Oct 23 06:11

Taste of freedom (Picture)

Oct 23 06:11

Horrific moment man PUNCHES 11-year-old girl in Manhattan park outside a school and hits her friend, 15, as he tried to help her

A New York dog walker was captured on camera assaulting an 11-year-old girl as well as hitting her 15-year-old friend in a Manhattan park on Wednesday afternoon.

Oct 23 06:07

F**King Karen’s (Picture)

Oct 23 06:07

US Airstrike Kills Senior Al-Qaeda Leader In Syria Two Days After American Military Outpost Was Hit By Coordinated Attack

Army Maj. John Rigsbee, a spokesman for U.S. Central Command, said in a statement that Abdul Hamid al-Matar was killed by a drone strike.

Oct 23 06:06

Facepunch (Picture)

Oct 23 06:06

Vogue Paris is in danger of 'losing its soul' as Anna Wintour is pushing 'American woke values' onto magazine which 'crushes elitist French spirit', insiders claim

Vogue Paris is in danger of 'losing its soul' as Anna Wintour pushes 'American woke values' onto the publication to try and help its tumbling circulation numbers, insiders have claimed.

Oct 23 06:04

Biden builds $500k wall around his Delaware beach home but still refuses to finish Trump’s wall as illegal migration reaches record level

The Department of Homeland Security is spending $456,548 to build a security fence around Joe Biden's Delaware summer house - a property he has visited twice in the nine months since he became president.

Oct 23 06:04

Millions of US Workers Resign

Oct 23 06:02

No Need For Violence (Video)

Oct 23 06:02

Math Teacher Is Placed On Leave For Wearing Feather Headdress And Performing Native American Dance To Teach Kids 'Easy Way To Memorize Trigonometry Terms'

A California math teacher was placed on leave after she was filmed donning a feather headdress and doing a bizarre 'Native American' dance for her students.

Oct 23 05:59

Genders (Picture)

Oct 23 05:59

Fully-vaccinated Rep Glenn Thompson tests positive for COVID-19 and is admitted to Walter Reed

Fully-vaccinated Pennsylvania Rep. Glenn Thompson announced he tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday afternoon and was admitted to Walter Reed.

Oct 23 05:58

'Meanwhile we are printing money in the basement, and we are fine': New Facebook whistleblower reveals that executives dismissed criticism that Russian used site to interfere with 2016 election

A new whistleblower affidavit submitted by a former Facebook employee accuses the social media giant of prioritizing profits over their due diligence to combat hate speech, misinformation and other threats to the public.

Oct 22 21:03

John F. Kennedy Knew The TRUTH | The JFK Prophecy

President John F. Kennedy, while addressing the press, shared what was really going on in the world and that there was a ruthless, monolithic worldwide conspiracy underway and never have we seen clearer evidence than today in the year 2021.

Oct 22 21:01

Can We REALLY Trust Vaccine Fact-Checkers??!

Are Facebook’s Fact Checkers reliable? A new report suggests they might not be as reliable as previously thought.

Oct 22 19:23

[Video] Viral Video: Woman “Predicted” Covid Pandemic In 2019, Warned Of Global Tyranny & Vax Mandates

A video uploaded to YouTube on September 20, 2019 is going viral after predictions made in the post ended up coming true over the next couple of years.

Oct 22 19:09

[Video] TheCrowhouse - Law No Longer Exists So Its Time We Create Our Own

Circumstances have forced Max Igan to leave Australia.

Oct 22 18:41

LEGEND: Marine Who Thwarted Gas Station Armed Robbery Ends Interview with Fox News Saying, “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” (VIDEO)

The heroic US Marine who thwarted a gas station armed robbery in Arizona earlier this week appeared on Fox News Friday to discuss the incident.

Oct 22 18:40

“I Wonder How it Must Feel to Wrongfully Kill Someone” – Alec Baldwin’s 2017 Tweet Attacking a Cop Comes Back to Haunt Him

Alec Baldwin on Thursday accidentally shot and killed a crew member on a movie set while filming the western “Rust” in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Oct 22 16:33

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Backs Maryland Counties' Secession Plans

West Virginia Gov Jim Justice on Friday threw his support behind three conservative Maryland counties working to secede from Democrat tyranny and join Best Virginia.

Oct 22 15:10


Oct 22 13:15

A gem of a find! Stunning 2,000-year-old lilac amethyst stone is discovered in Jerusalem featuring the first-ever known depiction of balsam - a plant prominently mentioned in the Bible

A stunning 2,000-year-old lilac amethyst stone has been discovered in Jerusalem, including the first known depiction of balsam, a plant featured in the Bible.

Oct 22 13:15

Were woolly mammoths driven to extinction because it was TOO WET? Melting icebergs wiped out the grass, flowers and plants — the animals' only food source — and led to their demise, study claims

Woolly mammoths may have been driven to extinction not by human hunting but as a result of the climate becoming too wet, a new study has proposed.

Oct 22 12:48

Creepy video shows nine rats seen tied together by tails in bizarre ‘rat king’ phenomenon that leaves them dead

A CREEPY video has emerged showing nine rats tied together by their tails in a rare 'rat king' phenomenon that supposedly signals an impending plague or famine.

The rodents were seen bizarrely bound together and desperately trying to free themselves from the troublesome knot before exhaustedly giving up.

Oct 22 12:48

Stunning red ‘Hunter’s Moon’ graces night skies across the globe to signal start of Autumn

A HUNTER'S Moon brightened the night sky last night and in the early hours of this morning.

The Full Moon helped to create some stunning photographs and observers even spotted a reddish hue to it.

Oct 22 12:47

Terrifying moment great white shark is spotted just feet away from stunned surfers as deadly beast prowls waters

DRONE footage shows the jaw-dropping moment a huge great white shark comes within several feet of a child on a surf board.

In the heart-stopping clip, the predator can clearly be seen circling the kid plus another surfer off the coast of Del Mar, California.

Oct 22 12:46

Shocking moment teen killer guns down rival in drive-by shooting as he’s unmasked for first time

THIS is the shocking moment a teen killer gunned down a rival in a drive-by shooting.

Abdul Xasan was blasted twice in the back as he walked home from Friday prayers by 19-year-old Carren Monga who was armed with a pump-action shotgun.

Oct 22 12:45

I have the neighbour from hell – she pours her kid’s potty on my doorstep and flicks dog poo at my front door

The woman has started recording her neighbour
Taking to her TikTok account, the woman is sharing what the neighbour thinks is acceptable, and people are calling her "disgusting."

Oct 22 12:44

Real-life Mowgli who lived in jungle to escape cruel bullies dons suit as he heads off to school

Zanziman Ellie gained support from around the world last year following a documentary about his life which aired in February on YouTube by Afrimax TV.

Oct 22 12:38

Israel study questions COVID-19 vaccine efficacy, reveals stunning degree of HARM caused by vaccines

A recent study from Israel about the efficacy of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine suggests that these injections are doing more harm than good.

Oct 22 12:38

Fake Denmark Study and its reviews suggest if you already beat Covid naturally you STILL need clot shots

In early 2020, from March to May, during the first surge of Covid, Denmark ran free-of-charge PCR tests on 70 percent of their population, about 4 million people, and used the warped data to craft estimates about SARS-CoV-2 repeat infection. Then, the researchers took statistics from those who tested positive the first round, in order to analyze their infection rates (and seriousness of cases) from the “second surge” of Covid-19 in Denmark, which took place during the final quarter of the year. From this Danish Microbiology Database analysis comes shocking information, but not really.

Oct 22 12:37

Poll: Most voters consider Biden’s handling of the economy “poor” as inflation soars

More than half of voters in a recent survey gave President Biden’s handling of economic issues a poor rating as inflation continues to climb.

Oct 22 12:36

Biden loses more support than any other president since WWII: Approval ratings in his first nine months nosedive by 11% as independents abandon him and just 42% of Americans think he's doing a good job

Joe Biden has disappointed Americans more than any other president since World War II has at this point in their term, a new Gallup poll released Friday appears to show.

Oct 22 12:36

China Warns Biden Is Putting Peace At Risk And Not To Underestimate Its 'Strong Ability And Determination' After President Said US Would Defend Taiwan If It Was Attacked By Beijing, Defying Longstanding US Policy

China is warning President Joe Biden that he is putting international peace at risk on Friday morning after he said the US has a 'commitment' to defending Taiwan during a CNN town hall.

Oct 22 12:35

Seven boys - one who identifies as nonbinary - sue Texas school district for punishing them for breaking its male-only ban on long hair

Seven male students - including one who was assigned male at birth and identifies as nonbinary - are part of a gender bias lawsuit suing a Texas school district for their gendered rules banning long hair for males but not females.

Oct 22 12:35

Mosaic floors from the 1,500-year-old lost 'Church of the Apostles' built over the homes of Jesus' disciples Peter and Andrew are discovered in Israel

Archaeologists excavating a Byzantine-period structure in Biblical Bethsaida believe they have found new evidence proving the ancient ruins are of the long-lost Church of the Apostles.

Oct 22 12:35

Supreme Court agrees to review Texas' 6-week abortion ban with arguments set for next month – but does NOT immediately stop the law while the case gets heard

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take up the case of Texas' controversial abortion law barring abortion when there is a fetal heartbeat, usually at about six weeks' pregnancy.

Oct 22 12:35

1961 Vs 2021 (Picture)

Oct 22 12:32

High-IQ actress says her smarts are a 'handicap' in Hollywood

The people of Hollywood are known for their beauty and brawn. Rarely are they noted for their brains.

Significant intellectual capacity is not something Americans expect of their silver-screen celebrities — and usually for good reason.

Oct 22 12:32

Drag show at public HS football game features students, teachers: 'Be OK with being your authentic self ... speaking your truth, living your truth'

A Vermont public high school held a "drag ball" during halftime of the school's homecoming football game as students and teachers took turns parading in dresses, wigs, and makeup before a decidedly rainbow-hued crowd last Friday, the Associated Press reported.

What are the details?

Oct 22 12:26

George Washington University political science professor slams 'disgraceful' removal of Thomas Jefferson statue from NYC's City Hall and says sidelining historical figures diminishes ideals of liberty and equality in column

A political science professor is slamming New York City's move to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson from City Hall as 'disgraceful' and diminishing the ideals of liberty and equality.

Oct 22 12:26

China (Picture)

Oct 22 12:26

Biden Admits It Was Wrong For Him To Say Steve Bannon Should Be Charged And He Would 'Never Pick Up The Phone' To Call The Attorney General To Tell Him To Prosecute Someone

President Joe Biden on Thursday said he should have chosen his words 'more wisely' when he said the Justice Department should prosecute former Trump advisor Steve Bannon for contempt.

Oct 22 12:26

Biden says he is considering sending the National Guard in to fix the supply chain crisis and drive trucks at backed-up ports: Blames the problems and labor shortages on COVID

President Biden said in a CNN town hall Thursday night that he would 'absolutely' consider sending in the National Guard to help alleviate the supply chain crisis, even by driving trucks.

Oct 22 12:25

Ex-Saudi intelligence official claims Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman sent a hit squad to Canada to assassinate him days after murder of Jamal Khashoggi

A former Saudi intelligence official has alleged that the kingdom's ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, ordered his assassination and has taken his children hostage.

Oct 22 12:25

Human brain DECREASED in size 3,000 years ago when ancient civilizations started to form social groups and share information with each other, study reveals

The size of the human brain has changed numerous times throughout human history, but the vital organ decreased approximately 3,000 years ago due to a rise of social circles, a new study finds.

Oct 22 12:25

Anti-vaxxer is spotted selling prosthetic arms 'in various skin colours' on Facebook for $1,500 so Aussies can FAKE getting the Covid vaccine

A renowned comedian has spoken about the bizarre moment he saw an Australian anti-vaxxer selling a prosthetic arm on Facebook so others could use it to 'fake' getting the Covid vaccine.

Oct 22 12:16

Thirty-six million French people will be handed 100 euros each as part of 'inflation premium' to help them cope with soaring gas prices

Millions of lower and medium-income motorists will be given 100 euros (£84) in financial assistance in France to help them cope with rising fuel prices.

Oct 22 12:16

Air Force offers $50,000 settlement to an Army spouse demanding $1M after doctor left a surgical TOWEL inside her for FIVE YEARS following a C-section: 17 similar cases were reported last year

After five years of unbearable chronic pain, six gastrointestinal specialists and several emergency room visits, an Army spouse finally learned the cause of her pain: a laparotomy towel was left inside her abdomen from a C-section performed at a US air base outside Tokyo.

Oct 22 12:16

Demolition Derby NYC! Wild Moment NYPD Cop Fires Taser Into A Car Window Before It Gets Away By Driving OVER The Hood Of A Parked Police Car In Brooklyn

Police are searching for a man who drove over the hood of a cop car that was parked next to him after an officer fired a Taser at him Tuesday night.

Oct 22 12:15

Breonna Taylor's Drug Dealer Ex-Boyfriend Who Sparked Police Raid On Her Home In Which She Was Shot Dead Avoids Jail And Is Offered Probation For Long List Of Crimes

The ex-boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, who was the target of the police raid that killed her last year, has been offered probation for a long list of drug crimes that could have gotten him eight years in prison.

Oct 22 12:15

'She's as smart as the devil': Joe Biden finally reveals Kyrsten Sinema is 'very supportive' of his environmental agenda but refuses to raise a 'single penny' of taxes on the wealthy

President Joe Biden took steps during a prime time town hall Thursday to reveal several of Kyrsten Sinema's policy positions – after the Arizona Senator infuriated liberals by holding back her criticisms of his $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plan.