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Russia prepares the curtain call

The implementation of the conclusions of the US-Russia summit in Geneva (known as "Yalta II"), held on June 16, 2021, continues. It seems that the concessions made by Washington to Moscow are much more significant than previously thought. President Vladimir Putin continues to put the world back in order not only in the wider Middle East, but also in Africa and Asia. Substantial changes are already observable in four months. In the Russian tradition, nothing is announced, but everything will be revealed en bloc when things have become irreversible.

In early September 2021, the US hinted that it was allowing Hezbollah to violate US embargo laws on Syria and Iran and to procure Iranian fuel oil via Syria. Then Jordan reopened its border with Syria. Finally, the Anglo-Saxon press began a series of articles aimed at clearing President Bashar al-Assad of the crimes he was accused of and rehabilitating him. It all started with an article in The Observer, the Sunday edition of The Guardian, headlined "Pariah Assad sold to West as key to Middle East peace" [1].

One thing led to another and Newsweek featured the Syrian president on its cover with the headline: "He’s back", followed by the subheading: "In a triumph over the United States, Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad claims a place on the world stage" [2]. The computer version of the weekly even goes further with the caption of a photograph talking about the "presumed" chemical attack in Ghoutta, where the US and French presidents, Barack Obama and François Hollande, had accused the "criminal regime" by name of having crossed "the red line". So goodbye to the ten-year rhetoric of "Bashar must go".