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Is the CNN video of the BP oil cap real?

The sudden decision of BP to cap the well after telling us that nothing could be done until the relief wells were completed in August came as a surprise to me. Supposedly, there was no technology to cap a leak at this psi.

BP shares rose 9 percent with the news of the cap and their possible sale of assets in Alaska.

Admittedly, I am a little skeptical of anything BP says or does. BP denied the existence of other plumes despite the photographs, video footage and expert eyewitness testimony. Theoretically, the capping would increase the pressure on the sea floor cracks and the psi of the oil that forms two other plumes leaking into the sea floor. (BP denies the existence of any other oil to minimize the fines and damages.) I also question James Cameron's relationship with BP. Who better to fake the video footage? I can imagine some government bureaucrat telling him that we must do this for national security reasons because if BP fails, the markets will collapse and chaos will reign supreme. We cannot tell people the truth because they would panic (or take vigilante action against all of those responsible a la Steven Segal), so to protect the world, BP has to fake a video. It's not like this "Wag the Dog" event hasn't been done over and over. Remember the overweight, no-neck, flat-nosed, gold wearing, right-handed Osama bin Laden tape?

I watched the video with the afore-mentioned bias. Check it out the videos for yourself.