Oct 22 07:28

Mainstream Media Reports Jab Deaths

Oct 22 07:24

Attorney General Merrick Garland Slammed for Family Financial Interest in Attempt to Target ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Parents at School Board Meetings

Attorney General Merrick Garland is testifying today on Capitol Hill about numerous topics of concern, but Republicans are drilling him for his conflict of interest regarding Critical Race Theory.

Oct 22 07:24

Maine Hospital Fired So Many Unvaxed Employees They Had to Close the ICU

A hospital in Maine fired so many of its employees for being unvaccinated that the place was forced to close its ICU because it didn’t have enough workers to staff it.

The administrators of Central Maine Healthcare in Lewiston, Maine, enacted a vax policy demanding all employees to take the vaccine. But more than 250 employees refused to comply before the deadline. These employees were subsequently fired.

Unfortunately for patients, about 170 of those employees were needed to staff the intensive care unit. Consequently, the hospital had to shut down its ICU because of the firings.

Oct 22 07:23

UNREAL: Pelosi Complains to Media About Reporting on Biden’s $3.5T Socialist Boondoggle

Nancy Pelosi’s weekly press conference is always full of interesting comments from the House Speaker.

Oct 22 07:22

“I told you so!”...Senator Rand Paul Calls Fauci Out for Lying to Congress After NIH Confirms They Funded Wuhan’s Gain of Function Research [Video]

Senator Rand Paul has had several run-ins with Dr. Fauci during testimony about funding the gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China. Fauci lied and said the National Institutes of Health didn’t fund the research when it did. What happened to Senator Paul’s July criminal referral (see below) for Fauci?

Oct 22 07:21

Maybe This is Why Joe Biden Rarely Speaks in Public [Video]

Joe Biden has a bad habit when he speaks, and it comes off as very creepy. Is it part of his mental decline, or is it an act? He goes from whispering to yelling in speeches, and it’s never a good look. Maybe this is why Joe Biden hasn’t held a press conference since July 15th. That is 96 days ago.

Oct 22 07:12

Matt Gaetz Explodes On The House Floor

Oct 22 06:59

End of capitalism, transgender kids, NATO, reverse racism, WWII, censorship and more: What Putin spoke about at Valdai

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s appearance at the 2021 Valdai Discussion Club rivaled his famous annual press conferences, clocking in at over 3 hours. Here are some of the topics that he touched upon.
Putin spoke at length at the plenary session of the Valdai Club in Sochi on Thursday, taking questions from the moderator as well as the audience, both those physically present and over video link.

NATO on Russia’s doorstep

The Russian leader noted the trip by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to Ukraine earlier in the week, saying it could “open the door” for Kiev to join NATO, which “really poses a threat to the Russian Federation.”

Tomorrow, rockets could appear near Kharkov, what are we going to do about it? It’s not us placing our missiles there, it’s them shoving theirs under our nose

Oct 22 06:38

Rabid Trump-Hater Alec Baldwin Under Criminal Investigation After He Shoots And Kills Woman On Set Of New Movie

Alec Baldwin, a rabidly anti-Trump Lefty, shot and killed a crew member on the set of his new film “Rust” in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Thursday.

According to reports, the mentally unstable actor “accidentally” fired a prop gun, killing one member and critically injuring another.

Oct 22 06:23

BRAVO! GOP Reps Jordan, Johnson, Steube, Biggs, Gohmert, Spartz, Massie, Gaetz, Chabot, McClintock and Ken Buck DESTROY AG Garland at House Hearing (VIDEO)

Republican lawmakers totally represented today at the House Judiciary Committee hearing!

House GOP members showed up, were prepared, organized, focused on separate issues and COMPLETELY DESTROYED the corrupt Attorney General of the United States.

The GOP lawmakers blasted Attorney General Merrick Garland and the criminal actions of the current regime.

Oct 22 06:21

JUST IN: Alec Baldwin Accidentally Shoots and Kills Crew Member on Movie Set

Alec Baldwin on Thursday accidentally shot and killed a crew member on a movie set while filming the western “Rust” in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

According to Deadline, Baldwin discharged a prop gun that killed one member and injured another.

The fatal shooting is currently under criminal investigation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Shades of Brandon Lee and "The Crow!"

When I worked on LOST, there was a strict policy against functioning guns on the set. They used "unguns" which were fabricated to look authentic, but could not be loaded with a real bullet or even a normal blank round. Instead, there was an electrically fired pyrotechnic charge to create the flash and smoke of a real firing. I was unable to locate the company that makes them on the web and maybe they went out of business, but again, the tragic experience during the filming of "The Crow" should have been a reminder that any gun, even a prop gun, can be a danger if mishandled.

Oct 22 05:57

'Trump's DOJ was political? Are you kidding?' Republicans grill Biden's AG Merrick Garland as he defends FBI school board memo, insists parents are entitled to protest and denies calling them domestic terrorists

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are tearing into Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland at his first appearance before the panel on Thursday.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) kicked off Garland's hearing on a raucous note with an opening statement attacking Garland and his Democratic colleagues.

'The chairman just said Trump's DOJ was political. Are you kidding me?' Jordan asked in response to Chair Rep. Jerry Nadler's opening statement.

He accused the DOJ of 'opening a snitch line on parents' with his memo announcing a crackdown on school board meeting incidents and giving lawmakers who asked about it 'the finger.'

'Republicans on this committee have sent the Attorney General 13 letters in the last six months,' he said. 'Eight of the letters, we've got nothing - they just gave us the finger.'

'Folks all around the country, they tell me, for the first time they are afraid of their government.'

Oct 22 05:56

AG Merrick Garland Admits He Took Word of National School Boards Association to Target Parents as ‘Domestic Terrorists’

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland admitted during a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee Thursday he took the word of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) that parents voicing concerns at their local school board meetings should be targeted as “domestic terrorists.”

“When the National School Boards Association, which represents thousands of school boards and school board members says that there are these kinds of threats,” Garland told Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who pressed the attorney general on the fact that the very first sentence of his memorandum dated October 4 stated: