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Jul 21 19:10

The Rupture

The Rupture

Tap into her arteries
As vampires, make her bleed
Grease the wheels of industries
Upon her blood we feed
Poke and prod and grope and squeeze
As her defenders plead
Well reasoned analyses
By no means guaranteed
A hunger we can’t appease
A thirst we won’t impede
Beneath the sword of Damocles
Let no one intercede
The rupture is upon us
Prepare now to meet thy god
Upon Earth within heaven
Our corruption we applaud

Jun 10 16:00



Gaza the world has turned its back on you
Owing to ancient words written of Philistine and Jew
No god in Gaza
No heaven only holy hell
No peace for Gaza
No freedom in a cell
Gaza we won’t see the suffering you endure
Owing to our reluctance to affect the cure
No god in Gaza
No heaven only holy hell
No peace for Gaza
Until hatred we expel...

Full article can be read here:

Gaza can be heard here:

Apr 13 14:30

Open Letter to Jon Voight (Unnecessary Roughness)

Open Letter to Jon Voight (Unnecessary Roughness)

Dear Jon:

Saw you sitting on Fox with Mike Huckabee, (what is it with republican governors with shows on Fox?) where you read a letter to President Obama while ostensibly addressing it to We the American people. Your missive began with a bitch slap at Obama (though I must have missed your letter to Mr. Bush upon whom Obama appears to be modeling our national decline) then became a blowjob to capitalism. It was at that point I turned it off.

Jan 20 19:23

End Socialism!

End socialism, all of it. Eliminate public education, real men (children) learn for themselves. Eliminate libraries, if you want to be educated, pay for books like everyone else. Dump public water and power and especially trash pick up – the private sector can handle it all just fine and real Americans are happy to pick up the tab for corporate profits when it comes to human necessity.

Oct 29 19:09

The Drug of War

The Drug of War

“There has never been a protracted war from which a country has benefited.”
Sun Tzu “Art of War”

It can be said that addiction is a war within one’s self. I know it can be said, I just said it. But that doesn’t make it true. It is a struggle, a weakness, a cave-in to fear, a place to try to hide, (operative word, try) – it is a hunger never sated, a thirst never quenched. And while on the surface this sounds bad, only when a living human becomes a dead one, is their hunger sated or thirst quenched. Until then, we get hungry and thirsty all the time. Drug of War

Oct 23 17:17

Flying Cavemen (lyric)


.. ..

They tell tales of ruthless cavemen

Cavemen who can fly

Deadly fanatic box boys

Raining fire from the sky

Steeped in righteous anger

Tooth for tooth eye for eye

Climbing underneath our skin

Flying Cavemen want to die

Flying Cavemen!

Under the radar over the top

All of our millions and billions and trillions

Just can’t seem to make them stop

Oct 09 22:53

Clear Fraud

The problem with God is human. The problem of heaven is human. The problem of the world is human. The problem with human is human. Until the problem is addressed, the solution can not be realized. Unknown illness has unknown cure - unknown locations are very hard to find.

Oct 08 13:00

The Amazing Debate - Prezbyter & James Randi on 9-11

Hi James:

I'm a little troubled by the number of 'skeptics' who are skeptical of everything except what is promoted as the conventional wisdom. A simple test for me is does the person or group making a claim have a history of dishonesty. Are they liars?

The Bush/Cheney administration claimed that Iraq was involved in the crimes of 9/11. Repeatedly. This has been proven to be a lie, among many other lies by those guys. Lies that profited them and their associates. They referred to 9/11 as an 'opportunity'. It was a crime most egregious. If they lied about the involvement of one nation/collective, then how I wonder does a skeptic believe what they said about the involvement of another nation/collective?

By eschewing real skepticism.