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Benedict Cumberbatch needs to man up about toxic masculinity

‘Sherlock’ star Benedict Cumberbatch has shrewdly deduced that ‘men are bad’ and has shared that revelation with the world. Elementary wokeism, my dear Watson.

I must confess that I find sanctimonious celebrity sermons particularly nauseating. So, when I hear acclaimed actor Benedict Cumberbatch stating that society needs to address ‘toxic masculinity’ I reach for my metaphorical sick bucket.

Cumberbatch smugly pontificated that ‘we need to fix the behaviour of men.’ In his sermon from Hollywood Hills, the Dr Strange star exhorted men to stop denying how horrible they are. He decried those who said that ‘not all men are bad’ and ‘blah blah blah, but no, we just have to shut up and listen.’

Cumberbatch’s denunciation of masculinity was part of his public relations campaign for his new film, ‘Power of the Dog’. That the film is devoted to the pathologization of masculine identity is not surprising since, in recent years, toxic masculinity has emerged as the target of choice of woke moral entrepreneurs.