Nov 30 15:30

Iraqi Political Groups Reportedly Seek to Forge Bloc in Push to Drive US Forces From Country

Washington and Baghdad agreed in July that the US combat forces will be withdrawn from the Middle Eastern country by 31 December 2021, with the remaining American personnel only remaining to play "a training, advising, assisting, and intelligence-sharing role."

A group of Iraqi political parties has called for the formation of an alliance to push American forces out of the country by the promised 31 December deadline, Press TV reported, citing Fadel Jaber, a member of the Sadeqoun coalition in Parliament.
According to Jaber, the prolonged presence of US forces in the country risks creating divisions in Iraqi society. His comments come as several observers reportedly voiced concerns that Washington actually has no intention of leaving the Middle Eastern nation.

Nov 30 14:48

Biden Just Announced Date for WWIII

The Biden administration this week brazenly announced its intention to walk over China’s red line warning on Taiwan. The move by the US is a recklessly provocative step that dares an inevitable military response from Beijing. -- If that happens then all bets are off for a full-scale military confrontation between the United States, its allies, and China. It is not alarmist to say such a clash would escalate into World War III.

Nov 30 11:59

Defending The American Way Of Life During A Cold Civil War

Nov 30 11:59

Concerning threat to Americans: China's new hypersonic weapon

A senior U.S. Space Force officer is warning that China's apparent ability to put a hypersonic weapon into orbit vastly increases the threat of such a weapon, a new report reveals.

That's because the direction from which an attack could come, and when it could come, would be completely unpredictable.

Nov 30 11:43

NATO threatens Russia with ‘consequences’

The head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, has hit Russia with a stark warning against exerting force on neighboring Ukraine amid a series of unsubstantiated Western-driven claims that Moscow is massing its troops at their shared border.
Speaking at a press conference on Sunday in Lithuania to discuss the humanitarian crisis unfolding on the EU’s frontier with Belarus, the US-led bloc’s secretary general took the opportunity to call on the Kremlin “to be transparent, reduce tensions, and de-escalate” the situation on the demarcation line with Ukraine.

Answering a question from a journalist, the NATO chief said that the alleged “increased Russian presence close to Ukraine’s borders is something which is very concerning for many reasons,” calling it “unprovoked and unexplained.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I fear a major war before Christmas.

Nov 30 09:51

Daily report on NATO’s eastern war front

NATO member states are building up the offensive potential of the armed forces near Belarus’ borders. Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin made the statement during a government conference held by the Belarus president in the Defense Ministry’s strategic control center on 29 November to discuss military security….

Viktor Khrenin said: “Results of the evaluation indicate that the measures Western countries are taking to militarize the region lead to a substantial change of the balance of forces. The offensive potential of the armed forces of the NATO member states is being built up near our borders.”

Nov 30 09:50

Ready for nuclear holocaust with Russia over Ukraine?

Nov 30 09:50

Estonia: NATO flagship cyber warfare exercise includes Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland

Estonia is home to the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence which is used to spy on independent news sites (like this one) around the world.

NATO’s flagship cyber defence exercise kicks off in Estonia

Cyber Coalition 21, one of the world’s largest annual exercises in cyber defence, starts on Monday (29 November 2021), and will run through Friday. Cyber defenders from all NATO Allies, as well as partners Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland, are taking part, alongside participants from industry and academia. Overall, some 1,000 people will train in this year’s event, which is taking place in Tallinn, Estonia, as well as remotely, from national capitals and other locations.

The exercise tests and trains cyber experts in their ability to defend NATO and national networks….

Nov 30 09:39

Meeting near Russian border, NATO weighs response to Moscow's military maneuvers

"We're the ones that keep other people awake at night": That's the impact US Marine Corps Brigadier General Simon Doran hopes this massive show of NATO power has on Russian military planners plotting their next moves.

Doran is the senior American representative serving with the UK's Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21), the largest fifth-generation carrier air wing in the world. It's on its way back to Portsmouth, England after completing a seven-month voyage of some 40,000 nautical miles to the Indo-Pacific, where along the way forces linked to the deployment took part in strikes against "Islamic State," tracked Chinese submarines and carried out exercises in the Black Sea. And, Doran emphasized, CSG21 is ready for duty anywhere.

Nov 30 09:31

Going, going… GONE! Footage shows the farcical moment £100m F-35 fighter jet toppled off the end of HMS Queen Elizabeth's runway and sank into the Mediterranean - as furious Navy chiefs launch mole hunt for whoever leaked it

Furious Royal Navy bosses were last night hunting for a sailor who leaked film of a £100million British warplane crashing into the sea on take-off from an aircraft carrier.

In a shocking security breach, the 16-second clip was copied using a smartphone and put on Twitter.

The incident triggered a frantic underwater race to find the wreckage of the F-35B stealth jet and secure the crash site a mile below the surface before Russian divers could get there first.

Nov 30 08:13

Russia Starts Full-Scale Production Of Hypersonic Missile That Can 'Evade Western Defenses'

Russia announced on Saturday that it has begun full-scale production of its 6,670 MPH Zircon hypersonic missile which they claim can evade 'all' Western defense systems, according to state-sponsored TASS news agency.

The 'unstoppable' weapon has been ordered to be manufactured at the top-secret Reutovo plant near Moscow, even before trials have been completed, following several recent successful tests of the Mach-9 munition - the most recent being on November 18.

"Serial production of Tsirkon missiles is underway at NPO Mashinostroyenia (plant), although state trials of this product’s surface launches will continue," according to an anonymous source.

So - Russian state news wants the world to know that they're kicking it up a notch, ahead of schedule, with a weapon that they claim will render all the NATO border defenses completely useless.

Nov 30 07:49

The Usual Suspects Are Trying to Foment a Crisis With Russia

Once again, the United States and some of its security clients in Eastern Europe are doing their utmost to create a crisis atmosphere with respect to Russia. A key player in that effort is the government of Ukraine. As Ukrainian officials did in April 2021, they are again highlighting allegedly suspicious Russian troop movements near the border between the two countries in late October and early November. Ukrainian leaders contend that such maneuvers might well be the prelude to a military offensive.

Nov 30 07:47

Pentagon Plans to Upgrade Bases in Guam and Australia to Confront China

On Monday, the Pentagon released a summary of its Global Posture Review (GPR), which calls for improvements at bases in Guam and Australia so the US can better confront China in the region.

Countering China is the Pentagon’s top priority, but the GPR does not call for a major reshuffling of forces since the US is still fighting wars in the Middle East and Africa and is working with NATO to further militarize areas near Russia.

A Pentagon official told reporters that the region it calls the Indo-Pacific, which stretches from India to the eastern Pacific, is the “priority theater” and that China is the “pacing challenge” facing the US military. Besides improving bases in Guam and Australia, the GPR also called for more cooperation with allies in the region against Beijing.

Nov 30 07:24

Latvia Calls for Permanent US Military Presence to Counter Russia

On Monday, Latvia’s defense minister called for a permanent US military presence in the Baltic state and said Riga wants to boost its defense with US Patriot surface-to-air missiles.

“We need additional international assistance,” Defense Minister Artis Pabriks told Reuters. “We would like to have a permanent United States presence in our country. And sea and air defense means basically going down to such systems as Patriot.”

Pabriks’ comments come ahead of the NATO Foreign Ministerial that Latvia is hosting on Tuesday and Wednesday. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was due to arrive in Latvia late Monday. There, Blinken is expected to consult with NATO on the alleged Russian troop build-up near Ukraine. A State Department official said Friday that “all options” are on the table for how to respond to Russia’s alleged build-up.

Nov 30 07:19

Senate GOP blocks defense bill, throwing it into limbo

Senate Republicans on Monday blocked a mammoth defense policy bill, throwing the legislation into limbo as Congress heads into a packed year-end schedule.

The Senate voted 45-51 to start winding down debate on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which sets spending levels and policy for the Pentagon. But that is short of the 60 votes needed to overcome the hurdle.

Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) was the only Republican to vote with Democrats to advance the bill, while Democratic Sens. Ed Markey (Mass.), Jeff Merkley (Ore.), Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Ron Wyden (Ore.) and Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) voted against moving forward along with 46 GOP senators.

Nov 30 07:05

The NATOstan Clown Show

American hysteria over the “imminent” Russian invasion of Ukraine has exploded every geopolitical Stupid-o-Meter in sight – and that’s quite an accomplishment.

What a mess. Sections of the U.S. Deep State are in open revolt against the combo that remote controls Crash Test Dummy, who impersonates POTUS. The neocon-neoliberal axis is itching for a war – but has no idea how to sell it to an immensely fractured public opinion.

UKUS, which de facto controls the Five Eyes spy scam, excels only in propaganda. So in the end it’s up to the CIA/MI6 intel axis and their vast network of media chihuahuas to accelerate Fear and Loathing ad infinitum.

Russophobic U.S. Think Tankland would very much cherish a Russian “invasion”, out of the blue, and could not give a damn about the inevitable trouncing of Ukraine. The problem is the White House – and the Pentagon – must “intervene”, forcefully; otherwise that will represent a catastrophic loss of “credibility” for the Empire.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, your children will be killed and crippled and our cities possibly nuked for "credibility?"

Nov 30 06:57

The US practiced striking a ‘peer adversary’ in the Pacific that sounds a whole lot like China

For nearly a week in late November the Navy and Marine Corps practiced striking naval targets in the Indo-Pacific, in what was almost certainly a training exercise to prepare for a possible fight with China.

Troops with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing and the Navy’s 7th Fleet recently conducted “a joint rehearsal of tactics and simulated strikes” off the coast of Japan, according to a recent press release. The training exercise lasted six days; included F/A-18C Hornets and F/A-18E and F Super Hornets, the E-2D, and KC-130J; and involved Marines and sailors based on mainland Japan, Okinawa, or aboard the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier.

Nov 30 06:51

“Vladimir the Terrible” Fits the Needs of the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex for an “Evil Foreign Enemy”

Putin is considered a threat because he restored Russian sovereignty, erased the humiliation of the Boris Yeltsin era, and championed Russia’s national interests. But that is just what the U.S. elite could not tolerate.

The U.S. military-industrial complex needs enemies like human lungs need oxygen. When there are no enemies, they must be invented.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Pentagon spin doctors had to search for a new bogeyman to justify their immense $778 billion budget, and its crippling effect on the U.S. economy. If that meant creating a propaganda campaign to paint Panama President Manuel Noriega—a longtime CIA asset—as a mad-dog “threat to American democracy” in order to justify the 1989 invasion of Panama (whose dead have yet to all be counted 32 years later)—well, so be it.

Nov 30 06:49

Lavrov Says NATO Military Equipment Being Moved to Russian Border

Earlier on Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the country has been detecting over 50 new NATO reconnaissance aircraft and drones near its borders every week.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that NATO is amassing a significant amount of military equipment on Russia’s border.

Speaking at the press conference with his Brazilian counterpart, Lavrov also noted that Moscow cannot rule out the possibility of Kiev undertaking some kind of "military venture," which would pose a threat to Russia.

"President Putin spoke about this on 18 November... he stressed that we do not need conflicts but if the West cannot hold Ukraine back, but, on the contrary, encourages it, of course, we will take all the necessary steps to ensure our security," Lavrov said.

Nov 30 06:48

Video: 'UK F-35 Fighter Jet' Crashes Into Ocean After Take-Off

According to the Daily Mail, a possible cause of the crash could be a plug in the engine during takeoff, since the ground crew did not remove the plugs while preparing the fighter for takeoff.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But I'll bet that ground crew knows all the correct pronouns to use!

Nov 30 06:43

Russia warns it won't back down in NATO standoff

Russia won’t back down in its standoff with NATO over Ukraine, or in the Black Sea, and underestimating the country’s resolve could be disastrous, Moscow’s top diplomat in Washington has blasted amid worsening ties with the US.

Speaking in an interview on Saturday with the Soloviev LIVE YouTube channel, Ambassador Anatoly Antonov said that “there are… suggestions expressed here, that some desperate head may appear in Ukraine or a group of fighters who will try to test the strength of the Russian defense, counting on the fact that we will not respond… I would like to say and emphasize unequivocally: this is a very dangerous delusion.”

The envoy blasted a purported increase in supplies of American weapons reaching Kiev, potentially including the anti-tank missile system, Javelin. The ambassador said that Washington consistently claims that these weapons are for “defensive” purposes.

Nov 29 16:22

Going, going… GONE! Footage emerges of farcical moment $130million F-35 fighter jet dropped off end of HMS Queen Elizabeth's runway with pilot ejecting as the plane sank - sparking furious search to retrieve its top secret tech

New footage has emerged of the moment a £100million F-35 fighter jet crashed into into the Mediterranean while taking off.

The pilot was able to eject safely from the jet, part of 617 squadron, before it crashed during the operation on the HMS Queen Elizabeth on November 17.

The video, which was leaked online, shows the pilot eject seconds before the high-tech jet topples slowly over the runway onboard the aircraft carrier.

Nov 29 08:43

Note To Biden: Gun Stores Aren’t Responsible For Veteran Suicides

Suicide is a serious problem, but it’s especially problematic among veterans. Many of the brave men and women who fought for our nation and survived find they can’t seem to make it through peace quite as well, so they claim their own lives. -- Few people don’t see this as a significant issue. The problem is that we rarely agree on how to address it. -- After all, we live in a world where President Joe Biden seems to blame gun stores for those veteran suicides.

Nov 29 07:44

America’s New Nuclear Bomb Is Ready: The B61-12 has a Nuclear Warhead with 4 “Selectable Power Options”

An official statement confirmed its full success: it was a real nuclear attack, proof that the fighter carried out at supersonic speed and in stealth attitude (with nuclear bombs placed in its internal hold) has the capability to penetrate through enemy defenses.

The B61-12 has a nuclear warhead with four selectable power options at launch depending on the target to hit. It has the ability to penetrate underground, exploding deep to destroy command center bunkers and other underground structures. The Pentagon’s program foresees the construction of about five hundred B61-12 with an estimated cost of roughly 10 billion dollars (so each bomb will cost double what it would cost if it were built entirely of gold).

Nov 29 07:07

Kremlin outlines who it believes is behind ‘hysteria’ around possible Ukraine invasion

Suggestions that Russia is planning an attack on Ukraine are completely groundless, and the entire scenario is being whipped up by media outlets, with the backing of top political leaders in Kiev, the Kremlin claimed on Sunday.

Speaking to the press, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov slammed the accusation as simply “wrong.”

“This hysteria, which is being stirred up now in the Anglo-Saxon media, in the Ukrainian media, and is supported by Ukrainian politicians led by the head of state [President Volodymyr Zelensky], is absolutely unacceptable,” Peskov said.

“The very allegations that Russia is going to attack someone, and accusations that Russia is somehow being aggressive, are completely groundless,” he continued.

Nov 29 06:21

US dangerously misguided in believing Russia won’t respond to NATO threat — ambassador

The assumptions heard in the United States that Russia is likely to be frightened with NATO capabilities in Ukraine and the Black Sea are dangerous delusions, Russia’s Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said on the YouTube channel Soloviev Live on Saturday.

"NATO states are taking over the Black Sea, Ukrainian territory. There are assumptions, which are voiced here, that certain daredevils or a group of combatants may turn up in Ukraine, who will try to test the strength of Russian defenses, expecting that we will not respond fearing the NATO potential. I would like to say and emphasize unequivocally that it is a very dangerous delusion," the diplomat said.

Antonov pointed out that Washington is increasingly expanding the range of weapons delivered to Ukraine.

Nov 29 06:20

Now targeting ballistic missiles: U.S. delivers Patriot missile system to Sweden

Senior leaders from 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, 164th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, and key leaders from the Swedish Armed Forces Air Defense Regiment witnessed a handover ceremony of the Patriot missile system on November 18 in Halmstad, Sweden.

The new system marks the beginning of a new era for Swedish Air Defense and a decisive step towards enhancing Swedish air defense capability.

“This is a great day for not only for Sweden, but for all of us in the air defense community,” said Maj. Gen. Gregory J. Brady, commanding general of the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command.

Nov 28 07:06

PUTIN’S POWER Russia begins mass production of 6670mph Zircon hypersonic nuke missile ‘too fast to block’ as tensions with West rise

MASS production of Russia’s terrifying Zircon hypersonic missile has begun, as tensions with the West mount.

The Kremlin boasts that the 6670mph weapon – which carries a conventional or nuclear warhead – is “unstoppable”.

The missile has undergone a series of successful testsCredit: East2West
Russia's relations with the West remain deeply strained amid concerns that thousands of their troops amassed on Ukraine’s border are a prelude to an all-out invasion.

Ukraine’s spy chiefs said they believe a full-scale invasion is planned in the New Year.

The go-ahead for full-scale production of Zircon at a top-secret plant near Moscow follows recent successful tests of the missile.

Most recently, there was a successful test of the hypersonic missile from a frigate in the White Sea on 18 November.

A month earlier the Zircon was fired from a submarine for the first time.

Nov 27 10:38

Biden Using Veteran Suicides As Sick Pretext to Target Gun Dealers

As difficult as it is to accept this loss, it is far more difficult to believe anyone would use these deaths to help sell their political agenda, but that is exactly what Joe Biden is doing. -- The Biden-Harris administration is using veteran suicides to garner public support for their war on gun dealers, whom they blame for skyrocketing violent crime rates in cities historically controlled by Democrats.

Nov 27 09:36

What war with Russia over Ukraine would really look like

Recent days have seen a new flurry of Western media reports that U.S. intelligence believes that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine early in the new year. These reports have already led to warnings by NATO and Washington that Russia would pay a heavy economic and political price in the event of a war.

Russia, for its part, has denied the dire nature of the reports, blaming “a targeted information campaign,” according to Dmitry Peskov, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, on Monday. “This is building up tension.”

Nevertheless, this should also lead to a determined and sincere new effort by the United States and leading European governments to find a reasonable compromise with Russia over the Ukrainian disputes. For quite apart from the global economic damage that would result from a war in Ukraine, and the ways in which China would take advantage of such a crisis, the West has a very strong reason indeed to avoid a new war: the West would lose.

Nov 27 09:35

With Democrat Back in White House, MSNBC Returns to Ignoring U.S.-Backed War in Yemen

A review of MSNBC’s coverage from Nov. 3, 2020 to Nov. 22, 2021 shows MSNBC hasn’t run a single segment on the U.S.-backed war still raging in Yemen.

To the extent MSNBC did cover Yemen’s “civil war” during this time frame it was exclusively to pass along, without skepticism, claims last spring from Democrats that President Biden had “ended U.S. support for the war”—which turned out to not be true in any meaningful sense, a fact evident at the time but not met with any questioning from MSNBC reporters or pundits.

Since then, it’s become increasingly clear little has changed in the status quo. While the U.S. has halted some forms of assistance, like mid-air refueling of aircraft, other forms of vital participation remain, including: green-lighting of weapons transfers, maintaining spare parts for Saudi war planes, sharing some forms of intelligence, and training the Royal Saudi Navy, which is enforcing a catastrophic blockade on Yemen.

Nov 27 08:58

Ukraine says it’s ready to defend itself against Russia

The Ukrainian armed forces are preparing to use all available resources to hold the front line against any Russian invasion, the country’s foreign minister has insisted, as the war of words between East and West ramps up.

Speaking during a closed online discussion with French foreign policy think tanks and reporters, Dmitry Kuleba said that Kiev, with Paris and Berlin, continues to stress the importance of negotiating a political and diplomatic solution to avoid a potential conflict with Russia.

The top official claimed that his country and its partners are now focusing all of their efforts on deterring Moscow from hostile actions. “At the same time… no one should have any doubts that in the case of a new stage of full-scale aggression from the Russian Federation against our state, Ukraine will be protected by all available means,” he insisted.

Nov 27 08:08

Trump Claims He Never Planned to Start War With China, Says Milley Should Be Tried for 'Treason'

Trump's remarks come after the September release of journalist Bob Woodward and Robert Costa's book "Peril," which claimed that in Trump's final months in office, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued backchannel assurances to China, which he defended as "perfectly within his duties" before Congress.

Former President Donald Trump stated on Friday that he "never" considered attacking China, adding that General Mark Milley "should be tried for treason" if he did call the Chinese military to pledge an early warning in case of an attack.

Trump, rather unexpectedly, issued a statement via e-mail to reporters and his Telegram channel, commenting on the September scandal over the fact of Costa and Woodward's book release and that Milley, the top US general, admitted to giving such assurances to the People's Liberation Army's General Li Zuocheng during a House committee hearing in September.

Nov 27 08:07

Belarus: U.S. exploits Poland, Ukraine, Baltic states to start a war

The United States of America wants to unleash a war using Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine and the migrant crisis on the border of Belarus, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he spoke at a joint meeting of the Constitutional Commission and the working group on finalizing the new Constitution draft on 25 November….

“They seek to get [bring their military] closer to Moscow. And this ‘balcony’ here obstructs them, they need to cut it off. And they will cut it,” the head of state said.


Nov 26 08:45

U.S. interceptor missile destroyer deployed: “Now, more than ever, we stand firmly alongside our NATO allies and partners in the Black Sea region”

The Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) entered the Black Sea on a routine patrol, Nov. 25, 2021.

While in the Black Sea, the ship will operate alongside NATO allies and partners in the region….NATO allies and partners routinely operate in the region to…improve effectiveness and interoperability.

“Now, more than ever, we stand firmly alongside our NATO allies and partners in the Black Sea region,” said Cmdr. Patrick Chapman, Arleigh Burke’s commanding officer….

U.S. Sixth Fleet flagship USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) and fellow Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) recently completed operations in the Black Sea, working with regional allies and partners, including Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine throughout their time in the area.

Nov 26 08:44

30+2 meeting in Latvia: Ukraine, Georgia to rally NATO FMs against Russia

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said that the main topic he would raise at the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Riga would be Russia’s increase in forces on Ukraine’s border….

“The key topic of my visit will be another escalation in connection with Russia’s increase in its forces on the border with Ukraine, the danger of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine and the steps we are taking with Euro-Atlantic partners to prevent such a scenario,” said Dmytro Kuleba.

He also said that Ukraine’s progress in the reforms needed to move towards NATO membership would be discussed.

The meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers will take place on November 30-December 1 in Riga in the “30+2” format – with the participation of Ukraine and Georgia.

Nov 26 08:44

Canada mulls deploying more troops, warship, warplane to Ukrainian war zone

The new Minister of Defense of Canada Anita Anand does not rule out that hundreds of soldiers, a warship to the Black Sea, and a redeployed part of the CF-18 fighters from Romania may be sent to Ukraine soon….

So far, Canada has sent about 200 of its military instructors to Ukraine. They are engaged in the training of fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier, Ukraine and Canada have announced the start of construction of a joint space launch pad in the province of Nova Scotia (Canada).

Nov 26 08:43

U.S. European Command, NATO plan “moving large combat forces across the continent”

U.S. European Command logisticians joined 80 Allied and partner nation colleagues in Ulm, Germany, this week to rehearse the movement of the NATO Response Force and additional Ally units during a crisis.

Hosted by NATO’s newest command, the Joint Support and Enabling Command, the event included elements of major NATO Headquarters from Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, USEUCOM, Joint Forces Command Brunssum, all USEUCOM component commands, 21st Theater Sustainment Command, Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, U.S. Transportation Command, and the NATO Support and Procurement Agency.

The exercise scenario challenged the multinational logisticians to overcome practical constraints that arise from moving large combat forces and their sustainment across the continent and ultimately in directions spanning 360 degrees.

Nov 26 08:17


The Pentagon is denying religious exemptions from its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for those in the U.S. military who swore to defend the very freedoms they are being denied, attorneys for the dissenters argue.

This continues as Americans celebrate the 400-year anniversary of Thanksgiving, a feast day first celebrated by Puritan separatists, American Indians and settlers in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

When the Pilgrims left England and Holland in 1620, no religious freedom existed. King James I of England had decreed that it was illegal for anyone to worship, even outside, other than in the Church of England. Those who didn't comply, were arrested, jailed or killed.

Nov 26 08:15

US Sends Another Warship Into Black Sea Amid Russia Tensions

The guided-missile destroyer USS Arleigh Burke entered the Black Sea Thursday to operate alongside NATO allies, the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet said.

The US and NATO have stepped up their activity in the Black Sea to stoke tensions with Russia, and there is now a regular presence of US warships in the waters. The Arleigh Burke entered the Black Sea after two other US Navy destroyers, the USS Porter and the USS Mount Whitney, completed operations in the area.

The Russian military said it has begun monitoring the Arleigh Burke. “The Black Sea Fleet’s forces have begun to monitor the guided-missile destroyer The USS Arleigh Burke, which entered the Black Sea on November 25, 2021,” Russia’s National Defense Command Center said in a news release.

Nov 26 08:07

MEGA BEX ALERT - A Russia-backed coup against Ukraine planned for December - Zelensky

Ukraine has uncovered a plot for an attempted coup with the involvement of Russians, due to have taken place next week, President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday at a press conference.

Zelensky did not give full details of the coup plot and did not accuse the Russian state of involvement, though he also spoke at length at the press conference of a threat of Russian military escalation, and said Ukraine would be ready for it.
The Kremlin swiftly denied any role in any coup plot, saying it had no plans to take part in such acts.

Nov 26 08:04

Marine Corps plan calls for some future Marines to skip boot camp

“We Make Marines,” proclaims a banner at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina, summarizing the service’s ethos that recruits have to prove they have the mental and physical toughness to serve in the Corps by surviving boot camp. By the time men and women receive their Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, they have proven that they have the physical and mental toughness to earn the coveted title of “Marine.”

But Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger wants “exceptionally talented Americans” to be able to bypass the Corps’ traditional rites of passage and begin serving “at a rank appropriate to their education, experience, and ability.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 26 07:51

The US Is Dangerously Flirting with the Afghan Scenario in Ethiopia

Ethiopia might suspect that the US has ulterior motives in threatening an uninvited military intervention into the country on the pretext of evacuating its citizens who thus far don’t even want to leave because they still feel safe in the capital.

CNN reported on Tuesday that “The US military has positioned US special operations forces in Djibouti to be ready to provide assistance to the US Embassy in Ethiopia if the situation worsens, according to one military official and two sources familiar with the movements.” This comes after US State Department spokesman Ned Price denied last week that an Afghan-like evacuation was being considered despite not being prompted to compare the two. Associated Press reported Matt Lee then challenged Price as to why he’d even bring that up, which resulted in a tense exchange between them.

Nov 26 07:43

US Deploys Dozens of Tanks! Putin Couldn't Speak Out of Anger!

Nov 26 07:37

USA deploys at least 30 self-propelled howitzers near Belarusian-Polish border

The USA has deployed at least 30 self-propelled howitzers Paladin near the Belarusian-Polish border, the news agency Avia.pro reports.

According to the source, after dozens of tanks, armored vehicles and several thousands of NATO military personnel were relocated to the Belarusian border it was revealed that in addition to that the USA moved at least 30 155mm self-propelled howitzers M109A7 Paladin to the Belarusian-Polish border.

The howitzers were delivered from Germany by several trains. Taking into account their firing range, they can fire into Belarus' territory.

The USA has yet to comment on the deployment of its weapon systems and military hardware near the Belarusian border.

Nov 26 07:18

Congressional Hawks Seek To Give Prez Blank Check To Declare War on China

Two weeks from yesterday marks 80 years since the Congress last issued a declaration of war as required by Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution: The Congress shall have power to declare war. Invoked to launch or defend against wars 3 times in the 19th and twice in the 20th century, that Constitutional requirement has become as outdated as a dial telephone used to spread the news of the last one, December 8, 1941.

Once established as the world’s supreme superpower, American presidents, beginning with Harry Truman in 1950, decided to abandon the need to ask Congress to declare war. Incredibly, Congress went along with this enormous transfer of the war power to the president. When Truman decided to intervene in the Korean conflict, he simply called it a police action and began a military campaign that took several million Korean lives as well inflicting 128,000 U.S. casualties, of which 36,500 died. That’s some ‘police action’.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I suggest those congressional hawks be the first to be sent to the front!

Nov 26 07:11

CENTCOM Says Military ‘Prepared’ If Iran Nuclear Deal Talks Fail

Gen. Frank McKenzie, the head of US Central Command (CENTCOM), told Time Magazine on Wednesday that his forces are prepared for a potential military option against Iran should talks to revive the nuclear deal fail.

“The diplomats are in the lead on this, but Central Command always has a variety of plans that we could execute, if directed,” McKenzie said.

US officials often speak of the potential for failure in negotiations with Iran and like to portray Tehran as the difficult party. But it was the US that withdrew from the JCPOA in the first place, and President Biden’s hardline stance is to blame for why earlier talks failed.

Nov 26 07:05

Biden Just Announced Date for WWIII

The Biden administration this week brazenly announced its intention to walk over China’s red line warning on Taiwan. The move by the US is a recklessly provocative step that dares an inevitable military response from Beijing.

If that happens then all bets are off for a full-scale military confrontation between the United States, its allies, and China. It is not alarmist to say such a clash would escalate into World War III.

Australia and Britain are explicitly committed to a military alliance with the United States in the Asia-Pacific through the recently formed AUKUS pact. Russia will be obliged to defend China.

The date in question is December 9-10 when the Biden administration plays host to a so-called “Summit of Democracies”. This week the State Department announced a list of “participants” that include 110 countries. China and Russia are not invited, among other excluded nations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They are going to do it! They are going to start a major war because they can't think of anything better to get out of the mess they have made of this country!

Nov 25 09:35

Nearly 3/4 of the World’s Dictators Receive US Weapons and Military Assistance

The US supports nearly 75% of the world’s dictators, autocracies, monarchies, military regimes, etc., with weapons, military training and money. Please remember this the next time someone tells you the US should do X or Y because such and such a nation is bad…

Comparing Freedom House’s list of Not Free nations* to FY 2020 US overseas weapons sales, military training and financial assistance**, we find that of the 57 nations considered undemocratic, 42 receive weapons, training and/or money for their military and security services. This means 74% of the non-democratic nations of the world are supported militarily by the US. Interestingly, the remaining 15 nations are nearly all sanctioned. The world’s countries can be divided into two parts: those who buy/receive weapons from the US and those sanctioned. It seems like it’s a pretty simple arrangement.

Nov 25 09:30

Videos reveal moldy, disgusting Camp Lejeune barracks where Marines are forced to live

Hundreds of Marines are moving into a moldy barracks in North Carolina that has gone further downhill since being tepidly rated “degraded but adequate” during a building inspection in 2019.

According to one Marine who provided photo and video evidence, HP 225, the new home for a company of Marines assigned to 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment at Camp Lejeune has signs of poor maintenance, including cockroaches, rampant mold, and missing beds and furniture.

Nov 25 09:29

US-NATO Drums of War: From ‘Saddam’s WMDs’ to ‘Russia Is Preparing to Invade Ukraine’. Familiar “Regime Change” Propaganda Now Targets Moscow

Following Saturday’s news report by corporate-owned US media outlet CBS, which outlined alleged plans by Russia to invade Ukraine in the coming weeks as the Winter sets in, based on unverified information given to the media network by unnamed US Intelligence officials, anti-Russian hysteria in the Western mainstream media has again stepped up a notch – with Moscow already being accused of playing a key role in the ongoing migrant crisis at the Belarus-Poland border, where thousands of immigrants, many of whom are fleeing the wars and colour revolutions imposed on their countries by the US-NATO hegemony, are attempting to enter the European Union.

Nov 25 09:09

UK to Have New Elite Ranger Regiment For 'High Threat' Missions as Part of ‘Radical’ Army Overhaul

The UK Defence Secretary had confirmed in March this year that the size of the army would be reduced to 72,500 by 2025, telling Parliament that its increased deployability and technological advantages would mean that greater effect can be delivered by fewer people with increased funding to “modernise the forces for threats of the 2020s and beyond.”

The British Defence Secretary has announced the formation of a new elite Ranger regiment as part of the army’s most “radical” overhaul in over 20 years, reports Sky News.

Ben Wallace has also saved 500 troops from a planned cut in army numbers announced earlier in March. The UK force will still be culled by 9,000 posts to 73,000, with an emphasis on capability rather than mass. The UK military forces will now be relying more on robots and computers and data, with servicemen and women expected to hone specialist skills.

Nov 24 11:16

The Newest Russian EW System ''BYLINA'' with Artificial Intelligence Burned Down U.S. Fighter F-15!

Nov 24 07:58

Atlantic Council fellow offers plan for war with Russia, with nuclear weapons at core

From an article in Defense News by Hans Binnendijk, Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council and former National Security Council Senior Director for Defense Policy, and Julian Lindley-French, chairman of The Alphen Group. Summary is abbreviated for reasons explained yesterday.

…Since the 2016 Warsaw Summit, NATO has deployed 1,000-person Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) battle groups in the three Baltic states and in Poland.

The U.S. deploys a brigade-sized force in Poland and battalion-sized forces in Lithuania and Romania…[Although] These forces could be overrun quickly by a determined Russian onslaught given its time and distance advantages, but as was the case in the city of Berlin during the Cold War, eFP does provide a useful tripwire.

Nov 24 07:51

NATO's mistake is that it still thinks it's dealing with the weakened Russia of the 1990s

Recent shockwaves in Russian-Ukrainian relations, and the increasing involvement of the US, could prove to be among the most significant milestones in the history of Europe since the end of the Cold War, over three decades ago.

But the groundwork for a clash of heads was laid long before the present day. Since the reunification of Germany, the continent’s security architecture – the careful truce between East and West that held strong even at the most tense moments of the 20th century – has been systematically dismantled.

Was that process avoidable? It’s pointless even to ask. What matters is that, since then, the key principle has been that each and every country can decide for itself which military and political alliances it wishes to join. Of course, that choice wasn’t always a free one and, after 1991, NATO became the only club in town as the others had all packed up.

NATO’s new problem

Nov 24 07:50

US rehearsed dropping nuclear weapons 20km from Russian border – Moscow

American nuclear-capable bombers have flown dozens of sorties across Eastern Europe in the past few weeks as part of drills designed to probe Russian readiness in case of an atomic war, Russia's defense minister has claimed.

Speaking after a meeting his Chinese counterpart, Wei Fenghe, in Moscow on Tuesday, Sergey Shoigu said that there has been “a significant intensification of activity from US strategic bomber aviation near the borders of Russia.”

According to him, “over the past month, around 30 missions have been flown near the borders of the Russian federation, around two and a half times more than in the same time period last year.”

Shoigu added that recent American exercises, codenamed Global Thunder, saw “ten strategic bombers practicing their ability to use nuclear weapons against Russia at almost the same time from the west and the east. The minimum distance from our border was 20km.”

Nov 24 07:42

U.S.-Russia confrontation over Ukraine threatens to become all-out war — but why?

A report in Covert Action Magazine from the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic in eastern Ukraine describes grave fears of a new offensive by Ukrainian government forces, after increased shelling, a drone strike by a Turkish-built drone and an attack on Staromaryevka, a village inside the buffer zone established by the 2014-15 Minsk Accords.

The People's Republics of Donetsk (DPR) and Luhansk (LPR), which declared independence in response to the U.S.-backed coup in Ukraine in 2014, have once again become flashpoints in the intensifying Cold War between the United States and Russia. The U.S. and NATO appear to be fully supporting a new government offensive against these Russian-backed enclaves, which could quickly escalate into a full-blown international military conflict.

Nov 24 07:41

Playing With Fire on Russia’s Borders

Avoiding a war with Russia that could go nuclear, however, has always been a vital strategic interest, especially since Moscow acquired nuclear weapons. Every American president has known that. And avoidance of war with the United States has been a guiding principle of Russian foreign policy from Stalin to Putin.

Nov 24 07:26


Ten days ago I wrote about the potential of war in the Ukraine:

There is fear in Russia that the U.S. is egging the Ukraine into a renewed active conflict with its renegade eastern Donbass region and thereby into a war with Russia.
The Biden administrations war mongering towards Russia may be seen to be free of cost. But it takes only one miscalculation in Kiev or some unforeseen incident in the Black Sea region and the situation could seriously escalate.
Moscow sees a salami slicing tactic at work that would only end with NATO directly confronting it on all its borders:

Moscow’s narrative is that the Western powers are deliberately fueling Ukraine’s revanchist instincts by arming it and encouraging President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is fighting for political survival, to believe that with Western support, a window of opportunity is opening to recapture the lost territories in Donbas and Crimea and thereby redeem his pledge to be his country’s savior.

Nov 24 07:24

Report: US Considering Sending Military Advisors, Weapons to Ukraine

CNN reported on Monday that the Biden administration is weighing sending military advisors and additional weapons to Ukraine, a move that Russia would view as a major escalation.

Citing people “familiar with the matter,” the CNN report said the US weapons package could include new Javelin anti-tank missiles, mortars, and stinger missiles. The Biden administration is also considering sending military aid that would have gone to Afghanistan, including Russian-made M-17 helicopters.

Since 2014, after the US supported a coup in Ukraine, Washington has supplied Kyiv with over $2 billion in military aid. US and NATO military activity has also significantly increased in the region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Advisors" is how Vietnam started!

Nov 24 07:23

Citing US Threats, Russia and China Agree to Expand Military Cooperation

Russia and China signed on Tuesday a roadmap for deeper military cooperation as the two countries continue to boost ties in the face of increasing pressure from the US and other Western countries.

The deal was agreed to in virtual talks between Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his Chinese counterpart, Wei Fenghe. The Russian Defense Ministry said the military leaders “expressed a shared interest in stepping up strategic military exercises and joint patrols” between the two countries.

“China and Russia have been strategic partners for many years,” Shoigu said. “Today, in conditions of increasing geopolitical turbulence and growing conflict potential in various parts of the world, the development of our interaction is especially relevant.”

Shoigu pointed to an increase in US bomber activity near Russia and in East Asia as a reason to increase cooperation with China. Wei told Shoigu that Russia has successfully countered pressure and threats from Washington.

Nov 24 07:20

UN Says Yemen War Death Toll Will Reach 377,000 By End of 2021

A UN agency published a report Tuesday that estimates the war in Yemen will have killed 377,000 people by the end of 2021.

The report from the UN Development Program (UNDP) found that direct violence will have killed over 150,000 people while preventable disease and starvation caused by the US-backed Saudi-led siege on the country accounts for about 60 percent of the death toll.

As always is the case, children are suffering the most from the war. “In 2021, a Yemeni child under the age of five dies every nine minutes because of the conflict,” the UNDP said. The report estimates 70 percent of those killed would be children under five. Looking further in the future, the report says if the war continues through 2031, it will claim 1.3 million lives.

Nov 24 07:17

STAR WARS Inside Putin’s ‘Star Warrior’ weapon as Russia threatens to destroy 32 Nato satellites to cripple missile systems

RUSSIA'S new weapon dubbed "Star Warrior" has the West worried as it can blast satellites out of orbit at heights of up to 500 miles above Earth.

Vladimir Putin's state owned TV issued a chilling threat that Russia may deploy the system to destroy some 32 Western satellites to render Nato missiles useless.

It comes after Putin used the weapon to destroy a redundant Soviet-era Tselina-D military reconnaissance satellite - blasting it into an orbital debris storm.

Intelligence sources in the West and Russia believe the hunk of space junk was annihilated by the new satellite killer missile system.

The weapon has been dubbed the "Star Warrior" by state Russian media and is the next step in an orbital arms race.

Nov 24 07:10

At Arms, the Enemy Is at the Gates! Frenzied US-NATO Militarization Escalation against Russia

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg met President Draghi on November 17 in Rome to address “the current security challenges” arising from “Russia’s military build-up in and around Ukraine”. Stoltenberg thanked Italy because it “contributes to our presence in the Baltic Region with the air policing and troops”. The Italian Air Force – specifies the Ministry of Defense – has deployed at Ämari airport in Latvia F-35A fighters from the 32nd Wing of Amendola and Eurofighter Typhoon fighters from the 4th Wing of Grosseto, 36th Wing of Gioia del Colle, 37th Wing of Trapani and 51st Wing of Istrana (Treviso). When Russian planes fly into the international airspace over the Baltic, usually heading for the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, the Italian fighters receive an immediate take-off order from the NATO command on alert and within minutes they intercept them. Official purpose of this operation is “to preserve allied airspace”.

Nov 24 06:59

Armenian PM warns of possible new war with Azerbaijan

Ahead of a meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has accused Baku of having “territorial ambitions,” suggesting that the Azeri leadership wants to take land controlled by Yerevan.
Speaking on Tuesday, Pashinyan rejected the concept of building a ‘Zangezur corridor’, an Azeri passage through Armenian territory.

Azerbaijan is made up of two separate, disconnected areas, with the Nakhchivan exclave split from the rest of the territory. To travel between the two parts of Azerbaijan, one must pass through Armenia. To solve this problem, Baku has proposed the creation of a ‘Zangezur corridor’, which would put some Armenian land (Syunik Province) under Azeri control, allowing people to avoid the need to pass through Armenian border control. Yerevan has rejected the suggestion.

Nov 24 06:48

NATO’s activity near state borders prompts Russia to bolster its combat potential — Shoigu

NATO’s growing activity near the Russian borders prompts the need to maintain the nuclear forces’ combat readiness and bolster the non-nuclear deterrence potential, including the provision of the troops with precision weapons and effective destruction capabilities, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Wednesday.

"The tense military and political situation in the world and NATO’s increased activity near the Russian borders prompt the need to further develop the armed forces qualitatively," the defense chief said at the ministry’s board meeting.

The Russian defense minister highlighted as priorities in developing the armed forces the tasks of "raising their combat capability, maintaining the nuclear forces’ combat readiness and strengthening the non-nuclear deterrence forces."

"Today we will hear how these tasks are resolved with regard for the provision with precision weapons, effective destruction capabilities and advanced armaments and hardware," Shoigu said.

Nov 23 14:16

US rehearsed dropping nuclear weapons 20km from Russian border – Moscow

American nuclear-capable bombers have flown dozens of sorties across Eastern Europe in the past few weeks as part of drills designed to probe Russian readiness in case of an atomic war, Russia's defense minister has claimed.

Speaking after a meeting his Chinese counterpart, Wei Fenghe, in Moscow on Tuesday, Sergey Shoigu said that there has been “a significant intensification of activity from US strategic bomber aviation near the borders of Russia.”

According to him, “over the past month, around 30 missions have been flown near the borders of the Russian federation, around two and a half times more than in the same time period last year.”

Shoigu added that recent American exercises, codenamed Global Thunder, saw “ten strategic bombers practicing their ability to use nuclear weapons against Russia at almost the same time from the west and the east. The minimum distance from our border was 20km.”

Nov 23 11:27

Unvaccinated soldiers are being FORCED OUT of the armed forces

Most of those who remain unvaccinated belong to the National Guard. The data shows that just 51.84 percent of the Army National Guard is fully vaccinated. Meaning, of the 329,709 Army National Guardsmen serving in all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and U.S. territories, around 158,000 remain unvaccinated. -- If the federal government insists on its reckless vaccine mandate for the armed forces, the results would be catastrophic and could put America in grave danger.

Nov 23 08:53

Experts: Military Needs To Quit Wokeism And Get Serious

The top admiral of the US Indo-Pacific Command has issued a firm warning to America and its allies as tensions mount in China.

Admiral John C. Aquilano instructed the US and its allies to better prepare to work together in international waters during meetings with allies at the Halifax International Security Forum on Saturday.

"We need to deliver capabilities sooner and faster," Aquilano stated.

Nov 23 08:18

China's Orbital Bombardment System Firing Hypersonic Weapons Showed Unprecedented Capability, FT Says

Since the Financial Times reported China conducted two hypersonic tests over the summer, US officials have expressed concern about technological advances because no nation (except China) can propel a hypersonic weapon into space that can fly over the South Pole, rendering US missile defense systems useless. In other words: a possible checkmate.

In a new report via FT, People familiar with details of the July 27 test said China launched an "orbital bombardment system" rocket over the South China Sea while moving at five times the speed of sound. Pentagon experts are unsure how China managed to fire a hypersonic glide vehicle from the system while traveling at such speeds in space. It appears China has mastered a technology that Russia and the US have yet to acquire fully.

Nov 23 08:15

The Benefit Of SARS-CoV-2 Natural Immunity In The Armed Forces

The risks to soldiers, sailors, and airmen of contracting SARS-CoV-2 affect the readiness of military organizations. The condition of an individual's immune status determines susceptibility to infection and is dependent on one's pre-existing medical condition, the implementation of beneficial prophylactic treatments, and whether protection is conferred by natural immunity or vaccination. Commanders who assess and rationally address the problem will ensure the best possible health outcome for those under their command.

Nov 23 08:02

Soldiers Who Refuse Vaccination Can Still Serve, But Their Careers Are Over

Army officials are telling soldiers who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 that they aren't getting booted immediately, but they can't stay in the service for a career.

In a memo to the force last week, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said active-duty soldiers, reservists and Guardsmen who refuse the vaccine will be "flagged," meaning they will be barred from reenlistment, promotions and potentially most schools.

But soldiers won't be outright removed automatically. Hypothetically, a soldier with years left on their contract can still serve, but will see no progress in their career and will not be allowed to serve beyond that contract. They could leave with an honorable discharge.

The deadline to be vaccinated is Dec. 15 for active-duty soldiers and June 30 for Reserve and Army National Guard troops.

Nov 23 07:54

US considers sending military aid to Ukraine - report

The United States is thinking about sending military aid to Ukraine in light of the recent Russian troop build-up near the border.

According to a CNN report, the Biden administration is evaluating sending military advisers and new equipment to the country. Moreover, the new equipment also includes weapons, such as Javelin anti-tank missiles and mortars.

Previously, Russia unveiled that the situation in Ukraine will be part of the discussion at the next meeting between the country and the US, while it also accused the US of sparking tensions in the region.

Nov 23 07:53

US Reportedly Mulling Lethal Aid Package for Ukraine Amid Invasion Concerns

On Monday, the Kremlin accused Bloomberg and other US media of being involved in a "targeted information campaign" after the outlet reported that the US had shared intel with NATO allies that included a map outlining an alleged "buildup" of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border. Moscow has rejected claims of a planned invasion of Ukraine.

The administration of US President Joe Biden is considering the deployment of military advisers and ship military equipment - including weaponry - to Ukraine amid a purported buildup of Russian forces along the border, according to a new report from CNN.
Citing sources familiar with the deliberations, the outlet detailed that such a package could possibly include shipments of US-made Javelin anti-tank missiles, anti-armor missiles, and/or mortars.

Nov 23 07:17

In Memory Of JFK: The First US President To Be Labeled A Terrorist & Threat To National Security

In April 1954, Kennedy stood up on the Senate floor to challenge the Eisenhower Administration’s support for the doomed French imperial war in Vietnam, foreseeing that this would not be a short-lived war.

In July 1957, Kennedy once more took a strong stand against French colonialism, this time France’s bloody war against Algeria’s independence movement, which again found the Eisenhower Administration on the wrong side of history. Rising on the Senate floor, two days before America’s own Independence Day, Kennedy declared:

Nov 23 07:13

Estonia, Britain send first troops, drones to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia

Estonia will send almost 100 members of the Defense Forces to help Poland…on the Polish-Belarusian border, Defense Minister Kalle Laanet [said].


The Defense Forces will send troops including reservists from the Engineers, Military Police, Reconnaissance units and combat camera teams to Poland.

Estonia is also assisting Poland in enhancing its intelligence capabilities and will send drones.

Personnel tasked with preparations will go to Poland immediately and the rest over the next week, said Major General Veiko-Vello Palm, deputy commander of the Defense Forces.

Nov 23 07:09

US & Europe: Friendly Force Dilemmas with John R. Deni, PhD

Nov 23 06:38

What to Watch For if Russia Invades Ukraine

News reports from Europe indicate two potentially dangerous events occurring on the borders of NATO. The most glaring is the report of Russian large scale troop deployments near the Ukrainian border indicating a possible invasion in the next few months. The other report is on the smaller yet volatile migration movements along the Belarussian-Polish border. These two circumstances coincide with Europe’s weak energy situation and the global perception of American weakness created by the mismanaged withdrawal in Afghanistan. Although the risk of war in this region remains low, the possibility of a regional war during a time of European energy shortages would threaten the world with a global depression next year.

Nov 23 06:34

Ukraine comments on reports it is planning offensive in Donbass

Kiev’s top diplomat has denied claims that Ukrainian troops could soon begin an all-out assault on the war-torn east of the country, amid warnings from Russia that the flow of American weapons is rapidly worsening the situation.

In a statement issued on Monday, Kiev’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba lashed out at Moscow, accusing Russia of increasing the “intensity of disinformation, including false accusations that Ukraine is supposedly preparing for a military attack in the Donbass.”

Kuleba rebuked the claims, stating “officially” that Kiev is not drawing up plans to launch an offensive in the region. Instead, he said, Ukraine’s officials remain “committed to finding a political and diplomatic solution to the conflict.”

Ukraine could use US rockets to provoke war in Donbass – MoscowREAD MORE: Ukraine could use US rockets to provoke war in Donbass – Moscow

Nov 23 06:33

Ukraine could use US rockets to provoke war in Donbass – Moscow

The alleged use of American anti-tank missiles by Ukrainian forces fighting separatists in the east of the country is increasing the prospect of a full-blown conflict in the war-torn region, Moscow’s top diplomat has warned.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that claims Kiev’s troops had deployed American-made Javelin rocket launchers were a concerning development. “In recent weeks, we have seen a stream of consciousness from the Ukrainian leadership – especially when it comes to the military – that is excessively inflamed and dangerous.” According to him, the belligerent rhetoric could lead to provocations on the ground.

Nov 22 09:46

Enoch Brown School Massacre Of 1764

The school massacre didn't start with Columbine. US The first recorded mass murder at a school in history occurred a dozen years before the founding of the United States, when four Native Americans retaliated against white settlers who occupied their land.

Pontiac War
When white settlers moved to the Great Lakes region in the 1700s, they brought turmoil to the Native American peoples who had made their home in the region for hundreds of years. In retaliation for the violence inflicted on his people, Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa tribe attacked British troops in what is now Detroit on May 7, 1763, starting a series of hostilities known as the Pontiac Wars that took place in Pennsylvania. and spread to the upstate. New York. Unhappy with the chaos, Pennsylvania Governor John Penn offered a reward in exchange for the skulls of Native Americans, and in the months that followed, bands of settlers murdered and found every Native American.

Nov 22 08:54

New NATO command tests “moving large combat forces at the speed of relevance” to Russian border

From November 15 to 16, 2021 international participants from different allied entities rehearsed the movement of the NATO Response Force (NRF) and additional units in crisis at the Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSEC) in the Wilhelmsburg Barracks in Ulm.

This special exercise and its scenario challenged the sixty logistics experts participating this two day long event to overcome practical constraints that arise from moving large combat forces at the speed of relevance and their sustainment in all directions spanning 360 degrees.

…It mirrored one of JSEC’s core tasks: The coordination of the NATO troop movements across the Alliance in all possible directions.

Nov 22 08:48

“If we start a war here in Belarus, NATO and Russia will get involved. It will be a nuclear war.”

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko cautions against attempts to start a war in Belarus’ territory. He made the relevant statement in an interview with the BBC on 19 November, BelTA has learned.

“You have to understand that if we start a war here in Belarus, NATO and Russia will get involved. It will be a nuclear war,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

Nov 22 07:44

How Many Dead Kids Before We Admit US ‘National Security’ Is a Lie?

A new defense budget looms. Maybe we’re running out of wars to fight, but no matter. The proposed figure before Congress is bigger than ever: $778 billion.

How fascinating – and how irrelevant – that the vote is scheduled just a few days after the New York Times published its investigation of a U.S. airstrike in Baghuz, Syria two and a half years ago, which the Defense Department had been desperately trying to cover up.

America, America . . . shall we celebrate our country, boys and girls? Here’s a passage from the story: "Civilian observers who came to the area of the strike the next day found piles of dead women and children."

One of the observers said: "There was a lot of freshly bulldozed earth and the stink of bodies underneath, a lot of bodies."

Nov 22 07:15

HYPER THREAT China’s hypersonic nuke ‘fired a SECOND missile mid-flight’ leaving Pentagon reeling as experts say it ‘defies science’

CHINA’S round-the-world hypersonic nuclear weapon fired a second missile while travelling five times faster than the speed of sound, reports claim.

No country had previously been able to demonstrate this advanced engineering feat and the test is said to have caught Pentagon scientists off guard.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

China is ahead in many technological areas because China's schools produce scientists and engineers whereas American schools are crippled by equity, LGBTQ studies, and drag queen story hours!

Nov 22 07:00

NATO wargames near Russian border fuelling heightened tensions – Moscow

Despite NATO insisting the Kremlin is responsible for renewed tensions in Europe, the blame should really be placed on the US-led bloc for regularly performing military exercises near the Russian border, Moscow has claimed.

Writing on Telegram on Sunday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused NATO of hypocrisy, citing a newly announced joint exercise of the Estonian army and the US Army Special Operations Forces, due to take place in the Baltic state. US Republican politician Newt Gingrich once described the country as being “in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.”

“Russia has warned NATO against creating tension near Russian borders. NATO is silent and continues undeterred,” Zakharova wrote.

Nov 22 06:59

Russian Admiral Says Kursk Sank Following Collision With NATO Sub

The Kursk, a Russian nuclear submarine, sank on 12 August 2000, during a Northern Fleet drill at a depth of 108 meters, killing all 118 crew members. According to the official story, the tragedy was caused by a torpedo explosion on board.

According to a Russian Admiral, the sinking of the Kursk was the result of a collision with a NATO submarine. The ship's demise in 2000 remains one of the most tragic losses in the history of the Russian Navy.

The foreign submarine that had “collided” with the Kursk was subsequently spotted the off the coast of Norway by an anti-submarine Russian Navy plane, Admiral Vyacheslav Popov, former commander of the Northern Fleet (1999-2001), told Sputnik.

Furthermore, the admiral claimed that he knows the name of the submarine in question “with 90 percent certainty”. However, he emphasised that he cannot publish the evidence to back up his claims.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There was evidence at the time of a collision.

See The Sinking Of The Russian Sub Kursk!

Nov 21 08:49

Italy Hosts NATO-Industry Forum in Rome

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Gen. Philippe Lavigne opened the NATO-Industry Forum (NIF) in Rome, Italy, today. The event is sponsored by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, and co-organised with NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment Mr. Camille Grand.

The NIF is the premier event for open dialogue with industry regarding innovation and capability development. This year, over 200 companies and industries are represented at the conference from both defence technology sectors.

“ACT, and NATO as a whole, needs industry to help it maintain this new defence and security ecosystem,” said Gen. Lavigne during his opening remarks. “ACT, and other NATO stakeholders responsible for capability development, are therefore a part of one shared community with industry.”

Nov 21 08:44

Russia-NATO war over Ukraine is becoming increasingly unavoidable

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the West isn’t taking his country’s “red lines” seriously and the US and its allies could be about to sleepwalk into a dangerous conflict with the world’s largest nuclear power.

Red lines are about deterrence. The purpose of drawing them in the first place is to communicate crucial security interests and the severe consequences that would ensue if they were undermined. In essence, Moscow’s ultimatums are intended to stop the West from making a dangerous miscalculation.

Nov 20 10:20

Military Turns on Enlisted: Threatens Unvaxxed Forces with Court Martials, Bars Promotions

Imagine enlisting to fight for the freedoms of your fellow countryman, thinking you are a patriot for helping uphold the American values and Constitution that you swore to defend, only to discover like so many before you, the system actually hates your kind, and you are now part of a government/military complex that is actively fighting against you, your values, the Constitution, and the American way.


Nov 20 08:28

NATO Chief Outrages Kremlin In Speech Linking "Nuclear Sharing" & "Our Eastern Allies"

On Friday NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gave a key speech on Europe's nuclear defense posture before a security conference in Germany. His comments are subject of multiple Russian state media reports, particularly as his suggestion that US-supplied nuclear warheads could be positioned on the military bloc's eastern frontier are driving outrage among Kremlin officials.

Highlighting threats from both China and Russia during his German Atlantic Association 'NATO Talk' Conference 2021, Stoltenberg especially highlighted Russia's "aggressive actions" and that "it interferes in other countries' affairs." With this in mind, he spelled out: "Our aim is a world free of nuclear weapons, but as long as others have them, NATO must have them too."

Nov 20 07:27

White House Asks Pentagon to Scrutinize Military Exercises in Europe, Reports Say

The White House asked the Pentagon to give them a rundown and justification of US military exercises performed in Europe in recent years to deter Russia amid rising tensions between Moscow and Washington, The Washington Post reported on Friday, citing a senior administration official.

The request sent by the White House is intended to give the administration full visibility into US military exercises and other deterrence activities in Europe, the official said. While most of the exercises in Europe are allegedly focused on protecting against Russia, the request is also related to other American military activities on the continent, the official added.

Nov 20 06:56

New US Army policy will BAN unvaccinated soldiers without a medical exemption from re-enlisting or being promoted, including National Guardsmen even if state they serve in doesn't require the shot

The US Army will ban all unvaccinated soldiers who do not provide medical exemption from re-enlisting or being promoted if they make their refusal to get the shot final.

The new policy, announced on Tuesday, includes all soldiers in the Army and the Reservesy. It also applies to all National Guardsmen who work in states where the governor has not mandated vaccines, like Florida, Texas and Oklahoma.

The move will effectively end unvaccinated soldiers' military careers if they do not make the June 2022 deadline.

Nov 20 06:53

“The U.S. Empire is the Largest Empire The World has Ever Known”: The Russia-China-Iran Alliance

NATO, the U.S. Government, and all other “neoconservatives” (adherents to Cecil Rhodes’s 1877 plan for a global U.S. empire that would be run, behind the scenes, by the UK’s aristocracy) have been treating Russia, China, and Iran, as being their enemies. In consequence of this: Russia, China, and Iran, have increasingly been coordinating their international policies, so as to assist each other in withstanding (defending themselves against) the neoconservative efforts that are designed to conquer them, and to add them to the existing U.S. empire.

Nov 20 06:40

Senate punts defense bill until after Thanksgiving as debate hits roadblock

The Senate's $768 billion defense policy bill is on hold until after Thanksgiving after efforts to vote on an array of amendments broke down late Thursday evening under objections from several Republicans.

The roadblock is just the latest delay for the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act, which had already languished for months without action despite complaints from both Democrats and Republicans. The impasse dashes the aims of Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to finish work on the legislation before the holiday.

Nov 20 06:39

As US Troops and Families Go Hungry, They Don’t Trust the Pentagon for Help

Angela, an enlisted sailor, saw her baby daughter as a miracle when she was born two years ago. The little girl quickly took over her life, and the child’s love of “Frozen” means that Angela can recite both movies from memory.

Now, as a single mother on active duty, she’s fighting to put food on their table, doing battle with her chain of command.

The need to overdraft her bank account for baby formula, living off only chicken and rice, or applying for civilian low-income assistance, only to be rejected -- it all feels like a broken promise by the Navy, Angela, who has served for a decade, told Military.com in an interview.

Nov 19 06:49

The Marine Corps won’t expel all unvaccinated Marines en masse on the Nov. 28 deadline, Navy secretary says

All active-duty Marines are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by Nov. 28, but that doesn’t mean every unvaccinated Marine will be separated by Nov. 29, said Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro.

“We will be addressing each case on a case-by-case basis,” Del Toro told reporters on Wednesday. “We’re just not going to all kick them out on the day of the deadline itself.”

The Navy Department will treat unvaccinated Marines “in a very respectful manner” and work with them so they understand the consequences of refusing the vaccine, Del Toro said during a conference call about a recent Navy wargame.

Nov 19 06:43

NATO praises deployment of US nukes in Eastern Europe

Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO, has urged member states to remain committed to plans that see deadly American nuclear weapons shared across the military bloc’s eastern frontier, close to the border with Russia.
In a speech at the German Atlantic Association on Friday, Stoltenberg said the move was necessary because of the threat purportedly posed by Moscow. “Our aim is a world free of nuclear weapons,” he said, “but as long as others have them, NATO must have them too.”

According to him, “Russia carries out aggressive actions, it interferes in other countries’ affairs” and the country has “invested significantly in military capabilities, including new, advanced nuclear weapons.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It was the US' placing of nuclear missiles in Europe that led to the Cuban missile crisis!

Nov 19 06:25

BoJo's Solution For Europe Freezing From Gas Shortage... Start Hot War With Russia!

Europe should give up supplies of natural gas from Russia and instead defend Ukraine and Poland. That’s the plucky advice of Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson who counts wartime leader Winston Churchill as one of his political heroes.

Addressing a City of London banquet this week, Johnson warned Germany, France, Italy and other European governments:

“We hope that our friends [in Europe] may recognize that a choice is shortly coming between mainlining ever more Russian hydrocarbons in giant new pipelines and sticking up for Ukraine and championing the cause of peace and stability.”

Note the pejorative use of the word “mainlining” which implies Europe’s trade with Russia for gas is a sordid addiction, rather than a mutual commercial partnership.

Johnson also pointed to British troops being deployed to Poland helping that country construct barbed-wire barriers for halting the flow of refugees from Belarus as an example of “defending Europe”.

Nov 19 06:07

Conscripting Women Will Produce Equal Slavery, Not Equal Rights

Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.) may as well declare the 1984 doublespeak maxim, "Freedom is slavery," as she cites women’s rights in support of subjecting them to forced military conscription.

Her amendment – requiring female Americans to register with Selective Service – is now attached to the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which has passed the House and awaits a vote in the Senate. While some hail this a milestone for equality, its ramifications extend far beyond symbolic gestures. The last time Washington exercised the draft, over 58,000 of America’s sons died in Vietnam. Given this history, what justification can be made for extending to the war machine an additional line of credit to America’s daughters?

Since our country’s founding, many American heroes have stood against conscription as repugnant to core principles of the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." -- 13th Amendment