Nov 30 11:24

PM: Israel Worries Iran Will Get Sanctions Relief Without Nuclear Rollback

Israeli premier Naftali Bennett has made comments warning the P5+1 against granting Iran sanctions relief as part of the Vienna nuclear talks without getting major new restrictions on their nuclear activities.

Israel is not a party to the talks, but Bennett says Israel would be unhappy with “unsatisfactory” restrictions if Iran gains billions of dollars in its assets unfrozen as part of the restoration of the deal.

Iran was meant to have been given substantial sanctions relief in the original 2015 deal, but the US never honored the terms of the agreement, and ultimately backed out entirely. Talks that could see the US returning to the deal would necessarily involve the US finally delivering on those promises.

Though Israel is nominally supportive of US diplomatic efforts with Iran, they opposed the initial nuclear deal. There is a sense that Israel prefers any deal reached to be very tentative, as this leaves room open for the US to threaten war.

Nov 30 07:51

Israel Claims Iran Will Enrich Weapons-Grade Uranium ‘Soon’

Israel has reportedly informed the United States that they believe Iran is preparing to enrich uranium to weapons-grade purity. This would be the first time Iran had ever even attempted such a move.

Israel has been predicting Iran getting nuclear arms for decades. There is no evidence that any such enrichment is even being considered by Iran, but it fits nearly into Israel’s often false narrative.

Israeli media is only too willing to take the allegations and run with them, noting that weapons-grade uranium has no peaceful uses. This would be a relevant fact if Iran is actually enriching to these levels, which again they are not.

The point seems to be telling the US, because they take Israeli allegations seriously. Then the US would repeat the unbacked claims, which would give media outlets the sense that multiple sources are making such accusations.

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Nov 30 07:49

US Officials Say Israel Was Behind Recent Cyberattack in Iran

Citing unnamed US military officials, The New York Times reported Saturday that Israel was responsible for a recent cyberattack against civilian infrastructure in Iran that targeted gas stations.

The report said Israel was behind an October 26th hack of Iran’s fuel distribution system that caused gas pumps to stop working across the country. Gas pumps displayed a digital message telling customers to blame the problem on Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Iran provides a certain amount of subsidized fuel to each citizen for a discounted price, and the report said it took the Oil Ministry two weeks to get the system back up and running. The idea was to get Iranians angry at the government and to create unrest, but it never materialized.

Nov 30 07:18

‘Hate crime’ attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinians spike in the West Bank

Israeli settlers have dramatically increased their attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank over recent months, with violent incidents up about 150 percent in the past two years, according to data presented by the Israeli military at a defense ministry meeting this month.

A United Nations agency has separately found that 115 Palestinians have been beaten or otherwise attacked by settlers since the start of the year, with four fatalities. More than 300 incidents of property destruction, including olive trees cut and burned during the autumn harvest, were documented over the same time period.

The wave of beatings, arson, vandalism and rock-throwing — most taking place where Palestinian farms and groves are adjacent to Jewish settlements established on land captured by Israel in the 1967 war — has prompted some leaders of the Israel’s governing coalition to call for a crackdown on settler violence.

Nov 30 07:18

Israeli forces prevent Palestinian students from reaching school in West Bank village

Hundreds of Palestinian students were prevented from attending Al-Lubban school near Hebron on Sunday by Israeli forces.

The school, which lies in the West Bank town of Al-Lubban Al-Sharqiyah, serves around 1,200 students from three Palestinian towns and has been unable to hold classes regularly over the past week due to Israeli roadblocks and settler activities.

Israeli soldiers even fired tear gas as children attempted to reach the school.

Nov 30 07:17

Israeli settlers are establishing farms to push Palestinians off their land

On the morning of Nov. 10, Israeli settlers erected sheep pens on Palestinian agricultural land next to the Masafer Yatta hamlet of Khallet a-Daba’ in the West Bank. By the evening, the Israeli army dismantled the illegal outpost, and in response, the settlers rioted against the Khallet a-Daba’ community. They threw stones. They shattered car windshields. They uprooted olive trees. They set a hut ablaze. They fired guns.

This violence isn’t an isolated incident. Rather, nearly every week settlers from nearby agricultural outposts are terrorizing the Palestinians as they take over their land.

Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem highlighted the attacks originating from settler farms in a new report released last week. In it, B’Tselem stated 50 outposts have been built in the West Bank over the last decade — with about 40 of them used for sheep, goat and cattle herding.

Nov 29 11:12

Israeli military readying for 'Plan B' if Iran nuclear talks fail

Israel’s military is continuing to develop its ability to conduct a military strike against Iran’s nuclear program should circumstances demand it.

After a five-month hiatus, indirect talks between the United States and Iran are set to resume on Monday, with the other parties to the nuclear deal mediating in hope of reestablishing an agreement to curb the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions.

The defense establishment does not see a war breaking out with Iran or its proxies, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, but the IDF has been keeping an eye on the North and on the South.

Nov 29 07:26

Britain, Israel Agree to Stop Iran From Getting Nuclear Weapons

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Israeli FM Yair Lapid have issued a joint statement surrounding their memorandum of understanding. The overarching subject is a 10-year plan to deepen ties between the two nations.

Because this is Israel, though, one cannot get through a whole diplomatic session without making things about Iran, and the nations agreed to join forces to stop Iran from getting nuclear arms.

The fact of the matter is Iran is not attempting to get nuclear arms, and Israel’s objections center on Iran’s civilian nuclear program. Israel prefers to ignore that reality, as it would get in the way of drumming up anti-Iran sentiment.

It’s not clear what, if anything, this means for UK policy toward Iran, and it may to them just be for politeness’ sake toward Israel. Israel may be keen for visible expressions of support, however, as the US is moving toward engaging diplomatically with Iran, something Israel at times opposes.

Nov 29 07:25

We Do Exist: Why the Palestinian Voice Should Take Center Stage

At a recent New York event, the President of the Foreign Press Association Ian Williams declared, before an approving audience, that it is time "to reclaim the narrative on Palestine."

This phrase – "reclaiming the narrative" – is relatively new to the Palestinian discourse. Years ago, the concept, let alone its implementation, were quite alien: the pro-Israel crowd refused, and still refuses, to acknowledge that Palestinians, their history and political discourse matter; some in the pro-Palestinian movement relegated Palestinian voices as if they were simply incapable of articulating a coherent narrative.

For many years, I, along with other Palestinian intellectuals, raged against the misrepresentation and marginalization of Palestine and the Palestinians, not only by Israel and its allies in mainstream media, but also against the elitism that existed within the Palestinian movement itself.

Nov 29 07:16

Palestinian security forces attack mourners at funeral of teenager killed by Israel

Palestinian Authority security forces on Friday attacked mourners at the funeral of a 14-year-old boy who was shot dead by Israeli troops last month.

Hundreds of people attended the funeral of Amjad Abu Sultan, a boy who was killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank town of Beit Jala on 14 October.

Israeli forces alleged at the time that he was preparing to throw a Molotov cocktail. His body was returned to his family a few days ago.

The NGO Defence for Children International reported earlier this week that the Israeli army killed at least 16 children in the West Bank in 2021, as well as 61 in Gaza.

Nov 29 07:09

As Iran Nuclear Talks Resume, Will Israel Ever Exercise Military Option?

The US and its European allies are expected to put pressure on the Islamic Republic in the new round of talks that kick off in Vienna on Monday. They will try to solve the stalemate through economic and diplomatic measures but if those fail, will they give in to Israel who is pushing for a harder line on Tehran?

After six months of zero progress, the United States and its allies will convene in Vienna later in the day for a fresh round talks with Iran over its nuclear programme.

In 2018, Washington left the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a 2015 deal under which Tehran accepted restrictions on its nuclear programme in exchange for the lifting of western sanctions.

Under the Biden administration, the US has resumed discussions with Iran but so far they have not borne any fruit.

Nov 28 08:08

Israel’s integration into CENTCOM has positive, negative aspects

The fact Israel has recently been folded into U.S. Central Command could greatly benefit the Jewish state and help form a front against Iran, but tensions over China and Russia remain unresolved

Nov 28 08:07

'We Are Lab Rats': Israeli Vaccine Victims Want Their Lives Back (Film)

Israeli journalist Avital Livny created the ‘The Testimonies Project” to expose what the mainstream is hiding: the damage done by the mRNA DNA gene-therapy injections.

“I want my life back, but there is no turning back,” says a desperate Israeli woman. The coronavirus “vaccination,” which is mandatory in Israel, has destroyed her life. So Israeli journalist Avital Livny created the “The Testimonies Project” film to expose what the mainstream is hiding: the victims’ who the mRNA DNA gene-therapy injections have damaged.

Citizens want to keep going to the synagogue, going to work, being free. Now because of the mandatory vaccine, they can’t do all this anymore. Unvaccinated citizens are being pressured, coerced, threatened with loss of their jobs, and issued steep fines if they do not consent. Recently, RAIR Foundation USA reported on military recruits who were intimidated and physically abused by military officers trying to administer the jab.

Nov 28 07:37

Israel first nation to ban entry of travellers from all countries over Omicron Covid-19 variant

Israel on Saturday (Nov 27) said it would ban the entry of all foreigners into the country, making it the first country to shut its borders completely in response to a new and potentially more contagious coronavirus variant.

It added that it would use counter-terrorism phone-tracking technology to contain the spread of the Omicron variant.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a statement that the ban, pending government approval, would last 14 days.

Officials hope that within that period, there will be more information on how effective Covid-19 vaccines are against Omicron, which was first detected in South Africa and has been dubbed a "variant of concern" by the World Health Organisation.

"Our working hypotheses are that the variant is already in nearly every country and that the vaccine is effective, although we don't yet know to what degree," Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked told N12 News.

Nov 28 07:05

Israel and Iran Broaden Cyberwar to Attack Civilian Targets

Millions of ordinary people in Iran and Israel recently found themselves caught in the crossfire of a cyberwar between their countries. In Tehran, a dentist drove around for hours in search of gasoline, waiting in long lines at four gas stations only to come away empty.

In Tel Aviv, a well-known broadcaster panicked as the intimate details of his sex life, and those of hundreds of thousands of others stolen from an L.G.B.T.Q. dating site, were uploaded on social media.

For years, Israel and Iran have engaged in a covert war, by land, sea, air and computer, but the targets have usually been military or government related. Now, the cyberwar has widened to target civilians on a large scale.

In recent weeks, a cyberattack on Iran’s nationwide fuel distribution system paralyzed the country’s 4,300 gas stations, which took 12 days to have service fully restored.

Nov 27 09:37

Captured by Israel, Palestinian Children Held Outdoors in the Cold

Israeli media outlet Haaretz offered a troubling look at the treatment of Palestinian civilians, children no less, by the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank.

They tell the story of a 12-year-old boy from the village of Zawiya, and his 11-year-old friend. Israeli troops raided the village at 10 pm over reports of rock throwing.

Troops warned 12-year-old Yasser that if he didn’t confess they would “take” him. He confessed, they took him anyway. They went to his friend Yazen’s house and took him too, along with his father.

They were all taken, without a warrant to a police station, and made to wait outside in the cold for hours. At 2:30 AM the detainees were taken to a military base, and put in a trailer.

Nov 27 09:23

Facebook Removes Palestinian Pages Covering News from Jerusalem

Two Palestinian news pages, Al-Qastal and Maydan Al-Quds, disappeared from Facebook after the company removed them for ‘violating the community standards’, The New Arab reported.

The editors of the two pages condemned Facebook’s decision, saying that the social media giant is “actively fighting Palestinian content”.

Nov 27 09:21

Israel’s president to light Hanukkah menorah at Palestinian mosque in Hebron

Israeli President Isaac Herzog will light the first candle of Hanukkah accompanied by settler leaders at the Ibrahimi Mosque in the occupied West Bank's city of Hebron.

Hanukkah, which begins on Sunday and ends on 6 December, is a Jewish holiday in which a menorah - a nine-branched candelabra - is lit over eight days and nights.

Herzog has angered members of the left-leaning Meretz party, which is part of the broad coalition government ruling Israel. Michal Rozin, a Meretz Knesset member, tweeted that Herzog's decision is "wrong."

Nov 27 08:49

'We Are Lab Rats': Israeli Vaccine Victims Want Their Lives Back

Israeli journalist Avital Livny created the ‘The Testimonies Project” to expose what the mainstream is hiding: the damage done by the mRNA DNA gene-therapy injections.

“I want my life back, but there is no turning back,” says a desperate Israeli woman. The coronavirus “vaccination,” which is mandatory in Israel, has destroyed her life. So Israeli journalist Avital Livny created the ‘The Testimonies Project” film to expose what the mainstream is hiding: the victims’ who the mRNA DNA gene-therapy injections have damaged.

Citizens want to keep going to the synagogue, going to work, being free. Now because of the mandatory vaccine, they can’t do all this anymore. Unvaccinated citizens are being pressured, coerced, threatened with loss of their jobs, and issued steep fines if they do not consent. Recently, RAIR Foundation USA reported on military recruits who were intimidated and physically abused by military officers trying to administer the jab.

Nov 26 07:21

‘Honest Mistakes’: How US and Israel Justify Targeting and Killing Civilians

An “honest mistake” is buying your partner the wrong perfume or copying someone into an email chain by accident. It is not firing a drone missile at a car, killing 10 civilians – and doing so when a small child was clearly visible moments earlier.

And yet, a supposedly “independent” Pentagon inquiry this month claimed just such a good-faith mistake after US commanders authorized a drone strike in late August that killed an Afghan family, including seven children. A US air force general concluded that there was no negligence or misconduct, and that no disciplinary action should be taken.

At the weekend, the Pentagon exonerated itself again. It called a 2019 air strike on Baghuz in Syria that killed dozens of women and children “justified”. It did so even after an investigation by the New York Times showed that the group of civilians who were bombed had already been identified as fleeing fighting between US-backed militias and the Islamic State (IS) group.

Nov 26 07:20

Report: Israel Warns US Not to Settle for ‘Partial’ Nuclear Deal With Iran

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that Israel is warning the US not to strike a “partial” nuclear deal with Iran. Israeli officials said they feared the US was setting up for a “less-for-less” agreement that would require Iran to reverse some of its nuclear activity in exchange for some sanctions relief.

Last week, reports said National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan floated the idea of an interim Iran nuclear deal in conversations with his Israeli counterpart, Eyal Hulata. US officials told the journal that the idea of a “less-for-less” deal was just “brainstorming” ahead of the new round of JCPOA talks that are set to start on November 29th.

Nov 26 07:13

Israel’s Gantz Says Differences Over Iran Must Not Ruin Ties With US

On Thursday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Israel must cooperate with the US on Iran regardless of differences, and said the issue must not affect ties with Washington.

“I’ve been dealing with the Iranian issue since 2007, and we must cooperate with the US on it, ensuring that we are speaking with both sides of the aisle in the US, maintaining bipartisanship and not going into American politics as we have done in the past,” Gantz said at the end of a two-day visit to Morrocco.

Israel has been very vocal about its opposition to the Biden administration’s plans to resume nuclear deal negotiations on November 29th, but Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has made sure not to publicly clash with the US, avoiding a tactic of his predecessor, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Nov 26 07:06

Israeli settlers attack father and child as violence against Palestinians escalates

Raed al-Kharraz was beaten, receiving “fractures to the head that resulted in severe internal bleeding, in addition to fractures on the face and teeth”.

His 10-year old son Muhammad wasn’t spared either: “His face was mutilated and his neck and body were covered in bruises, and he still suffers from terror and anxiety after the incident.”

Samir al-Kharraz, a relative of Raed's, is recounting what happened to the 44-year-old Nablus resident and his son after a vicious settler attack on their vehicle on Wednesday evening near the village of al-Mughayyer, northeast of Ramallah.

Nov 26 07:03

Poland downgrades mission to Israel, says it won’t return ambassador

Poland’s Foreign Ministry said Thursday that the European Union nation will have no ambassador in Israel for the time being, bringing the mission level down to that of Israel’s mission in Poland.

The traditionally sensitive bilateral relations soured in the summer after Poland adopted legislation seen as banning claims for restitution of some seized property, including that of Holocaust victims. Israel protested.

The Polish ministry decided then that its ambassador, Marek Magierowski, was not to return to his Tel Aviv post after vacation. He has since been appointed to Washington.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good for Poland!

Nov 26 07:02

Israel parliament pushes for school trips to al-Aqsa to learn about Jewish heritage

Israel's parliament, the Knesset, has issued a recommendation to the education ministry this week to include teachings about the Jewish history of al-Aqsa Mosque compound, and to include field trips to the site in occupied East Jerusalem's Old City in school curricula.

The Old City of Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa compound - known in Judaism as the Temple Mount - remain the most sensitive components of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Al-Aqsa is one of Islam's most revered sites and is also the holiest site in Judaism, where Jews believe the first and second Jewish temples once stood.

The Knesset's education committee stated that "the subject matter is not being taught correctly [in Jewish-Israeli schools] and it should be included in the matriculation curriculum," according to Tel Aviv-based newspaper Yisrael Hayom.

Nov 25 09:33

Jewish Settlers Open Fire on Palestinian Homes, Attack Cars near Nablus (VIDEO)

Jewish settlers on Tuesday attacked with live fire and stones Palestinian residents and their homes, near the entrance to the village of Burqa, northwest of Nablus, in the northern occupied West Bank, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors Israeli settlement activities in the north of the West Bank, told WAFA that dozens of settlers sneaked their way into the village of Burqa, and opened fire on Palestinian homes.

Settlers reportedly opened fire at residents’ homes, spurring clashes with Palestinians attempting to defend their neighborhood.

Jewish settlers further attacked Palestinian vehicles driving on Nablus-Jenin with stones, causing damages to several cars.

Settler violence against Palestinians and their property is routine in the West Bank and is rarely prosecuted by Israeli authorities.

Nov 25 09:33

Netanyahu told to return $900,000 in gifted legal funds from US billionaires

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit said Wednesday that former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu should return a total of $900,000 to two US businessmen who gave him the money while he was serving as premier.

According to Mandelblit, Netanyahu should give back $300,000 to the estate of his late cousin and benefactor, businessman Nathan Milikowsky, and $600,000 to real-estate mogul Spencer Partrich.

His legal opinion was submitted to the High Court of Justice as part of a petition on the issue filed by good governance groups.

Nov 24 11:10

Israeli Spyware Firm Behind Pegasus Faces Risk of Default After US Blacklisting

In early November, Israeli spyware company NSO Group, which is behind "Pegasus," was sanctioned by the United States over its alleged involvement in activities that pose a threat to American national security.

NSO Group appears to be on the verge of defaulting on half-a-billion dollars' worth of debt, as estimated by credit agency Moody's.

The agency has also downgraded NSO Group by two levels to Caa2, which is eight levels below investment grade.

The estimation comes shortly after the United States blacklisted the firm earlier in November, arguing that the company had been engaging in activities that threaten American national security.

The US sanctions were slapped on NSO in the wake of the Pegasus scandal, which centred around spyware used by Israel to track terrorists but then revealed to have been used to track thousands of political dissidents, journalists, rights activists, and businesspeople.

Nov 24 07:44

It’s time to talk about anti-Palestinianism as a form of bigotry

Two weeks ago, footage circulated on social media showing Israel’s Ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotovely, rushing back to her car under close police protection after speaking at a debate about “Perspectives on Israel and Palestine,” hosted by the student union at the London School of Economics. In the background, students who gathered outside the building to protest her visit can be heard chanting pro-Palestine slogans and chiding Israel as “a terrorist state.”

“Aren’t you ashamed?” one of the students shouted at the ambassador.

Defiant, the Israeli Embassy in London said Israel’s diplomats are “undeterred by extremists.” Hotovely stated that “[Israel] will not give in to thuggery and violence,” and that “[it] will send its representatives to every stage.”

The sense of threat in words like “extremist, thuggery, and violence,” in the above statements falsely suggests that Hotovely was physically harassed, while in reality she delivered the lecture and left unhindered.

Nov 24 07:23

Israel Signals Readiness to Increase Confrontation With Iran

Israeli officials expressed strong opposition to the Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday and stepped up threats against the Islamic Republic as the US is preparing to resume indirect negotiations with Tehran aimed at reviving the accord.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Israel “fell asleep” after the Iran nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, was signed in 2015. He warned Israel would maintain the right to take “action” against Iran if the JCPOA is revived.

“The mistake we made after the first nuclear deal in 2015 will not repeat itself,” Bennett told a conference at Israel’s Reichman University. “From the moment the deal was signed, it affected us like a sleeping pill. Israel simply fell asleep on duty … We will learn from this mistake. We will maintain our freedom of action.”

Nov 24 07:20

Caging Childhood: Palestinian Children in Israel's Military Detention System

Nov 24 07:19

Democrats warn Biden administration against Israel's 'doomsday' settlement plan

More than two dozen House Democrats on Monday sent a letter to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken urging Washington to pressure the Israeli government to prevent settlement construction in the E1 area between Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The 26 lawmakers, led by Congressman Mark Pocan who recently visited Israel and the occupied West Bank, described the plans as "doomsday settlements" that would both violate international law and also further diminish the prospects of a two-state solution with a viable Palestinian state.

"The recent efforts by the Israeli Government to advance the approval to build 3,400 housing units in the highly sensitive area known as E-1 pose an irreconcilable challenge to a lasting peace solution between Israel and the Palestinians," the letter said.

"To ensure the prospects of peace, we urge the State Department to exert diplomatic pressure to prevent settlement construction in E-1."

Nov 24 07:13

Jewish Settlers Assault, Injure Palestinian Teen Girl near Ramallah

A 15-year-old Palestinian girl Monday night sustained injuries after being attacked by Jewish settlers near Turmus Ayya town, north of the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Local sources told WAFA that settlers, under military protection, gathered near the entrance to Turmus Ayya town and hurled stones at Palestinian vehicles in the area, hitting a vehicle and injuring Zain Farraj in the head.

Nov 23 13:25

UK government outlaws Palestinian resistance

Stuart Littlewood views the UK's hypocritical decision to outlaw Hamas for allegedly promoting "anti-Semtism" and "terrorism" while ignoring the fact that "the rock of security is eroded everyday by the real terrorists in the region, apartheid Israel" – "the reason for the unrest, slaughter, land theft and vicious oppression of the last 73 years".>>

Nov 23 10:08

Report: US Warns Israel Covert Attacks on Iran are ‘Counterproductive’

According to a report from The New York Times, the US has warned Israel against launching cover attacks against Iran’s civilian nuclear program, calling them “counterproductive.” But Israeli officials said they have no intention of “letting up.”

The report said over the past 20 months, four explosions at Iranian facilities have been attributed to Israel. Last November, Israel assassinated Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh inside Iran. The US has refused to condemn any of these attacks, giving them a tacit endorsement and raising questions over potential US involvement.

Nov 23 10:08

Israel’s Gantz Wants a ‘Broader, Stronger, and Longer’ Iran Nuclear Deal

On Sunday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said he would favor a “broader, stronger, and longer” Iran nuclear deal than the JCPOA, which the US and Iran are set to resume negotiations on next week.

“I support an agreement that will be broader, stronger, and longer — taking Iran back, dismantling its current capabilities, and placing effective inspections on its sites and on its weapons production,” Gantz said.

Israel’s opposition to the Biden administration’s plans to resume negotiations with Iran is no secret. Last week, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid reiterated Israel’s stance in a meeting with US special envoy Robert Malley, who visited Israel and other country’s in the region ahead of the new talks with Iran that will begin on November 29th.

Nov 23 07:44

Iran nuclear programme: Threat of Israeli strike grows

In the turquoise waters of the Red Sea, Israeli, Emirati and Bahraini naval forces for the first time just days ago rehearsed joint security operations with a US warship.

It followed a war-game at a desert airbase just north of the Israeli port city of Eilat last month, which sent fighter planes from Israel and seven other countries roaring into the skies.

Such drills aim to send a strong warning to Iran, which has recently been holding its own large military exercises, and stress strategic alliances.

But they come at a time when many in Israel are worrying about whether this small country could soon feel forced to act alone to attack Iran's nuclear programme militarily.

The government has allocated $1.5bn (£1.1bn) to prepare the Israeli armed forces for a potential strike against Iranian nuclear sites, and there are near-daily warnings from political and military leaders.

Nov 22 13:59

UK: Westminster awash with sleaze – and it will never be rooted out while MPs sit on both watchdogs

Stuart Littlewood: ”The various Friends of Israel organisations still flourish at the heart of government, waving the flag of the Zionist regime and going to great lengths to influence those in power at Westminster, even flying them to Israel to have their heads filled with Zionist propaganda.” >>

Nov 22 13:37

Zionist Jews United For Slavery

Israels education ministry calls for the return of slavery & the holocaust of all Jews not living on stolen Palestinian land.

Nov 22 09:21


Nov 22 08:18


Nov 22 08:17


Nov 22 08:16

Israel readying for possible Iran conflict, officials say

Top Israeli defense officials say the country is preparing for the possibility of an armed conflict with regional arch-rival Iran and its proxies.

Israeli army chief of staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi said Tuesday that the Israeli military was “speeding up the operational plans and readiness for dealing with Iran and the nuclear military threat.”

Israel considers Iran an existential threat, and has warned that it would act with military force if needed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Last month Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said that “if a terror regime is going to acquire a nuclear weapon we must act.”

Iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. Tehran is set to renew nuclear talks with world powers this month, after the 2015 accord to curb its nuclear program collapsed following the U.S.’s withdrawal from the agreement in 2018.

Nov 22 07:29

Gaza anger mounts at cost, 'humiliation' of Egypt journeys

Gaza resident Mustafa al-Sawaf posted a scathing criticism online of the "path of humiliation" Palestinians endure when leaving the crowded enclave for Egypt, and of the companies that profit from it.

Within an hour, his phone rang.

"Someone from Hamas called and told me to erase everything," Sawaf said, referring to the Islamist group that runs the Israeli-blockaded coastal strip.

The caller said the border business was "a very sensitive subject for the Egyptians, and that my article was going to harm Palestinians," said Sawaf, a political analyst.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am going to take a guess here that the phone call did NOT come from HAMAS!

Nov 22 07:27

Israeli Army Hands over Body of Slain Palestinian Child

Israeli occupation authorities on Saturday handed over the body of slain Amjad Abu Sultan, a 16-year-old Palestinian minor who was shot dead by Israeli occupation forces in the town of Beit Jala in the occupied West Bank last month, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

The child’s body was released by the Israeli occupation military and handed over to his family at Jaba’a military checkpoint, southwest of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank.

Nov 22 07:27

Palestinian prisoner completes 41 years behind Israeli bars without court decision on appeal

The longest serving Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jail, Nael Barghouti, has began his 42nd year behind bars on Saturday, as he still awaits an Israeli High Court ruling over his fate, WAFA news agency report.

The prisoner, from Ramallah's village of Kobar, filed an appeal for his release three years ago after being jailed in 1978 for "resisting Israeli occupation", the Palestinian Authority's news agency said.

Barghouti, who Israel released from Prison alongside dozens of others in a 2011 exchange deal, was re-arrested in 2014 as Israel "violated" the terms of the deal and re-instated his original life sentence plus 18 years, after making Barghouti complete an additional 30 months in prison.

"Barghouti’s attorney filed a petition with the Israeli High Court three years ago demanding the release of his client based on the terms of the exchange agreement which states that Israel cannot re-arrest freed prisoners and re-instate their sentence," WAFA stated.

Nov 20 06:36

UAE rewards Israeli firms that supplied arms for Gaza massacre

The United Arab Emirates is rewarding Israeli arms makers that helped massacre Palestinians earlier this year.

Elbit Systems, which provided weapons for Israel’s May assault on Gaza, is establishing a subsidiary: Elbit Systems Emirates.

“The Abraham Accords provide a sound basis for business collaborations in the region,” Ran Kril, an executive at Elbit Systems, said.

He is referring to the normalization deals brokered by the United States last year between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan and Morocco.

These countries are “important new markets for Elbit Systems,” Kril said – an insight into how Israel views Arab states as profit centers for its war industry.

Nov 20 06:35

WATCH: Dozens of Palestinians Injured as Israeli Forces Raid East Jerusalem Neighborhood

Israeli police Thursday night conducted a massive raid in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya, resulting in dozens of injuries, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Local and medical sources told WAFA that scores of heavily-armed police officers barged their way into the neighborhood, which lies on the eastern slopes of Jerusalem, blocked the main artery of the already congested neighborhood, and deliberately opened fire not only at protestors but also directly at Palestinian houses.

The Israeli raid ignited confrontations, with local protestors throwing rocks and bundles of firebombs towards the police.

Nov 19 10:04

UN passes resolution in favor of Palestinians’ sovereignty over their natural resources

The United Nations has overwhelmingly adopted a resolution, which grants Palestinians permanent sovereignty over their natural resources in the Israeli-occupied territories, including East al-Quds.

On Thursday, the Economic and Financial Committee of the UN General Assembly, also known as the Second Committee, endorsed a draft resolution entitled “Permanent Sovereignty of the Palestinian People in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East al-Quds, and of the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan over their natural resources” by 157-7 votes, with 14 abstentions, Palestinian news agency Wafa reported.

The United States, Israel, Canada, Nauru, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and Palau voted against the motion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which Israel will ignore, of course.

Nov 19 08:10

Palestinians' life under Israeli occupation: Israeli soldiers describe their actions in Hebron

Nov 19 07:47

DSA chapters call for action against Jamaal Bowman over J Street Israel trip, Iron Dome vote

A growing number of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapters are calling on the national organization to take action against Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY). DSA endorsed Bowman (who is a member of the organization) in his primary run against longtime congressman Eliot Engel, but many members feel that Bowman has violated the group’s political platform with respect to Palestine.

Eliot Engel was a House member for over 30 years, where he solidified himself as one the Democrats’ staunchest supporters of Israel. During the campaign Bowman highlighted his differences with Engel on the subject of foreign policy and this included Palestine.

Nov 19 07:46

‘NYT’ often cites thinktank on Iran without saying it was founded to promote Israel’s image

The New York Times and other media frequently quote experts from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and identify FDD as a hawkish thinktank. But they fail to say what the FDD told the IRS: it was founded to promote Israel’s image in the United States, the investigative journalist Eli Clifton says. He characterized the omission as bordering on “journalistic malpractice.”

The influential thinktank routinely calls for U.S. military action to bring down the Iranian government. It came up on Robert Wright’s podcast,, on November 9, in a discussion of political funding.

Nov 19 07:42

Israel handed US 'edited intelligence file' to justify bombing Gaza tower

Israel’s internal intelligence agency, the Shin Bet, reportedly edited and altered a dossier handed to officials in the United States to justify an air strike that knocked down al-Jalaa tower, which hosted several media agencies, in the besieged Gaza Strip in May.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed that the intelligence file was retroactively edited to show that the bombing of the building was "necessary," to review and close the gaps in the report and to stress that the Hamas movement used the tower as a jamming signal station.

Nov 19 07:41

Unregulated Israeli spyware is a global threat, experts warn

Israel's surveillance of Palestinians and the hacking of several aid workers' phones have highlighted the transnational threat of unregulated Israeli spyware, experts said on Thursday.

During a panel hosted by the Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP), experts and digital rights advocates noted that the case of targeting Palestinians is not unique and that spyware created by Israeli software companies has been used by a number of countries around the world.

"All of the news surrounding the NSO group, since 2016, but especially in the past few months, has really demonstrated - for people who are paying attention to it - the complete lack of international regulation on the use of so many of these surveillance technologies," said Sophia Goodfriend, a researcher at the Arab Center for Social Media Advancement, known as 7amleh.

Nov 19 06:52

Palestinian NGOs Call for Boycotting Meetings with US Envoy

Palestinian NGOs on Wednesday called for boycotting American envoy to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield over her decision not to meet with representatives of the six Palestinian NGOs banned by Israel, a statement said.

This came as Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported an American official saying: “Thomas-Greenfield will not meet any of the representatives of the Palestinian civil society and human rights organizations which Israel had recently designated as ‘terrorist’ organizations.”

Nov 19 06:51

'Silent execution': Palestinian authorities slam Israel after prisoner dies in custody

A Palestinian prisoner died in Israeli custody at Soroka-University Medical Center on Thursday, a death which Palestinian authorities have slammed as "deliberate medical negligence by the Israeli prison administration".

Sami al-Amour, 39, who was detained in 2008 and was serving a 19-year prison sentence, suffered from heart problems. He was transferred to the hospital a few days before his death, following a severe deterioration in his health.

According to the Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs in Gaza, Amour endured harsh conditions during his detention.

Amour's fiancee, Ghada Abujame, received the news of his death early in the morning, and rushed to his family home in Deir al-Balah, in the central Gaza Strip.

"He spent more than 13 years in prison and only five more years were left until he would be released. He had hope and dreamed of the day of his release when he would be free and start a new life with me," the 32-year-old told Middle East Eye.

Nov 18 07:56

From Pegasus to Blue Wolf: How Israel’s ‘Security’ Experiment in Palestine Became Global

The revelation, a few years ago, that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has been conducting mass surveillance on millions of Americans has re-ignited the conversation on governments’ misconduct and their violation of human rights and privacy laws.

Until recently, however, Israel has been spared due criticism, not only for its unlawful spying methods on the Palestinians but also for being the originator of many of the technologies which are now being heavily criticized by human rights groups worldwide.

Even at the height of various controversies involving government surveillance in 2013, Israel remained on the margins, despite the fact that Tel Aviv, more than any other government in the world, uses racial profiling, mass surveillance and numerous spying techniques to sustain its military occupation of Palestine.

Nov 18 07:56

Report: US Floats Idea for Interim Iran Deal to Israel

According to a report to Axios, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan floated the idea for an interim Iran nuclear deal to buy more time for negotiations in recent conversations with his Israeli counterpart, Eyal Hulata.

Sullivan said Iran could freeze certain nuclear activity, such as enriching some uranium at 60 percent, and in exchange, the US would release some Iranian funds or provide sanctions waivers for humanitarian goods. But the report stressed that Sullivan was just “brainstorming” and the idea was “only preliminary.”

The report said Hulata didn’t like Sullivan’s idea and stressed that Israel fears an interim deal could become permanent. It’s not clear how Iran would respond to the proposal, but with JCPOA negotiations resuming on November 29th, the US will have a chance to put it on the table.

Nov 18 07:55

Touring Israel, Biden’s UN Envoy Vows Replenishment of Iron Dome

On Tuesday, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield visited Israel and toured the country’s northern and southern borders with the Israeli military and vowed that the US would “replenish” the Iron Dome Missile defense system.

After the Israeli bombing campaign in Gaza in May, which killed over 250 Palestinians, including over 60 children, Israel requested an additional $1 billion in military aid from Washington, on top of the $3.8 billion the US provides each year.

Israeli officials initially said the funds were needed to replenish the Iron Dome and to buy more missiles for Israel’s air force. But a bill to give Israel the extra $1 billion that passed overwhelmingly through the House says the aid is only for the Iron Dome, giving Israel supporters in Congress the excuse that the additional aid will only be used for “defense.”

Nov 18 07:54

Israel Fires Missiles on Damascus Suburb

On Wednesday night, Israel fired missiles which struck just south of the capital city of Damascus. Syrian media confirmed the attack. Israel has, as so often the case, declined official comment.

Most attacks go after Shi’ite targets, though this one was aimed at any empty house. No casualties were reported. Syrian missile defense reportedly intercepted one of the missiles.

Israel attacks Syria several times a month, usually nominally to attack Iran. Syrian air defenses try to limit the damage, with some success, and Syria’s threats to retaliate tend not to amount to much.

Nov 18 07:53

Richard Gere, Tilda Swinton, Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon join over 100 other celebrities in calling on Israel to rescind terrorist designation

Over 100 celebrities have signed an open letter criticizing the Israeli government for designating six Palestinian human rights groups as terrorist organizations. The letter calls on the international community to push for the designation to be rescinded.

“The vital work of these six organizations to protect and empower Palestinians and hold Israel accountable for its gross human rights violations and apartheid regime of institutionalized racial discrimination is precisely the work that Israel is trying to end,” reads the letter. “Israel’s designation of these six Palestinian organizations as ‘terrorist’ groups, and the military order that outlaws them places the safety of the organizations and their staff at imminent risk.”

Nov 18 07:17

‘Say cheese!’ Israeli soldiers force a dozen Palestinian children into nighttime photo lineup

The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem published video today of a chilling incident in Hebron in which Israeli soldiers raided an extended Palestinian family at about 8 PM on September 3 and forced more than a dozen small children, some of whom were sleeping in rooms in a “residential building,” to line up for a photograph.

“Because they’re throwing stones,” an Israeli soldier says. “Come on, stand still for a moment… I want to take a picture.”

Nov 17 07:35

Israel-Palestine: To end torture, Shin Bet interrogations must be filmed

Haaretz recently published a sensational article, which could have been ripped straight out of a television courtroom drama: Israeli prosecutors dropped all charges against three Arab residents of Jaffa, who had confessed during a Shin Bet interrogation to a serious attack on a soldier, after security-camera footage proved they were not even at the site of the assault.

What could have compelled these innocent people to confess to a crime they did not commit, which might have landed them in jail for many years? For those of us who routinely deal with the operational methods of the Shin Bet, the answer was clear: torture.

An investigative report that aired on Hamakor last week only confirmed what we had already deduced by connecting the dots. The detainees were suspected of security offences at the height of a national crisis; they are Palestinian citizens of Israel; they were placed in detention and interrogated by the Shin Bet; therefore, they were tortured.

Nov 17 06:30

Palestinian Schoolgirls Suffocate from Teargas Fired by Israeli Soldiers in West Bank

Dozens of schoolgirls suffocated on Tuesday morning when Israeli soldiers fired teargas at them as they were heading to their school in al-Lubban al-Sharqiya village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Local sources told WAFA that Israeli soldiers attacked the girl students near the school located on the main Ramallah-Nablus road, firing teargas in their direction and causing a large number of suffocation cases estimated at over 70.

An Israeli soldier hit one of the students with his gun causing her pain and bruises in the arm. She was taken to hospital.

Classes were disrupted as a result.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You gotta be a real manly man to teargas a little girl!

Nov 16 08:08

Israeli FM Tells US Envoy Iran Won’t Rejoin Nuclear Deal

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid met with President Biden’s special envoy for Iran Monday and reiterated Israel’s opposition to planned US negotiations with Tehran to revive the nuclear deal, claiming the Iranians have no intention of rejoining the agreement.

US special envoy Robert Malley is in Israel as part of a tour of the region where he will meet with Iran’s rivals ahead of the nuclear deal talks that will resume on November 29th. According to Israel’s YNET news site, Lapid claimed in a meeting with Malley that Iran is only reentering the negotiations to buy time.

Malley also met with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and David Barnea, the head of the Mossad spy agency. An Israeli source told Haaretz that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is not meeting with Malley because he is opposed to the JCPOA talks, although another source said Malley is not senior enough to meet with the Israeli leader.

Nov 16 08:05

WATCH: Jewish Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound under Israeli Forces Protection

Dozens of Israeli settlers, escorted by Israeli forces, stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem on Monday, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

According to the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, at least 85 settlers forced their way into the mosque’s compound through Bab al-Magharbeh Gate – one of the gates leading to the mosque – and carried out provocative tours in its courtyards under the protection of Israeli police.

Tensions at the Al-Aqsa compound have been rising for some time, as increasing settler raids have been reported.

Jewish settlers raid Al-Aqsa Mosque on a daily basis and perform Talmudic rituals inside its yards, while the Israeli army limits access to Muslim worshippers during this time.

Nov 16 07:28

Hamas: We Must Save Hunger-Striking Palestinian Prisoners

Hamas demanded immediate intervention to save the lives of five Palestinian prisoners who are on a hunger strike to protest against their continued administrative detention, in a statement released on Sunday.

Hamas spokesman, Abdul Latif Al-Qanou, said in the statement that Kayed Fasfous has been on a hunger strike for 123 days, noting that the detainee’s health has severely deteriorated and “immediate intervention” is required to save his lives.

“This requires forcing the [Israeli] occupation to respond to their demands, and to end their suffering, which is exacerbating day by day.” the statement read.

Nov 15 10:33

WATCH: Israel Uses Military Tech Industry to Spy on Americans

U.S. tax payers are unwittingly funding the Israeli Military technology industry.

Israel gets $3.8 billion dollars a year in military aid from American taxpayers; that’s $10 million dollars a day.

Some of this money helps finance the very technology that the Israelis use to spy on American citizens, to steal from American industries, and to betray American politicians.

For example, the “Stingrays” that were found in 2019 tapping the cell towers surrounding the White House, in order to eavesdrop on President Trump’s cellphone conversations, were determined to be Israeli.

More important than the actual conversations, the FBI admits, is the duration of calls and frequency of communication.

Somehow two Israeli companies, Amdocs Ltd and Verint Inc, (formerly Comverse Infosys), control all the call records and billing data of 90% of all the phone calls made in the U.S.

Nov 15 07:09

Israel uses settler violence as 'tool' to take Palestinian land: B'Tselem

The Israeli government has been using settler violence as "a major informal tool" to take over Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, a leading Israeli rights group has found.

B'Tselem, in a report released on Sunday, said that Israel uses two main methods to confiscate Palestinian land in the West Bank: official annexation via its judicial system and unofficial acts of intimidation and violence carried out by its settler population.

'Sometimes, soldiers actively participate in the settler attacks or look on from the sidelines'
-B'Tselem report

"The state fully supports and assists these acts of violence, and its agents sometimes participate in them directly," the Israeli rights group said in its report.

Nov 15 07:08

450 settler attacks on Palestinians in two years: Israeli NGO

An Israeli rights group has said it documented 451 incidents of settler violence on Palestinians since early 2020, with Israeli forces not intervening to stop the attacks in the majority of cases.

In a report published on Sunday, B’Tselem said in 66 percent of the incidents when settlers in the occupied West Bank attacked Palestinians, Israeli forces did not go to the scene.

Nov 14 08:16

As US Prepares to Re-Open Consulate in East Jerusalem, Ex-IDF Commander Says It'll Harm Relations

Until 2018, the US mission in Israel was split between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem but former president Donald Trump changed the status quo by moving the embassy to the disputed city and merging the consulate with it.

At the time, the decision was welcomed by the majority of Israelis, and now as the Joe Biden administration is set to backtrack, some are raising their voice against the move.
The US is mulling the re-opening of a consulate for Palestinians in East Jerusalem, almost two years after its doors were shut by the previous American administration.

Nov 12 06:45

Settlers said to assault 2 farmers, kill sheep in latest attack on Palestinians

Israeli settlers on Thursday reportedly injured two farmers and killed a sheep in the latest attack against Palestinians harvesting olives in the West Bank.

The latest incident took place around noon, when a group of Israelis descended from the hardline Yitzhar settlement in the northern West Bank toward a group of Palestinian farmers harvesting land belonging to the village of Hawara, the Yesh Din rights group said. The Palestinians were working the land in coordination with the Israel Defense Forces, according to Yesh Din.

The settlers hurled stones at the Palestinians and beat them with rods, injuring two of the farmers, the organization said.

The group of attackers then spotted a Palestinian shepherd with his livestock nearby and began attacking the animals, killing one of the sheep and injuring three others, according to Yesh Din.

An Israeli military spokesperson said that forces arrived at the scene and saw a settler throwing rocks at Palestinians.

Nov 11 08:07

Pegasus: Israel designated Palestinian NGOs 'terrorist' to cover hacking tracks, report says

Israel rushed to designate six Palestinian human rights groups as "terrorist organisations" after learning that investigators had discovered NSO Group's Pegasus spyware on the phones of the group's staff members, Ynet has reported.

Israeli officials were also caught off guard last week when the US blacklisted the NSO Group, saying its activities were contrary to US national security interests.

Warned one hour before the US blacklisting was made public, the Israeli officials were forced to hold several urgent situation meetings, with one official reportedly blurting out in a meeting: "What the fuck?!"

The three incidents - the discovery of spyware on the Palestinian NGOs' phones, the designation of these NGOs as terrorist organisations, and the blacklisting of NSO Group - all happened within a three-week period and reflect brewing US-Israel tensions, according to the report by a Ynet senior military and political analyst.

Nov 11 07:43

Israel Holds ‘War Games’ to Prepare for More Lethal Covid Strain

Israel on Thursday began a nationwide drill to test its readiness in the event of an outbreak of a new, more lethal Covid-19 variant.

The exercise, war-gamed over three sessions to simulate the passage of time after a potential flare-up, will test the resilience of systems that determine lockdown policies, monitor variants, offer economic support for citizens, enforce quarantines and watch border crossings.

“While the situation of coronavirus in the world is deteriorating, Israel is safe and protected,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a statement. “In order to maintain this, and to safeguard the continuity of normal life, we must continue to closely monitor the situation and prepare for any scenario.”

The number of seriously ill Israelis suffering from Covid-19 dropped from around 700 at the end of August to 149 on Nov. 10, while the number of daily new infections fell from around 10,000 a day to just under 500.

Nov 10 09:35

Photos of Palestinians threatened with expulsion hung in Israeli cities

Dozens of photographs showing pictures of Palestinians threatened by Israeli expulsion were hung in Israeli cities on Sunday night.

The photographs capture some of the 1,300 residents of communities in Masafer Yatta, in the southern occupied West Bank, who face the possibility of forced transfers from their homes pending an Israeli Supreme Court ruling in March 2022.

The photos, on display in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and South Hebron Hill, are part of a “Global Week of Action” organised in solidarity with the residents of Masafar Yatta in advance of the court hearing.

Nov 10 09:34

Itamar Ben-Gvir: With rise of a Jewish supremacist, Israel's Likud is pulled far-right

For many years, Itamar Ben-Gvir was a political outcast in Israel. He was educated in Rabbi Meir Kahana’s Kach party with its official platform advocating the nullification of Israeli citizenship for the state’s Palestinian citizens.

Kach was such a racist party that members of Likud, then the leading right-wing party, would walk out of the Knesset plenum whenever Kahana spoke from the podium.

After Kach - the only Jewish political entity in Israel ever defined as a terrorist organisation - was outlawed, Ben-Gvir continued his violent activism against Palestinians and was charged eight times for it, including for incitement to racism and support for a terrorist organisation.

Nov 10 09:34

Israeli Forces Arrest Palestinian Mother, 14-Year-Old Child in West Bank

Israeli forces Tuesday overnight detained at least seven Palestinians, including a mother and her 14-year-old child, from various parts of the West Bank, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Local sources told WAFA that Israeli forces rounded up the wife of Palestinian prisoner Mohammad Zyoud, along with her 14-year-old boy, after storming their house in the town of Silat al-Harithiya, northwest of Jenin.

Nov 10 08:49

Israeli Army Chief: We’re ‘Accelerating’ Plans to Attack Iran’s Nuke Program

The Israeli military’s chief of staff on Monday warned that the army was accelerating plans for a potential attack against Iran’s nuclear program.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is “accelerating operational planning and preparedness to deal with Iran and the military nuclear threat. Thankfully, the budget that was approved [last week] makes it possible to contend with a variety of threats,” IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi told the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee according to a translation of his remarks by The Times of Israel.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz also said Israel will conduct operations that “haven’t been seen in the past” in the event of war.

Last month the Israeli Air Force began training for an attack on Iran’s nuclear program at the start of 2022.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Nov 10 08:12

Israel’s constant talk of attacking Iran is a danger to US interests

Speeches by the heads of government of Iran and Israel at the United Nations General Assembly this year illustrate two very different ways a regime’s international rival might fit into its strategy.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, in a speech of about 2,000 words, made only one brief mention of what he called the “occupier Zionist regime” — two sentences about what it has done to women and children in the occupied territories and how its blockade has turned the Gaza Strip into the “biggest prison in the world,” followed by an appeal to hold a referendum “with the participation of all Palestinians of all religions and ethnicities including Muslims, Christians and Jews.”

Nov 10 08:11

Meet Blue Wolf, the app Israel uses to spy on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank

Cameras have long been an essential tool for Israel to monitor and watch Palestinians.

But these days, technology has advanced, with sophisticated facial recognition technology now used to screen Palestinians at military checkpoints.

But it's not just at checkpoints, according to a report in the Washington Post on Monday, which described a whole new level of surveillance in place across the West Bank called Blue Wolf.

Middle East Eye takes a look at this technology and what makes it different - more dystopian and more terrifying - when compared to what the Israeli military was already known to have in place.

Nov 10 08:08

Army Sprays Toxins At Palestinian Orchard Near Bethlehem, Destroys 70 Olive Saplings

Israeli soldiers sprayed toxins, on Tuesday afternoon, into a Palestinian olive orchard in Battir town, west of Bethlehem, south of occupied Jerusalem, in the West Bank, destroying dozens of olive saplings.

Local activist, Zaki al-Batma, stated that several army jeeps and bulldozers invaded the Marah Midwer area, in the eastern part of the town, before spraying the orchards with chemical toxins, leading to the destruction of at least seventy olive saplings.

Al-Batma added that the saplings are in lands, privately owned by Ghassan Oweina, however, the occupation army alleged that the saplings were planted in what was described as “state lands.”

It is worth mentioning that the area is subject to constant Israeli violations, especially the construction and expansion of the illegal colonies, in addition to frequent assaults by the soldiers and colonizers, including preventing the farmers from entering their lands and orchards.

Nov 10 07:53

‘Organized State Terrorism’: Palestinians Condemn New Israeli Surveillance Revelations

Activists from Palestinian groups recently designated “terrorist organizations” by Israel’s government expressed outrage and resolve Monday following revelations that their phones were hacked with Pegasus spyware, and amid the exposure of a sweeping facial recognition surveillance campaign in the West Bank by Israeli occupation forces.

“It’s difficult to describe the feeling of invasion and intrusion into privacy,” Ubai Al-Aboudi – one of six Palestinian activists whose cellphones were found to be infected with Pegasus, a spyware manufactured by the private Israeli company NSO Group and used to target journalists and dissidents around the world – said in an interview with Haaretz.

Nov 10 07:26

UK Palestinians to sue London over Balfour Declaration

Members of the Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK (APCUK) are to launch a legal case to compel the British government to apologise for the 1917 Balfour Declaration that promised the creation of a Jewish homeland in historic Palestine.

According to a report published by the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, the organisation said “a special lawyer was appointed to carry out the necessary legal procedures".

Hundreds of Palestinians in Britain participated in a large meeting in the capital, London, on Saturday evening, in which they discussed the 104th anniversary of the “Balfour Declaration” and decided to proceed to establish a lawsuit to demand the government apologise for it.

Nov 10 07:02

U.S. Tests Israel’s Iron Dome in Guam as Defense Against Chinese Cruise Missiles

Israel has used it to intercept thousands of Palestinian rockets and mortars. Now the Iron Dome missile-defense system is being tested in Guam by U.S. military planners concerned about possible Chinese attacks.

The dome can protect only against limited types of missiles, and the U.S. is pursuing separate plans to beef up defenses against Chinese ballistic missiles that descend from space. Still, the Iron Dome test points to the wide range of U.S. hardware heading to the Asia-Pacific region as the Pentagon addresses a Chinese buildup that it has called its No.1 challenge.

Nov 10 06:28

Possibly The Only 'America First' Policy Biden Has Involves Israel

Former President Donald Trump told the Republican Jewish Coalition that "no president has been a better friend to the state of Israel" on Saturday as he and presidential hopefuls vie for the group's backing in 2024.

Trump mentioned his Administrations' actions that favored the country, including the long-expected and criticized move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, the signing of the Abraham Accords between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and the U.S. withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal.

Nov 09 12:29

Six Palestinian human rights groups shuttered and still the bell tolls for Israel

Lawrence Davidson puts Israel's decision to label six Palestinian human rights groups as "terrorist" in a historical context and explains the immediate reason for the decision in terms of the evidence given by these groups to the International Criminal Court. >>

Nov 09 09:00

Israeli Health Minister Wants Daily COVID Testing on Infants

On the latest episode of CHD.TV’s “The Jerusalem Report,” host Ilana Rachel Daniel presented the latest news about Israel’s COVID policy, and took to the streets to interview members of the Israeli community on being part of a growing resistance against those policies.

Daniel reported that Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz is promoting the expansion of the green class pilot, an experiment to test the effectiveness of polymerase chain reaction, or PCR tests, on children ages 0 to 3. The new course of action will require daily testing for infants.

“Preparations for the next in line,” she said.

Daniel also discussed Israel’s decision to administer the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine to people who experienced adverse reactions to the Pfizer COVID vaccine, even though 18 other countries have banned the AstraZeneca vaccine because it’s been linked to blood clots. This means Israel will no longer exclusively contract with Pfizer.

Nov 09 08:01

Nikki Haley Slams AIPAC for Tolerating Supporters of Iran Deal

Former governor and Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley used an address at the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) to rip into the AIPAC lobbying group for having any tolerance at all of supporters of the Iran nuclear deal.

Haley went on to argue that AIPAC is too interested in bringing Democrats aboard for the sake of bipartisanship. She warned this would encourage bad behavior.

All of this is built around Haley’s supposition that the Israel lobby is championing a very specific far-right interpretation of Israeli interests, hostile to the Iran nuclear deal and likewise opposing a two-state solution.

The reality is that this is nowhere near a universal position within Israel, nor is it AIPAC’s. They leave open the possibility of supporting the Iran deal, and unsurprisingly don’t excommunicate US politicians who take the same position.

Nov 09 07:53

Israeli Airstrikes Hit Syria Near Homs, Tartus

Israel has launched a new round of attacks on Syria, hitting the outskirts of the central city of Homs, and the coastal city of Tartus. Syria reported many missiles were intercepted.

Still, damage was caused and two Syria soldiers wounded. It’s not clear what the intended target was, and predictably Israel is not commenting at all. The guess is the target was Shi’ites of some sort.

Homs is hit semi-regularly, but the real news here is Tartus, which is historically a no-go area, on account of the Russian naval base hosted there. Russia has previously warned Israel away from the coast.

Russia will almost certainly react, as it would look bad if they let an Israeli strike go by without comment. That’s likely to lead to new talks on deconfliction in the area.

Nov 09 07:52

Palestinian human rights activists target of Israeli spyware hack

Six Palestinian human rights activists were targeted by spyware from the Israeli surveillance company NSO Group, a new report revealed on Monday, in the first reported instance of Palestinian activists being targeted by the surveillance company.

In a report from Frontline Defenders (FLD), the group revealed that six activists, who are members of the six civil society organizations recently branded “terrorist organizations” by Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz, were targeted by the military grade Pegasus spyware.

According to FLD, 75 iPhones were investigated after the group was approached by Al-Haq, a Ramallah-based human rights organization and one of the six targeted NGOs, over concerns that one of their staff member’s phones was infected with spyware.

Nov 09 07:41

Settlers Use Club to Break Palestinian’s Arm. Israeli Cop Returns the Weapon

Jewish settlers from an unauthorized West Bank outpost beat a Palestinian man with a club on Sunday, fracturing his arm.

The incident followed a clash over the use of a cistern in a Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills. Police separated the two sides and later an officer returned the club to the settlers, who reside in Maane farm outpost.

The incident occurred after the settlers, who were herding sheep, directed the sheep to a cistern in a Palestinian village in the Masafer Yatta area, even though the Israeli Civil Administration in the West Bank had ruled that the settlers had no right to access the cistern for their flocks. Several Palestinian villagers sought to get the sheep away from the cistern and were attacked by the settlers. In addition to the man who fractured his arm, two women were injured in the clash.

Nov 09 07:38

IDF building facial recognition database of Palestinians in Hebron — report

The Israel Defense Forces is utilizing advanced facial recognition technology to screen Palestinians in the West Bank city of Hebron, building a digital surveillance database of residents by having soldiers take cellphone photos of them, the Washington Post reported Monday.

According to the report, the surveillance initiative was rolled out over the past two years and is based in part on a smartphone technology called Blue Wolf that captures photos of Hebron residents’ faces and matches them to a mass database.

The Washington Post estimated that several thousand Palestinians had been photographed for the database, with former soldiers describing to the paper how they were incentivized to take as many photos as possible, including of children, based on a reward system.

In addition to Blue Wolf, the report said, the IDF has installed face-scanning cameras at Hebron checkpoints to help soldiers identify Palestinians before they present their ID cards.

Nov 08 16:09

Massive denial of service attack after posting U.K. privacy breach article

Our website, Redress Information & Analysis was subjected to a massive denial of service attack after posting an article about the mysterious privacy breach at the U.K. Labour Party (

The site is still partially down but we’ve managed to restore some of its pages slowly, including the above article. Work by our technical team is continuing.


Nov 08 12:03

Israeli secret dossier contains no evidence of “terror” by Palestinian groups

It was widely suspected that the “secret evidence” justifying Israel’s declaration of six Palestinian organizations as “terror groups” last month was without merit.

An exposé on the contents of a classified government document indicates that Israel has no evidence and is relying on the testimony of two Palestinian detainees who may have been tortured.

Israel alleges that the six groups – Al-Haq, Addameer, Defense for Children International Palestine, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, the Union of Palestinian Women Committees and the Bisan Center for Research and Development – serve as an arm of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Tel Aviv – along with the US and EU – list as “terror organizations” the PFLP and other Palestinian political parties with armed wings that resist Israeli occupation and colonization.

Nov 08 12:02

Yes, Palestinians must get reparations from the British. But an apology is vital too

The British are famed for saying sorry when they've done wrong. Apologising for the Balfour Declaration would let Palestinians start reclaiming the narrative from the Israeli occupiers

Nov 08 11:11