among companies with assets above $50 million. The Bloomberg Bankruptcy Index, which considers both the size and number of bankruptcies, remains relatively low. This suggests that while smaller companies, particularly in the mortgage and real estate sectors, may be struggling, larger financial institutions have not yet faced significant distress.

Saudi Arabia privately hinted earlier this year it might sell some European debt holdings if the Group of Seven decided to seize almost $300 billion of Russia’s frozen assets, people familiar with the matter said, Report informs via Bloomberg.