Oct 22 09:50

Thoughtful..!! (Picture)

Oct 22 09:49

National School Board Group Communicated with White House while Crafting Letter Likening Parents to Terrorists

The National School Board Association communicated with the White House before releasing a letter requesting federal intervention to investigate whether alleged threats leveled by parents against school-board members qualify as domestic terrorism under the Patriot Act.

Oct 22 09:48

Remembering Those Journalists Who Helped Cover for Anthony Fauci’s ‘Gain-of-Function’ Misdirection

A Wednesday letter from top NIH official Lawrence Tabak revealed that Dr. Anthony Fauci was wrong — and Senator Rand Paul was right: The NIH did fund gain-of-function viral research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology through the U.S. research non-profit EcoHealth Alliance.

Oct 22 09:47

Marie Laveau, The Voodoo Queen

If there was ever a true queen of voodoo, it was Marie Laveau, a Creole woman born in 1801 to white politician Charles Laveau and free black woman Marguerite Darkentel, who raised her on her father's plantation. As a young woman, Mary moved to New Orleans' French Quarter, where she developed into a voodoo barber and well-respected businesswoman. Lavu's voodoo was somewhat unique, however, as she was also a devout Catholic, infusing her practice with Christian beliefs such as holy water, candles, and the imagery of saints.

Oct 22 09:44


Dogs are way smarter than we give them credit for.

Oct 22 09:32

House Votes to Hold Steve Bannon in Contempt for Defying January 6 Committee Subpoena

The House of Representatives voted to hold former Trump adviser Steve Bannon in criminal contempt of Congress on Thursday, a week after Bannon defied a subpoena by the select committee on the January 6 Capitol riot.

Oct 22 09:30

"Out of context" (Picture)

Oct 22 09:30

Texas Welcomes Unvaccinated Organ-Transplant Patients Refused Care in Colorado

How bizarre has the vaccine controversy become? Colorado hospitals are refusing organ transplants to COVID-unvaccinated patients because if they catch the disease, they would have a 30 percent chance of dying due to weakened immune systems caused by the anti-rejection drugs recipients must take.

Oct 22 09:25

New Covid ‘epicentre’ emerges amid surge in cases – is YOUR area on the hotspot list?

A NEW coronavirus epicentre has emerged in the UK amid a surge in cases, data has revealed.

Infections in parts of the South West have increased dramatically in the last seven days with some local areas dealing with hundreds of new cas

Oct 22 09:23

AG Garland Denies School-Board Memo Represents Conflict-of-Interest Given Family Ties to Progressive Ed Company

Attorney General Garland denied Thursday that his memo directing the FBI to investigate “threats” leveled by parents against school board members represents a financial conflict of interest given that his son-in-law co-founded a company that sells progressive education materials of a kind that has outraged parents across the country.

Oct 22 09:22

Biden Details Opposition by Manchin, Sinema to Reconciliation Plan during Town Hall

President Biden detailed a host of sticking points in negotiations with Senators Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D., Ariz.) over the proposed reconciliation bill, in a CNN town hall on Thursday evening.

Oct 22 09:18

Historians Misquote and Misrepresent Texas Civics Law

Critics of Texas Senate Bill 3, which prevents critical race theory–based indoctrination, continue to mischaracterize the law. In a new low, two historians, president of the American Historical Association, Jacqueline Jones, and executive director of the American Historical Association, James Grossman, go the usual misrepresentations one better by misquoting the text of the law.

Oct 22 09:18

They, them, their (Video)

Oct 22 09:18

Democrats’ Assault on Religious Liberty Began with an Innocuous-Sounding Phrase

On January 16, 1993, President George H. W. Bush proclaimed the first Religious Freedom Day, commemorating the anniversary of the 1786 passage of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. That statute was authored by Thomas Jefferson, and it served as a model for the opening lines of the First Amendment. President Bush noted in his Religious Freedom Day proclamation that freedom of religion is the “first of all freedoms enumerated in our Bill of Rights.”

Oct 22 09:08

'This is not over!': Desperate Conor McGregor vows to continue rivalry with Dustin Poirier as Joe Rogan interviews him while his leg is wrapped in a splint in a corner of the octagon at UFC 264

Conor McGregor had no interest in putting his rivalry with Dustin Poirier to bed as he spoke to Joe Rogan following his freak defeat to the American at UFC 264.

McGregor suffered another defeat as he broke his ankle stepping backwards in the final seconds of the first round on Saturday night.

Oct 22 09:07

Fear the Economic ‘End of Men’

Last month, the Wall Street Journal reported that women now represent a record-setting 60 percent of new enrollees on America’s college campuses. Given the fact that higher education tends to engender brighter economic prospects, today’s abundance of freshwomen relative to freshmen is a recipe for a future in which jobs are more abundant for women than for men.

Oct 22 09:06

Amazing (Picture)

Oct 22 09:06

Is Trump’s Power over His Party Fading?

Republican politicians can be forgiven for thinking that the GOP is Trump’s world, and they only live in it at his sufferance.

Oct 22 09:03

America Is Now A Kleptocrapocracy

I've coined a new portmanteau word to describe America's descent: kleptocrapocracy, a union of kleptocracy (a nation ruled by kleptocrats) and crapocracy, a nation drowning in a moral sewer of rampant self-interest in which the focus is cloaking all the skims, scams, rackets and bezzles in some virtuous-sounding garb, a nation choking on low-quality junk ceaselessly hawked by robocalls, spam, phishing and Big Tech manipulation.

It's little wonder trust has collapsed in America: the only thing we can trust is whatever's being pitched is deceptively packaged to mask the self-interest and profiteering of the perps.

Oct 22 09:00

Must See: Steve Bannon Hints At Whole New Conspiracy He Has About Congress

WATCH: Matt Gaetz RIPS J6-Obsessed Dems Targeting Steve Bannon

"Do you really think your constituents are hoping you guys are here sharing your hot takes on Steve Bannon’s podcast rather than dealing with crushing inflation, the border crisis, or problems America faces abroad?"

Oct 22 08:59

Under Biden, We’ve Gone From ‘Make America Great’ To ‘Lower Your Expectations’

As the economy falters in the wake of rising inflation, chronic worker shortages, and a deepening supply chain crisis, the rhetoric from the Biden administration and its defenders has shifted from “we’ve got this” to “stop your whining.” Is this what Americans bargained for when they ditched Mr. Mean Tweets for Joe “Nexnelsrent” Biden?

A perfect example of this shift is an op-ed by a contributing columnist to the Washington Post – Micheline Maynard – who says that the real problem we face today isn’t skyrocketing prices, bottlenecks at the ports, and empty shelves. It is us spoiled brats.

“American consumers, their expectations pampered and catered to for decades, are not accustomed to inconvenience,” she writes. “Time for some new, more realistic expectations.”

Maynard’s op-ed, and the Washington Post, took plenty of flak for blaming the victim. But the truth is that it is increasingly the way the White House is talking as well.

Oct 22 08:58

Biden's child tax credit, community college and paid family leave plans may be cut

Like basically every presidential candidate in the last 50 years, Joe Biden talked a big game about boosting the middle class during his campaign. But many of the programs his administration has proposed to give the extra help that most Americans need to survive or thrive are the ones centrist Democrats have forced onto the chopping block.

The problem

Unequal wage growth has left the average worker’s paycheck today with the same purchasing power as the average worker 40 years ago, even as the price of everything has gone up. Meanwhile, attending college is almost three times as expensive — even as more jobs require some form of secondary education. Housing prices continue to rise, but potential buyers struggle to find places they can afford. And the U.S. remains the only country in the industrialized world to offer zero guaranteed paid time off to workers for medical or parental leave.

The promise

Oct 22 08:50

China Suspends Celtics Broadcast after Star Player Condemns Beijing’s ‘Cultural Genocide’ in Tibet

A Chinese internet giant suspended its broadcasting of Boston Celtics games on Thursday following player Enes Kanter’s fiery comments on Twitter condemning the regime for perpetrating a “cultural genocide” in Tibet, which China is illegally occupying.

Oct 22 08:49

He has a point (Picture)

Oct 22 08:49

DeSantis Calls for Special Legislative Session to Block Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday called for a special legislative session to prevent President Biden’s vaccine mandates from being enacted in the Sunshine State.

Oct 22 08:48

A ghost story spooky enough to give even sceptics the chills: Geneticist who 'doesn't believe in ghosts' recalls facing an 'evil spirit' in his university halls - only to learn THREE former residents had died

A geneticist has revealed how he and other students were 'terrorised' by an 'evil spirit' in the same university room in a chilling new podcast series that claims to be 'the biggest ever investigation into the paranormal'.

Oct 22 08:47

SAGE models show Covid hospitalisations are 'highly unlikely' to reach January peak even WITHOUT Plan B curbs... but tells No10 masks and WFH could make a 'big difference' to pressure on NHS

The NHS is 'highly unlikely' to be overwhelmed by Covid this winter even without restrictions, the Government's scientific advisory panel said today in advice that justifies minsters' decision not to revert to their winter 'Plan B'.

Oct 22 08:35

Accidents happen. (Picture)

Oct 22 08:35

Medical Journals Have a Bad Case of Ideologyitis

I guess sticking to medical science is boring for the editors of the world’s foremost medical journals. Once-august publications such as the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet are infected with a bad case of woke politics — let’s diagnose it as “ideologyitis” — and increasingly devoting their pages to political screeds and ideological advocacy pieces. They promote politically progressive policies such as critical race theory, transgender movement agendas, gun control, and harsh approaches to stifling global warming.

Oct 22 08:34

An OSHA Coverup Feeds Vaccine-Conspiracy Theories

Anti-vaccine propaganda and conspiracy theories are not something the government can successfully control, but the government can absolutely make them worse by acting as if it has a bias toward covering up the side effects or adverse reactions to vaccines. OSHA is doing precisely that by announcing on its website that it has suspended reporting requirements that normally would cause employers to report adverse reactions to the vaccine. From the FAQ section of OSHA’s website (emphasis mine):

Oct 22 08:23

Dumbest Tweet of the Year?

Oct 22 08:07

Alec Baldwin right now (Video)

Oct 22 08:06

COVID Versus The Bill Of Rights

In response to questions about the vaccine mandate, Dr. Fauci, our intrepid pandemic guardian, says we need to put our personal freedoms on hold for a bit — for the greater good. Uhh…no! That’s not how our freedoms work.

Oct 22 08:05

FAKE INSURRECTION CIRCUS UPDATE: Here’s The List of 9 Republicans Who Joined Democrats...Voted To Hold Wildly Popular Conservative Podcaster Steve Bannon In Contempt

This afternoon, 9 Republicans joined every single Socialist-Democrat in a vote to hold the wildly popular, conservative podcaster Steve Bannon in contempt. Bannon’s War Room podcast began in 2019 and quickly shot up to the top of the conservative podcast rankings. Iheart radio ranks Bannon’s podcast at #16 of all podcasts in the US.

Oct 22 08:04

Rep Thomas Massie Puts AG Garland On Hot Seat...Shares Video of “Trump Supporter” Appearing To Incite Jan 6 “Insurrection” During AG Garland Testimony...Asks How Many Fed Agents Were In Crowd?...Why Hasn’t Guy In Video Been Charged? [VIDEO]

Representative Thomas Massie showed an interesting video today during his questioning of Attorney General Merrick Garland. The video showed a montage of an alleged “Trump supporter” inciting people on January 5 and again on January 6th to breach the Capitol.

Oct 22 08:03

OVER 12,000 Active-Duty Air Force Personnel Will Not Meet Tyrannical Government’s COVID Vaccine Mandate Deadline

Remember when Dinesh D’souza warned America that Joe Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama was intentionally trying to weaken our military?

Oct 22 08:00

Meat price in US?200$ is this real?

Oct 22 07:49

Kamala’s Awkward Birthday: Kisses Husband With Mask On...Yells “Surprise!” at Her Own Surprise Party [Video]

Everything is staged in Kamala’s world down to the phony interaction in the video below with Joe Biden. On her 57th birthday, Joe trotted down the hall with flowers and dutifully gave Kamala flowers. Harris acted surprised saying, “Really? Oh Joe…”

Oct 22 07:48

Seems about right. (Picture)

Oct 22 07:48

BLOCKED: Senate Democrats Fail To Pass Federal Elections Takeover Bill

Senate Democrats tried and failed to pass their federal elections takeover bill on Wednesday.

Oct 22 07:45

Tucker: What the hell is going on here?

Tucker Carlson Tonight' host questions the sincerity of our leaders

Oct 22 07:45

Rep Steube RIPS AG Garland To Shreds Over Demonizing Americans In Jan 6 Capitol Incident While Ignoring Climate Terrorists Who Tried To Forcefully Break Into Fed Building Last Week [VIDEO]

Last week, on October 14, climate activists attacked federal police officers as they forcefully broke into the US Department of Interior.

Oct 22 07:42

WATCH VIDEO That Nadler Blocked During House Hearing Causing Jim Jordan to Ask: “What are you afraid of?”

The beginning of the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing begins with a heated exchange between Jerry Nadler and Jim Jordan. Jordan wanted to play a video of school parents at board meetings but Nadler refused.

Oct 22 07:41

While at MLK Memorial, Biden Repeats Huge Lie About Civil Rights Movement [Video]

Joe Biden made an appearance at the Martin Luther King Memorial today where he repeated a huge lie that he was involved in the civil rights movement.

Oct 22 07:33

US hypersonic weapon test derailed by rocket failure – reports

A test of hypersonic weapon components for the US Army and Navy was scuppered by rocket failure, sources told Reuters on Thursday. The incident was separate to three earlier tests successfully carried out.

The Pentagon’s attempted test launch of a hypersonic weapon suffered a “setback” when a booster rocket carrying the weapon failed to lift off, according to people with knowledge of the test launch.

The test was supposed to “validate aspects of one of the Pentagon’s hypersonic glide vehicles in development,” according to two of the sources.

The launch was separate from the three successful tests of hypersonic weapon components carried out on Wednesday, which “successfully demonstrated advanced hypersonic technologies, capabilities, and prototype systems in a realistic operating environment,” according to a statement the Pentagon released on Thursday.

Oct 22 07:32

Michigan Parents Sue to Stop AG Garland Over Memo Bringing in FBI to Target Parents at School Board Meetings

Concerned Saline, Michigan parents are suing Attorney General Merrick Garland over a controversial memo (see below) saying the FBI would get involved in reports of violent acts against school personnel. American Freedom Law Center, filed the suit in US District Court for the District of Columbia on Tuesday.

Oct 22 07:31

‘Your Memo Was The Last Straw!’...Rep Jim Jordan Rips Into AG Merrick Garland About School Board Directive [Video]

Rep. Jim Jordan ripped into Attorney General Merrick Garland today during a House Judiciary Committee hearing

Oct 22 07:28

Mainstream Media Reports Jab Deaths