Oct 23 18:57

Barack Obama Attacks Trump Supporters in Campaign Speech for Terry McAuliffe (VIDEO)

Obama attacked Trump supporters as insurrectionists and repeated the same boring Democrat talking points in his 30 minute speech on Saturday.

Oct 23 18:56

Rep. Louie Gohmert Gives a Shout-Out to Political Prisoner and Hero Jeremy Brown

On Thursday afternoon, September 30th, at 3:45 PM Eastern the FBI raided Jeremy Brown’s home and arrested Jeremy. The charge is trespassing. We were notified this morning by his family and an attorney.

Oct 23 16:38

Sky News tears Greta a new one

Oct 23 14:32

LISTEN: 911 Call Audio From After Alec Baldwin Shot Two People On Set Puts Major Doubt On ‘Accidental’ Theory

TMZ got their hands on the 911 call after Alec Baldwin shot two people on set in an apparent prop “mishap” and new details add doubt that it was a complete accident:

Oct 23 11:18

Say what, Keystone fool…Video

Oct 23 09:02

Thirty-Six Million French People Will Be Handed 100 Euros Each As Part Of 'Inflation Premium' To Help Them Cope With Soaring Gas Prices

Millions of lower and medium-income motorists will be given 100 euros (£84) in financial assistance in France to help them cope with rising fuel prices.

Oct 23 09:01

Ohio babysitter who has spent 18 YEARS in prison on charges of killing a nine-month-old girl will be released after new evidence revealed older, undetected injury could have led to child's death

An Ohio woman who has spent 18 years in prison on charges of killing a nine-month-old girl will be released after new evidence showed an older, undetected injury could have led to the child's death.

Oct 23 08:59

Steve Bannon says he has been 'sworn to silence' and can't comment after House voted to hold him in contempt over Jan 6 riot

Former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon wouldn't directly comment on the House vote to hold him in contempt Thursday, saying he's been 'sworn to silence' by his lawyers – although he invited Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on his podcast where she called the Jan. 6th probe a 'witch hunt.'

Oct 23 08:46

This is Bizarro World

Oct 23 08:08

That Is Brilliant (Video)

Oct 23 08:08

Owners Of Rhode Island Nightclub Where 100 People Died In Inferno Caused By Band's Pyrotechnics Break Silence After Nearly 20 YEARS And Say Cheap Packing Foam Helped Fire Spread

The owners of The Station nightclub in Rhode Island - where 100 people died in an inferno caused by a rock band's pyrotechnics back in 2003 - are finally telling their side of the story for the first time after nearly 20 years of silence.

Oct 23 08:07

Building a case against him! Seattle cops bust thrift store owner for 'running network of shoplifters stealing Lego and then selling them for a profit' - and he was brought down by an undercover cop and Baby Yoda set

Mark Brady, 67, owner of Rummage Around, was arrested last week for allegedly running a network of shoplifters, who would go out into neighboring stores in Seattle to steal items Brady could sell at his store.

Oct 23 08:06

The memes write themselves (Video)

Oct 23 08:06

EXCLUSIVE: Where in the world is Andrew Cuomo? Homeless New York 'luv gov' has not been seen since leaving the executive mansion in disgrace in August after admitting he didn't know where he was going to live

It's one of the great disappearing acts of all time. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has not been seen since the day he quit office in disgrace nearly two months ago.

Oct 23 07:50

Bear Grylls' teenage son and the parachute stunt that was too mad even for daredevil dad - because he had his harness hooked into his own fleshv

Bear Grylls is known for his fearlessness. But it seems his 18-year-old son Jesse is determined to outdo the TV survival expert when it comes to daredevil stunts.

The teenager has carried out a dangerous parachute jump from a bridge – with the stomach-churning difference that the chute was attached to him by hooks pierced into the skin of his back.

Oct 23 07:50

'I wasn't sure if I was ready': The 24-year-old armorer who had doubts before being put in charge of guns on Alec Baldwin film set where he shot cinematographer dead - after some crew walked out over safety

The 24-year-old head armorer in charge of guns on Alec Baldwin film where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was tragically shot and killed on Thursday had admitted she wasn't sure she was ready for the job in an interview before filming started.

Oct 23 07:29

Students at Washington & Lee University in Virginia are BANNED from passing out flyers for Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin

Republican students at Washington & Lee University in Virginia have been banned from displaying campaign material in support of GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, claiming lobbying for a politician violates the private university's policy and threatens its tax-exempt status.

Oct 23 07:24

DINO-SOAR! 'Big John,' the world's most complete triceratops, sells for $7.7 million in Paris auction

The world's biggest triceratops skeleton, known as 'Big John,' sold for $7.7 million (6.6 million euros) on Thursday at a Paris auction house.

The enormous skeleton, which is estimated to be over 66 million years old and is more than 60 complete, was found in 2014 in South Dakota.

Oct 23 07:22

Next stop extinction? 32-year-old Najin, one of the world's last two northern white rhinos, won't have her eggs harvested to help a breeding program save the species as old age and illness take their toll

Scientists said on Thursday that Najin, one of the world's last two northern white rhinos, is retiring from the breeding program to save the species.

Najin, 32, will not have her eggs harvested as a result of her retirement, with researchers noting that old age and illness are impacting her.

Oct 23 07:18

Zuck’s Bucks were ILLEGAL....

Oct 23 07:18

The world's biggest triceratops skeleton, known as 'Big John,' sold for $7.7 million (6.6 million euros) on Thursday at a Paris auction house. The enormous skeleton, which is estimated to be over 66 million years old and is more than 60 complete, was fou

Archaeologists excavating a Byzantine-period structure in Biblical Bethsaida believe they have found new evidence proving the ancient ruins are of the long-lost Church of the Apostles.

The team unearthed a stunning mosaic flooring made of tiny yellow, red and orange tiles that bear two inscriptions written in ancient Greek.

Oct 23 06:52

New invite-only 'super rich' club charges $180K to enroll and has turned away two billionaires for not meeting its integrity standards

A new invite-only investment club for the super rich charges members $180,000 for a required three-year membership, but those not meeting its lofty integrity standards - along with a net worth of at least $100 million - need not apply.

Oct 23 06:51

Good Guy AI ! (Picture)

Oct 23 06:51

Biden thinks he’s a pilot…

Oct 23 06:51

'You Are Right, Brother': Kamala Agrees With Heckler At Speech In The Bronx Who Shouted That Eight Families Drowned In NY Floods Due To Poor Infrastructure - Before Secret Service Escort Him Out

Vice President Kamala Harris was delivering remarks in New York City's Bronx borough on Friday when she was interrupted by an impassioned protester critical of the city's aging infrastructure.

Oct 23 06:49

This one sparks joy (Video)

Oct 23 06:49

Will Alec Baldwin face charges? Legal experts say massive civil suit is a virtual certainty, but that any criminal prosecution would likely focus on whoever prepared prop gun

Legal experts tell that lawsuits naming Alec Baldwin are a virtual certainty, but that any potential criminal charges are more likely to center on whoever prepared the prop gun that he fired on set, accidentally killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Oct 23 06:47

Days when we DID have enough dockers (when they weren't on strike!) Rarely-seen images capture life at Port of London from the 20th century, with 'knocker uppers' and shipments of exotic animals arriving from across the globe

Rarely-seen photographs have been released which capture the essence of life as a 20th century London docker with 'knocker uppers' and exotic shipments arriving from across the globe - a world apart from the chaos at Britain's docks today.

Oct 23 06:38

Human Brain DECREASED In Size 3,000 Years Ago When Ancient Civilizations Started Because People Didn't Have To Know Everything Themselves (So God Knows What's Happening To Our Brains)

The size of the human brain has changed numerous times throughout human history, but the vital organ decreased approximately 3,000 years ago due to a rise of social circles, a new study finds.

Oct 23 06:38

California ports that move 40% of cargo coming into US are rated among the WORST behind third-world countries like Kenya and Ghana: Massive shipping backlogs in Los Angeles and Long Beach continue to cripple supply chain

California's Los Angeles and Long Beach ports in San Pedro Bay - which move about 40 percent of shipped cargo entering the U.S. - are ranked among the worst in the world, falling behind third-world countries such as Kenya and Ghana.

Oct 23 06:37

Why WAS a gun on Alec Baldwin movie set loaded with live ammo? Mystery over events that led to actor killing cinematographer - after his stunt double ALSO fired off live bullets on production overseen by daughter, 24, of legendary sharpshooter

The deadly chain of events on set that led to Alec Baldwin being handed a gun with live ammunition and accidentally shooting and killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins have become clearer after it emerged last night the actor fired a live round, believing it to be a blank.

Oct 23 06:24

6 Or More Total Pos (Video)

Oct 23 06:23

Airline SkyWest Cancels 1,200 Flights In Two Days: Regional Carrier Which Operates Flights For United, Delta, American And Alaska Is Hit By System Outage

U.S. regional airline SkyWest canceled over a thousand flights between Thursday and Friday due to an 'internal technical issue'.

Oct 23 06:22

Five sex offenders including two violent pedophiles were placed in homeless shelter within a block of $36k-a-year elementary school in Manhattan - and only moved after outraged parents found out

Manhattan parents were outraged when they learned that city officials stuck five registered sex offenders, including two convicted pedophiles, into a homeless shelter last year about a block away from an elementary school.

Oct 23 06:20

Brian Laundrie's autopsy is INCONCLUSIVE: Skeletal remains found in Florida reserve will be sent to an anthropologist to try and determine a cause of death for Gabby Petito's fiancé

Brian Laundrie's autopsy is inconclusive, Florida authorities have said, and the remains are now being sent to an anthropologist to try and determine how he died.

Oct 23 06:17

Lyft Recorded More Than 4,000 Cases Of Sexual Assault Including 360 Reports Of Rape Over Just Three Years

The ride-share company Lyft recorded more than 4,000 sexual assault cases between 2017 to 2019, its first safety report released on Thursday reveals.

Oct 23 06:14

Woke people logic (Picture)

Oct 23 06:14

Utah school district failed to respond to 'serious and widespread racial harassment' where black students were referred to as 'monkeys' and told to 'go pick cotton', DOJ probe finds

A federal civil rights investigation released Thursday found widespread racial harassment of black and Asian American students at a Utah school district, including hundreds of documented uses of the N-word and other racial epithets over the last five years.

Oct 23 06:11

Senator sounds the alarm…

Oct 23 06:11

Taste of freedom (Picture)