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Jan 16 10:18

Florida State Drops Middle East Studies Association Membership As Group Moves Towards Israel Boycott

As previously reported, on December 2, 2021, the business meeting at the annual meeting passed a resolution endorsing the BDS boycott against Israel. The resolution now goes to a full membership vote expected to start in mid-to-late January 2022.

If MESA’s membership ratifies the academic boycott of Israel, it will have profound implications for the academic freedom of American students and scholars, not just Israelis, as I explored in an Op-Ed at The NY Post:

BDS represents a full-frontal assault on academic freedom at American universities and colleges, not just against Israeli institutions. BDS academic boycott guidelines bar almost all interactions with Israeli academic institutions and “representatives” of such institutions.

Jan 16 10:17

USDOT Releases New Data Showing That Road Fatalities Spiked in First Half of 2021

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration today released the Early Estimate of Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities for the First Half (January-June) of 2021, which shows the largest six-month increase ever recorded in the Fatality Analysis Reporting System’s history. An estimated 20,160 people died in motor vehicle crashes in the first half of 2021, up 18.4% over 2020. That’s the largest number of projected fatalities in that time period since 2006.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just when the vaccines started rolling out!

Jan 16 10:13

Prof Links Rise of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies to ‘White Nationalism’

Professor links Bitcoin to ‘far right’ nationalists. Expert Peter McCormack discusses why that might be wrong.

Elon University professor Megan Squire recently teamed up with Southern Poverty Law Center spokesman Michael Edison Hayden to publish an article linking the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, to the rise of “[W]hite nationalism.”

According to their analysis piece, “White supremacists embraced cryptocurrency early in its development, and in some cases produced million-dollar profits through the technology, reshaping the racist right in radical ways, a Hatewatch analysis found,” the writers’ Dec. 9 article states.

The online analysis piece also contains a graphic, “Bitcoin Bet Pays Off for the Racist Right,” which details the amount of Bitcoin sent and received by prominent figures that identify as “Alt-Right.”

Jan 16 10:07


Jan 16 10:05

[Contagion] Fitch places third Chinese Developer Guangzhou on RD (Restricted Default).

Jan 16 09:57

Elon Musk's Neuralink brain chip demo explained

Jan 16 09:55

More patients are getting COVID-19 during hospital stays. Experts worry it's because infected healthcare workers are sick on the job.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stunned many disease experts last month when it announced healthcare workers could return to work seven days after testing positive for COVID-19, instead of its previous 10-day recommendation.

The policy applies to people who are asymptomatic, or whose mild or moderate symptoms are improving, and test negative within 48 hours of returning to work. But the CDC said the isolation period could be cut even more — down to five days — in the event of staffing shortages. In that case, healthcare workers wouldn't need to test out of isolation. And in a crisis scenario, when there's no longer enough staff to provide safe patient care, there would be no work restrictions at all, the CDC said.

Jan 16 09:48

SEC added a new version on the rule filing for "Insider Trading" - with unknown changes, so we have to read the whole thing.

Jan 16 09:47

Live: Trump Holds ‘Save America’ Rally in Arizona To Expose Stolen 2020 Election

Former President Trump is holding a Save America rally in Florence, Arizona on Saturday to discuss the latest developments surrounding Republican efforts to get the bottom of the stolen 2020 presidential election.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that YouTube has already pulled the video!

Jan 16 09:46

Mike Lindell says a bank is closing his accounts over fear of "reputational damage"

Money problems continue to plague MyPillow CEO-turned-election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell, with the staunch Trump ally revealing Friday on Steve Bannon's podcast that he had recently been asked by his bank to close his accounts over fear of the institution's "reputational damage" if it continued to be associated with the controversial figure.

The pillow maven played a recorded call he said came from the bank, Heartland Financial, giving him 30 days to take his business elsewhere. The alleged representative said the institution is afraid his bank records may soon be subpoenaed by federal authorities, presenting a risk to the bank's image.

But the request apparently fell on deaf ears — with Lindell telling Bannon that he refuses to pull his money from the bank.

"I said, 'I am not being part of this. I'm not leaving. So you're going to have to throw me out of your bank,'" Lindell said.

Jan 16 09:41

Joseph Mercola: Do More Children Die From the COVID Shot Than From COVID?

According to published research, children are at risk for potentially lifelong health effects from the jab. Read here to learn what the experts say.

The video above features Collette Martin, a practicing nurse who testified before a Louisiana Health and Welfare Committee hearing December 6, 2021. Martin claims she and her colleagues have witnessed “terrifying” reactions to the COVID shots among children—including blood clots, heart attacks, encephalopathy and arrhythmias—yet their concerns are simply dismissed.

Among elderly patients, she’s noticed an uptick in falls and acute onset of confusion “without any known ideology.” Coworkers are also experiencing side effects, such as vision and cardiovascular problems.

Jan 16 09:40

Black Lives Matter Norfolk (VA) Edition: Since 1989, Almost Every Homicide in the Majority White City Has a Black Suspect 

When you realize how much of the horror of violent crime/homicide/n0n-fatal shootings has been committed by blacks, you can’t look away from the horror of what proponents of Civil Rights/Equity/Social Justice have done to America.

[Over 800 guns recovered, 116 from felons in Norfolk in 2021; Police chief says, ‘We have to stop the flow of illegal guns‘, WTRK.com, January 14, 2022]:

Jan 16 09:36

Germany has lost its economic freedom – Russia

The ongoing saga with the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and its long wait for approval and certification shows that Germany has no freedom to pursue its own economic interests, Russia’s foreign minister has claimed.

Speaking to the Russian First Channel on Thursday, Sergey Lavrov suggested that right now Berlin doesn't have economic sovereignty and is at the mercy of third parties.

“About Nord Stream 2, it’s no longer about freedom to choose alliances. It’s just freedom to carry out ordinary commercial activities on world markets,” he said. “It turns out there is no freedom for Germany to pursue its economic interests.”

The controversial Nord Stream 2 natural pas pipeline was completed in September but is yet to be certified. Approval of the project, which could have come this month, was suspended in mid-November by the German Federal Network Agency over a regulatory issue.

Jan 16 09:27

'Yes I Pushed Her - I'm God, I Can Do It': Homeless Man, 61, Publicly Confesses To Fatally Shoving Asian Woman In Front Of Subway Train At Times Square

Jan 16 09:21

Senior prosecutor praised by Kamala Harris is indicted on federal charges

On Thursday, Marilyn Mosby, the state’s attorney for Baltimore, was indicted for perjury and falsifying documents at a time when she alleged she was struggling financially due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mosby, a Democrat who was elected to her position in 2015, claimed on two occasions that she was suffering work-related hardship so as to borrow a total of $90,000 from her retirement account. She used that money to purchase two Florida vacation homes, prosecutors say.

According to the indictment, Mosby exploited a CARES Act provision, allowing an individual to borrow from their retirement account if they were laid off, furloughed, obliged to work reduced hours, or facing financial hardship for some other pandemic-related reason.

Jan 16 09:17

The stupid it burns!

Jan 16 09:13

Smoking Gun: Moderna Patented ‘Man Made’ SARS-CoV2 Gene Sequence in 2018

The SARS-CoV-2 genome contains an unusual 19 nucleotide sequence found nowhere else in nature – apart from in Moderna patents submitted in 2018.

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Jan 16 09:12

Ranking Member Lucas Speaks in Opposition to Dems Federal Takeover of Elections

Jan 16 09:10

EU Regulators, WHO Call for End to COVID Boosters, Citing Evidence Strategy Is Failing

European Union drug regulators on Tuesday warned frequent COVID boosters could adversely affect the immune system and said there are currently no data to support repeated doses.

This comes a month after EU drug regulators said it made sense to “administer COVID-19 vaccine boosters as early as three months after the initial two-shot regimen,” amid concerns over the Omicron variant.

According to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), continued booster doses every four months could pose a risk of overloading people’s immune systems and lead to fatigue.

Instead, the agency recommended countries space out the intervals between boosters and coordinate their programs with the onset of the cold season in each hemisphere — following blueprints of influenza vaccination strategies.

Jan 16 09:09

Government response to omicron variant triggers uproar in Israel

The Israeli government’s response to the omicron variant of coronavirus has triggered controversy among health officials.

In a post published on the Ichilov Hospital's official Facebook page, Dr. Idit Matot, chair of the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain, accused Israeli health authorities of exaggerating the fear of the omicron variant.

"We have seen in the past month that omicron is highly contagious but causes minimal damage," Matot said.

The Israeli doctor noted that the Icholov Hospital, a main hospital complex serving Tel Aviv, does not have a single omicron patient on a ventilator or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).

She said the publication of the number of serious patients with coronavirus in the media was “misleading”, calling for easing quarantine rules.

Jan 16 09:09

Must See: Tucker Carlson Rips Kamala's Latest Interview

Vice President Kamala Harris appeared on NBC News and delivered a disastrous incoherent interview on Thursday opening the chance for Conservative pundits to tease her, including Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

"The interview didn't go well even with a completely sympathetic host who most of the time is a foot soldier for the Democratic party," Carlson announced.

"At one point Harris was asked why the White House Covid strategy wasn't saving more people from dying," Carlson stated, then proceeded to footage of Vice President Harris' interview.

Jan 16 09:08

Life insurer refuses to cover vaccine death

Although vaccination is recognized as the cause of death by doctors and the insurance company, it has refused to pay out. The reason is because the side effects of the Corona jabs are known and published. They argue that the deceased took part in an experiment at his own risk. Covid-19 in itself is not classed as a “critical illness”.

According to the company, an experimental vaccination resulting in death is like suicide
The insurance company justified the refusal of payment to the family by stating that the use of experimental medication or treatments, including Corona injections, is expressly excluded from the insurance contract. The family’s subsequent lawsuit against the insurance company has been unsuccessful.

Jan 16 09:07

Coup Coup (Cartoon)

Jan 16 09:06

Hillary Clinton Slams “White Moderates” with MLK Quote After Sinema, Manchin Blow up Biden’s Bid to Kill the Filibuster… And it Backfires

Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton slammed “white moderates” with a quote from MLK after Democrat Senators Sinema and Manchin blew up Joe Biden’s bid to kill the filibuster.

Manchin and Sinema blew up Joe Biden’s bid to kill the filibuster so now his ‘voting rights’ bill that would make it easier for Democrats to steal elections is DOA.

Jan 16 09:06

Variety: It's a Sad Reflection of the State of the World That White Men Composed So Many Songs People Like

The music industry doesn’t expect many popular songwriters to emerge in the future, so the trend in recent years has been to buy up all the song rights of aged rock stars for massive sums. So, the highest income musician for a recent year is not the most popular long run musician, but whoever did the biggest one time cash in for selling his song catalog that year.

Jan 16 09:05

Because 97% of Those Arrested for Carrying a Concealed Weapon in Detroit Are Black (77% Black City), Black Advocates Push to Have All Charges Dropped 

Again, we aren’t far away from away from seeing it just be made illegal to arrest black people.

Because of racial disparity or racial equity… or something. [Racial disparity in nonviolent gun arrests leads advocates to call for dropping charges, Detroit Free-Press, January 12, 2022]:

Jan 16 09:04

Legally armed citizen thwarts California smash-and-grab attempted robbery

A legally armed Southern California jewelry store owner thwarted an attempted smash-and-grab robbery by four men.

Four suspects entered a jewelry store in Upland last Thursday just after 2:30 p.m. and deployed bear spray on everyone inside, police said. After the owner brandished a legally possessed firearm, the suspects took off in a getaway vehicle waiting outside. No one in the business was seriously injured.

Jan 16 08:59

The Navy’s still looking for the best use of its ‘little crappy ships’

The U.S. Navy’s littoral combat ships (LCS) were designed from the start to be capable of fulfilling a wide range of missions. Whether they have been able to do so over their somewhat less than auspicious time in the fleet is debatable, but now the Navy is taking the crowdsourcing approach.

“We weren’t sure LCS was executing the missions it was designed for. And so we … went out to the number fleet commanders and said, ‘Alright, what do you want it to do? And what missions do you want it to execute based on the environment we’re in now?’” Commander of Naval Surface Forces Vice Adm. Roy Kitchener told reporters in a Jan. 7 media roundtable.

In the early stages of LCS development more than two decades ago, the ship was envisioned as a modular vessel that could perform multiple missions, primarily surface warfare, mine countermeasure and anti-submarine warfare.

Jan 16 08:59

Freedom Of Speech (Cartoon)

Jan 16 08:58

Jewish Settlers, Accompanied by Israeli Soldiers, Attack Palestine TV Crew

Jewish settlers attacked the Palestine TV crew on Friday morning while they were returning from a filming assignment in the Jordan Valley, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

According to a WAFA correspondent, the crew, composed of three members, were stopped and forced out of their vehicle near the village of Bittin, east of Ramallah.

Jan 16 08:58

Bolivian intercepts US weapons shipment to right-wing separatist region

Jan 16 08:57

Hell Hath No Fury Like Hunter Biden's Ex-Wife - Tell-All Book Is 'Revealing'

Hunter Biden's ex-wife intends to break her silence about how his cheating and substance abuse ruined their marriage. She has a new memoir that's set for release during the lead-up to November's critical midterm elections.

Kathleen Buhle's "If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction, and Healing" is defined by its publisher as a "page-turning and heartbreaking" account of "why she kept so much hidden — from her daughters and herself — for so many years."

Jan 16 08:57

Covid: A Collision of Historical and Scientific Illiteracy

It’s been a year since I’ve written anything for this blog. The reason, frankly, is that I have been at a loss for words. What has happened to human society in the last two years has been, for anyone with an understanding of history, beyond belief.

Of course, it should not be beyond belief because we know history repeats itself. And in the last two years it has been repeating with a vengeance.

I spent 18 years working to understand, and help others understand, the crimes of September 11, 2001. Those crimes were never honestly investigated apart from the work of independent researchers. The official accounts are widely known to be false and those who have taken the time to look deeper have found that there are good reasons to believe that people within government and major corporations were involved in planning and executing the attacks.

Jan 16 08:56

The Democrats Are Attempting A Coup By Lawfare

One way to conduct a coup is to control who can run for elected office. Examples of this abound in autocracies and police states, with the most recent being China’s coup in Hong Kong. America’s progressive left is attempting the same in this country, by targeting popular Republicans to make them ineligible for election.

Let’s start with the law and its origins. As a rule, the Constitution prevents Congress from prohibiting a person who meets the basic requirements of Article I § 2 (age, citizenship, residency) from competing in a federal election or being seated in government should they win. The sole exception, established after the Civil War in the 14th Amendment, § 3, is for those people who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against” our nation.

Jan 16 08:55

33 Million Canadian Devices Monitored, 87% of Canadians Movements SPIED ON!!! THIS Is COVID-19(84)!!

Jan 16 08:54

93% Of Autopsies Reveal People Who Were Vaccinated With Covid-19 Jab Died From Vaccine

The Covid-19 jab was implicated in 93% of the deaths in people who were autopsied. The most interesting point to note is the original coroner or public prosecutor claimed that they were not due to the genocide jab. Initially, fifteen bodies were examined, from ages 28 to 95. They had died from 7 days to 6 months after “vaccination.” However, further examination revealed that the clot shot was the cause of death in 14 of 15 patients. The most attacked organ was the heart, but other organs were involved such as the lungs and liver. The significance of these findings is baffling, since there is a potential of millions of deaths.

Jan 16 08:53

Triple & Double Vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Deaths in England over the past month despite most vulnerable getting Booster in October

The latest figures published by the new UK Health Security Agency on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths show that the vaccinated population still accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths over the past four weeks even though those who are deemed to be the most vulnerable to Covid-19 received their “booster” jab in September and October.

The ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report – Week 50’ was published by the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) on Thursday, 16th December 2021, and it shows that the vast majority of Covid-19 cases between November 15th and December 12th were among the fully vaccinated population.

Jan 16 08:52

Where are all the groceries…

Jan 16 08:47

Do you need some Phucemol?

Jan 16 08:46

FLCCC Weekly Update Jan. 5, 2022: Brazil Research Studies

Watch as four leading doctors—Dr. Kory, Dr. Marik, Dr. Kerr, and Dr. Cadegiani—discuss definitive results from the largest study of IVM in COVID-19, proving it an unequivocal public health game changer. Plus, the docs discuss the ever present omicron variant and answer important questions from participants.